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Scott Sherman Cheats People 8/16/2007

On Wednesday July 25th 2007 I dropped my car off with Chris Lobkovich the manager at Scott Sherman Automotive and requested he inspect the car for its overall integrity and notify me of any repairs or maintenance it may need. He told me they would perform a comprehensive "Prebuyer's Inspection" for $94.00. Later that day I authorized Chris to perform several repairs or other maintenance for which he had provided estimates. Friday afternoon, Chris called me to say the work was completed and the car was ready to pick up. About 3 blocks from the shop I noticed the clock was not displaying the correct time. I turned the stereo on and was disappointed to discover the display read “Code” and the stereo was inoperable. I called Chris and he asked me to bring the car back to the shop. Upon my return, Chris told me there was a code that was necessary to unlock the stereo because they had had to disconnect the battery for some of the work. I soon found out that in order to get the code they would have to get the serial number from the stereo. This involves removing a substantial portion of the center console. While I was waiting, I went into the office and told Chris that I was disappointed that I had been told the car was ready to go when it was not. He apologized and stated he was also disappointed that this detail was overlooked. I told him that my confidence in his mechanics and the inspection and maintenance they had performed had been undermined. When the console was reassembled and the stereo was operational, Chris gave me a business card with the radio code on it in case I should need it in the future. He then added “If you are going to question the integrity of my mechanics I would appreciate not having you as a customer in the future.” I attempted to ask him if he could understand the way I felt concerning the situation, but he interrupted me saying, “It only took 20 minutes and you’re on your way, what’s the problem?” I then reminded him that I had been waiting for nearly an hour after I returned to the shop. He then said, “I’m sorry!” in a loud voice, turned his back to me and walked away. On Friday, August 10th I noticed steam coming from under the hood of my car. When I opened the hood there was coolant all over the radiator and engine compartment. The following morning I took the car to a local repair shop and was told the radiator had a crack in it and would need to be replaced. They also recommended the air filter be replaced as well as a brake fluid and power steering flush. I personally inspected the air filter and found it to be obviously dirty and clogged. These are all items I feel should have been inspected by the mechanic when the performed the Prebuyer's Inspection. It is now very difficult for me to take it on faith that a complete inspection of my car was performed, or that the repairs I authorized were actually done. I sent the owner of Scott Sherman Auto a certified letter stating my concerns and requesting he take the car back and assure me I was getting what I paid for in the first place. I also informed him that in the meantime I had disputed the charge to my credit card and would only reauthorize it when I was satisfied the work was completed. The following afternoon I received a call from Jeremy Barrie the owner. He agreed to take the car for a day and have his mechanic make sure they had done what the promised. He then asked me how I planned to pay for the repairs since I had disputed the charge on my credit card. I said I would reauthorize the charge to my Discover card. He told me that he would not accept that and I would have to bring the full amount in cash. I told him that was absurd and there was no way I was going to pay in cash, as that was the only protection I had from being swindled. I am no longer willing to negotiate with Jeremy Barrie as I do not believe he is acting in good faith. more
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