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Year ahead down the drain.... - Review by Kimmie Z | Years A Head Hair Nail & Skin

Years A Head Hair Nail & Skin

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Year ahead down the drain.... 9/8/2006

I suggest that you take heed to the Hair Salon I'm going to tell you about. I know it was a long time ago, but who cares. I went to this Hair Salon, b/c my Grandmother suggested it and plus she was sweet enough to offer to pay. I was 15 or 16yrs old. Which doesn't seem too far away now that I think about it. I just got out of Bishop England b/c the church cut me off unfortunately b/c some Rich kid decided he could buy his way. So I got the shaft. To the point I go! I was sad, and my grandma thought a change would do me good, and so did I. So, for the first time in a salon and instead of those at homes kits, I got my hair highlight at this salon off of Sam Rittenberg Blvd. by the St.Andrews library. It was interesting, and I was more than excited, I was anxious, stoked, and well nervous b/c my hair is going to be highlighted and styled. Ahh, I was thinking, my hair's gonna be cut. lol. I stayed still and the lady was putting the blue junk on my hair, then after she finished my hair put me under the bowl looking thing, which I cannot remember the name of it for the life of me. Then, 25 to 30 minutes pass by, and the timer goes off, my head is burning, my ear is burning. And, it's almost been 5 to 8 minutes since the timer went off and I'm still under, now...Steaming HOT blue bleach smelling stuff runs down my head, past my ear, burning as it goes down and down my neck. OUCH! I cry out, and she runs to me finally, Granny's worried, lady says I need to be under longer but it hurts...Just 5 min. more she says, and then bam it hits my clothes, ruins my new pants granny gave me, and I'm sad, in pain and...3 to 4 min. later she checks on me and say's: "Omg, I think your hair is falling out/falling apart...." I screach, and cry a little and I'm in pain, burning still after she washes me off. We got not only bad service, but my hair was messed up and I went home w/what felt like 2 degree burns that had to be tended to for 2wks. That lady didn't even say sorry, or lessen the payment for the cut & highlights etc. I learned my lesson at the hair salon "Years Ahead", ...the lesson was NEVER GO THERE AGAIN...That was the lesson. lol. ~Kimmie more
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