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Claim rip off 4/27/2007

Do not buy from them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just read the letter i had to send, and they still tell me i have to pay to return the parts and get my money back April 27, 2007 Auto Parts Ware House Attn: Complaint & Shipping Departments Re: Unsatisfactory Service on Orders #:2898268, 2973286 And 2979678 To Whom This May Concern, My name is xxxxxxxxxxx and I’ve been a customer of your company for a couple of years now. But, I write this letter with the outmost disgust with regards to your latest customer service and lack of efficiency and accuracy with your orders. In my entire life I’ve yet to see such disregard for a customer. This entire ordeal all began on Wednesday, March 28, 2007. I placed order number 2898268, which consists of a set of rotors and a set of brake pads. On the same date, I received an e-mail confirmation verifying my order and that BOTH items ordered were being shipped. I had no reason to not trust nor doubt said e-mail confirmation for your company had proven itself to be reliable with past orders. However, my assertions in your reliance were soon to be proven wrong. A couple of weeks later I received the shipment with just a set of rotors, no brake pads. I immediately called your customers service and spoke to more than one of your sale’s representative, who said not worry because since all orders are not scheduled to be shipped at the same time, they were for sure that I was to get the parts missing soon. Another week passed by and I was still waiting for a shipping confirmation completing the order, but that never happened. Thus, I called once more and spoke to David, one of your sale representatives. David advised me that the set of brake pads were out of stock and in back order. I explained the importance of me receiving my brake pads for my car was in great need of the same, he said that he would need to speak to his supervisor to see what your company would be able to do for me at that point. After being on hold for twenty (20) minutes, David returned to the line and explained that after consulting with his supervisor and explaining my situation, that they concluded that best suggestion would be for me to place another order for an available set of brake pads and to cancel my original order in order to expedite me getting the brake pads sooner. In addition, he said that he would personally follow up on my refund from the original order that at that moment had to be canceled. I agreed with David’s suggestions and placed another order, order #:2973286, number he gave me during the phone transaction. However, after a week since placing the second order went by and I had yet to receive any order or shipping confirmation from your company, I began to worry and thus initiated another call to your customer service. This time, I spoke to your sales representative Luis. Luis informed me that there was no previous order placed under my account for order #:2973286 and thus he suggested to ONCE AGAIN, placing ANOTHER order for the same item, my set of brake pads. Thus, a third order was placed, order # 2979678 and again he would follow up on the refund for the money I paid for the set of pads I ordered originally, which was being replaced on this new order. I’ve been so frustrated and having to explain this awful story to each of your sales representative each time I call because of your screw-ups just makes this situation excruciating. Does your company not practice proper record keeping? Why aren’t the numerous times I’ve called being recorded in your computer log-notes? Not for just the costumer’s sake for better yet for YOURS? Not only is your company’s incompetence to take, keep and track an order utterly unbearable, but my brakes were in the worst condition that they had ever been. Never once has my brakes had gone to this point. I was scared to drive my own car for I might of being putting not just my own life but the lives of my family in danger. And for such circumstances, I had only your company’s lack of skills to blame, it had been almost a month since my original order had been placed and yet I found myself with no brake pads, no refund for the original brake pads order canceled and I was at my third order. And, if such pending ordeal is not enough, on Wednesday, April 25 I received a set of pads that didn’t match the most recent order placed but they matched the original order that supposedly was canceled and the refund was being taken care of. So, I called your company once more and spoke to Michelle. She told me that there was no problem, that all I need was to call UPS and tell them that I refuse the package and to pick up that box and send it back to your warehouse. In order for me to realize that it was not the last set of pads that I ordered I had to open the box, reason why UPS wouldn’t take back the package. So, UPS suggested that I call you to request that you directly call them to schedule a pick for that box. Reason why I called your company again and one of your representatives said that needed to be approved by a customer service supervisor so he would file a request for that purpose. And that I need to call customer service directly 24 hours later to get the information I needed. Before those twenty four hours passed on Thursday, April 26 2007 before noon, I received the new set of brake pads that I ordered with number 2979678 so I went to do the brake job and during this process my mechanic called me in to inform me that I got a set of rotors that does not match my car… they are a little bigger and the screw holes don’t match the car’s holes…(they were picked on your website from the list that supposedly matches my car’s specifications) Being cleared that I got a set of pads that your employees should have canceled and a set of rotors that didn’t match the specifications that your website assures I’m demanding not only my refund for order number 2898268 but also the labels for the packages to be sent back to your warehouse. There is so much a person can tolerate before exercising their rights to be legally represented. I sure hope it does not come to those means. Please have someone with authority to make adequate decisions, such as a supervisor, contact me at once in order to resolve this tragic turn of events. Please govern yourself accordantly xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx more
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