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Will not use them again! - Review by Christie C | Engstrom, George C, Dvm - Cumberland Valley Veterinarian

Engstrom, George C, Dvm - Cumberland Valley Veterinarian


Will not use them again! 10/4/2006

First let me say the office staff used for checking in and checking out has never once been friendly. They act like you are an inconvenience in their day! The vet techs, Well the first one I had tried to tell me lice on my cat was Maggots even though I told her they were mostly by her collar bone. She argued with me and then said "If they were maggots they would be by her rear end"..... HELLO, that is what I said to you! Next I told her I was not too concerned with FIV for this stray cat that I found because of the fact that FIV is not an airbourne disease. She argued with me, walked away from me in a huff, comes back in a huff with pamphlets and throws herself against the counter flipping, madly through these pamphlets. She then exclaims Ah Ha, and preceeds to read that FIV IS NOT an airbourne disease, it was pretty comical, my daughter and I did very well not to laugh while she was in the room. She left abruptly and when the vet returned and for the rest of the visit we had a different vet tech. I have seen two female vets. Both were nice, friendly, good with the cats and knowledgable. Then, the ONE time I get a nice, helpful vet tech, I get a completely CRAPPY vet. A man. First I have an overweight senior Spitz, this was his first visit at our "new" vets so they had no weight on him. This Dr. was going to walk right past the scale. I said "don't you think we should get a weight on him?" So I get Charlie to walk up on the scale, now Charlie is a senior and a little wobbly. He went to wobble and the Vet put his hand up to push him back on the scale and knocked poor Charlie down. Charlie was being seen for a large absess on his neck. I asked if this could be a goiter from a low thyroid and the vet said he had never seen a goiter in a dog. I had just researched several symptoms Charlie had and found that it isn't the most common thing but it does happen. I asked about having him checked for a thyroid conditon naming several symptoms he had that were symptoms of hypothyroidism. Gained weight, couldn't lose weight. Didn't like the cold ( though he use to love playing in the snow) licking his legs as if they hurt. Thinning hair. The vet said "it is expensive, I seriously doubt he has it, it just isn't common in dogs, but I will test him". Another FALSE statement. Test was ran and by 2 oclock the next day, Charlie was diagnoised with Hypothyroidism. He was put on a middle dose of meds and has not shown any improvement and will be getting retested soon. I had shaved the area of the absess, that I am sure, is a goiter from the thyroid because that condition, nor, the "absess" has shown much improvement. He charged me $25.00 as a "clean up" , which I had already shaved it. I did keep the "gunk" that was there, so he could see it but seriously $25.00 to wash an small area??? I swore after this , I wouldn't go back but a few weeks later we rescued a mom dog and her two puppies from a high kill shelter. On Friday I got notice that my check to this clinic had bounced, I had written it from the wrong account. On Friday night one of the puppies became deathly sick. I didn't have access ( no atm card yet) to the account with enough money to cover the check so i got enough cash out to cover the visit for the puppy. I was there when they opened, explained the situation, that I would pay for this visit with cash and cover the check next week. After waiting with a very sick puppy for 15 mins.I was told they would NOT see my puppy. I called a vet in Hagerstown, having NEVER seen my dogs before they worked me in. Sunday when Winnie was showing NO improvement I had to call them in and they saw her, and kept her without a deposit. Winnie had Parvo and needed fluid therapy. She could have died and even though I had cash to cover her visit so that Cumberland would NOT be investing any more money into me, they refused to see her. The BEST thing that happened though, was I found the caring vet I needed all along! more
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