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My opinion - they should be in jail for stealing - Review by Alicia C | CARSTAR Auto Body Repair Exp

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My opinion - they should be in jail for stealing 4/26/2007

I was in an auto accident, in shock and inexperienced. I trusted Millers Auto Body to repair my vehicle. They seemed so nice. They picked me up and took me to the shop and even called Enterprise Rental Cars to come and get me, as well as referred me to a personal injury attorney for my case. Unfortunately it all went very bad from there. The insurance company was right on the ball and had an adjuster come right out. I believe they were dealing with David, whereas I had dealt with Gordon Taylor, who was at the time presented as a manager. I think I even have a business card that calls him by that title, but when calling the shop now, they say he is not a manager, but that he works there. At Millers, they promised the insurance company that they had taken the car apart and looked at it and between Millers Auto Body and the insurance adjuster, it was determined that there was 8000.00 in damage and the ins. co. cut a check within 2 days. Although Gordon promised me the car would be ready and good as new in 15 business days, it was not. My insurance only covered 30 days of car rental so I kept calling them to find out what was going on. We even drove by there to continuously find my car sitting in the lot with nothing having been done to it. When it hit 30 days, Gordon told me that I would have my car the following day. Instead, on the following day when I called to see if I could pick up my car, I was told that there was internal damage that they just saw when they took the car apart. They had obviously not taken the car apart previously because from other witnesses who went and looked at it, it was very apparent damage. They then totaled my car....but it gets worse. The insurance company had put the check in my name and Millers Auto Body's name so that I had to sign the check over to them when it was completed. Somehow, however, they managed to cash the $8000.00 check that they knew was not theirs to cash, as they had done absolutely no work on my vehicle. If they didn't forge my signature, then I don't even know how they cashed it. The insurance company is still, nearly 2 months later, trying to get their money back from Millers Auto Body. Today is Thursday, April 26. My accident happened at the beginning of February. The car was totaled at the beginning of May. Last week, they claimed to have mailed the check to the insurance company. It doesn't usually take mail over a week to travel within one state, I don't think..... To summarize....I ended up having to pay more money in car rental fees because of what they did. I would not have had to pay anything if they had only been honest. I was in the middle of trying to move for a new job I'd received and it complicated my move dramatically and added a great deal of stress to my life. I am still dealing with matters related to this accident that would have been old news/history if not for the way Millers handled things. The fact that they cashed the check that did not belong to them is, I believe, over the must be illegal...I don't know all the details of how the insurance company is handling this, but I am surprised if criminal charges have not been filed. I am writing this review to attempt to help anyone else who may be naive as I was, from becoming victimized by these very thorough con artists. Just my opinion....just my story... I just hope it helps someone out there. more
Owner response
Owner response 7/12/2013
Hi, Alicia. Sorry for the delay in responding to your review. While we pride ourselves on top-notch auto repair work, we're not exactly the most savvy when it comes to the web. We're truly sorry for your bad experience with Miller's CARSTAR. While we see your review was posted over six years ago, we believe it's never too late to make up for our mistakes and we can assure you that a lot has changed at Miller's since 2007! Above all, Miller's strives to conduct itself with the utmost of honesty and integrity. We take issues such as theft of customer's property or money extremely seriously and welcome any opportunities to eliminate unethical behaviors within our company. We'd love to hear more about your experience with Miller's CARSTAR so we can address the issue on our end. Please feel free to call us at 713-864-7820 at any time! And thank you for your review. Without reviews like yours we wouldn't be able to see where we're falling short of delivering the best vehicle repair services in Houston! Kind regards, Miller's CARSTAR
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