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Not such a bad hospital - Review by My R | South Nassau Communities Hospital

South Nassau Communities Hospital


Not such a bad hospital 8/29/2006

As many of you know I have epilepsy and have had some problems with it along the way, including ending up in the emergency room a few times. While I hate hospitals, there are sometimes I know it is better for me not to fight getting checked out, or am too out of it to say no. This emergency room is well staffed and well organized, sounds funny to say, but it is true. When I made it from the waiting room to the actual E.R all I could see were doctors and nurses running around but a few stopped to tell me someone would be right with me to help, impressive I thought to myself. Sure enough with in a few minutes a doctor was standing on my left side asking me what I was in for and reassuring me that he would help. I told him that I was there because I has a seizure that lasted over 5 minutes so I needed to be checked out, or at least I think that is what I told him LOL. My mother was there and she was talking to him so I am pretty sure I was still out of it and she was telling him her version of what happened. He told me I would be admitted so they could run some tests, I freaked- no way I am staying in this place I am going home dammit! After my tantrum I was wheeled up to the room I would be staying in over night, a small bight room with one of those curtains that they pull around the bed, which was all tattered, no too bad over all. I was almost immediately met by a nurse who was holding a blood kit, oh great it is starting already I thought and held out my arm but warned her if she hurt me I would be hitting her. She laughed, maybe thinking I was joking- not really sure, no pain involved thankfully- just felt a little pinch.They had me undergo an E.E.G, which they say came out normal. Through the night the nurses came in to make sure I was alright, one even offering to go and get me snack food while she took her break. I woke up to find a tray of breakfast in front of me, which I was reluctant to take the top off and look at. It turns out it was eggs that I did not touch and one of those pre-packaged cereals, milk and tea, not too bad I guess. Around 9 am I was wondering if a nurse would be coming in to give me my Dilantin but I had to wait because it was time for my blood to be taken again, this time I told the guy to take it out of my hand and he seems happy to accommodate me with my request. I then got up to ask the nurse, who I met as she was walking down the hall to my room, for my medication. Happily I was able to go home later that day, they say due to my E.E.G. readings. I still have no idea how they can say they are normal, hello I have epilepsy my brain is not normal but they seemed happy to let me leave th next day so I did not ask. All in all for a person who hates hospitals it was not a bad stay. more
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