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Tai Chi an Ancient Chinese Martial Art, taught by Master Gohring - Review by Clifton J | Tom Gohring's School-Tai Chi

Tom Gohring's School-Tai Chi

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Tai Chi an Ancient Chinese Martial Art, taught by Master Gohring 1/17/2007

I would like to bring to your attention, an Excellent Martial Arts School in the Austin, Texas area, Master Gohring's School of Tai Chi & Kung-Fu. I have attended Master Gohring's School of Tai Chi & Kung-Fu for over three years. I currently have my Brown sash, I'm a member of the Black sash Club, Masters Path and Master Gohring considers me one of his Apprentices. Master Gohring has studied Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Yoga since 1986 with several well-known Masters such as, Master Shi Yan Feng --- 34th generation Shaolin disciple, Grandmaster Cheng Jin Cai --- 19th generation Chen style Tai Chi, Master Michael Bryant --- Nei Wai Chia, Internal-External Tai Chi/Kung fu, Master Uri Solomons - Yang style Tai Chi and Push Hands, Tom Whitaker --- Chu Tai Chi and Nei Kung, just to name a few. In addition, Master Gohring is President of National Black Sash Association as a 6th degree black sash in Shaolin Hung Gar Tiger-Crane Kung-Fu and Tai Chi, Second-degree black sash in Internal-External Kung-Fu, he has demonstrated several times on network TV, a graduate of the University of Texas, College of Business. If you are looking for a place where you or, your entire family can train, then Master Gohring's School of Tai Chi & Kung-Fu is for You! Master Gohring has a saying, "A family that trains together, stay together." Once you start your training, you will start a journey of personal growth and self realization. Master Gohring has the Per-K Lil' Dragons, it is a program specifically designed for children ages 4, 5 and 6 years old. Plus, there is the Family Martial Arts program which will help with confidence & self-mastery to start with. The Tai Chi that you will study and learn is not just the Tai Chi postures for Health benefits. No, Tai Chi is a real Martial Art! Tai Chi means, Grand Ultimate Fist, Ultimate Supreme Boxing or, Supernatural Boxing. Tai Chi is Kung-Fu; it is one of most deadly forms of the Kung-Fu. You will get the Health benefits plus, you will learn how to apply Tai Chi to defend yourself. What would Tai Chi be without Nei Kung? Empty! Nei Kung is an Internal form of Chi Gong or Energy practice. Nei Kung is the basic foundation of Tai Chi. This will aid you with the Health benefits, flexibility & physical condition plus, it will allow you to perform your Tai Chi much better and more correctly. Nei Kung will give you a sense of Tai Chi's Internal Power! Master Gohring's School of Tai Chi & Kung-Fu is a wonderful place to train. The students and staff are open, knowledgeable and friendly. Very family orientated. Master Gohring ensures the safety of all of his students. There is a Safety floor in the kwoon/studio to prevent injury. Each student is treated with respect and is expected to treat others with respect at all times. When you enter and leave the kwoon/studio you are to bow. This shows respect for your place of training. Bow to senior students and Black sash students and, bow to Master Gohring. Call each other Mr, Miss or Mrs. The Program structure is designed to help you get the most out of your time in class. It is constantly being updated and improved. Master Gohring is always looking for ways that he can make you a better Martial Artist. Example, we work on the posture, Single Whip. We make sure that we have the posture correct, work on form improvement and then we work on the application of it on another student! After that, we check our posture to see how it feels after learning the application. There are many other benefits to training at Master Gohring's School of Tai Chi & Kung-Fu. There are is the CIT Apprentice program, (Certified Instructor Training), for those that wish to make Martial Arts their Career, free Tai Chi video clips, Chinese Calligraphy, student creed, workshops, tournaments, graduations, parties, and videos on, etc. I highly recommend Master Gohring's School of Tai Chi & Kung-Fu to everyone! If Tai Chi is what you want to study, there is no better place! more
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