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Worst Cell Phone Providers Ever! - Review by Mandi D | Cingular


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Worst Cell Phone Providers Ever! 3/28/2006

My family and myself used to have at&t for a cell phone provider. But then Cingular bought them and we had cingular. And then my boyfriend moved to New York and, of course, our house phone didn't have long distance. So I kept calling him on my cell phone because I still really wanted to talk to him. I had about 400 or so minutes and, at the time, I thought that was really a lot, so I talked to him on my cell phone very much. Well, then the end of the month came, and it turns out I went over my minutes by 18 hours! Not minutes, hours. Right away when we saw the bill my parents called them and made a plan to pay it off by paying an extra 50 dollars a month or week or something. Although we made a plan with them and they agreed that it was fair and that we could do that, they shut off our phones. And not only mine, but all of ours. And both my mother and father use their phones for business. So we ended up paying it off, and my parents switched to Cellcom, but my brother and I had 2 years left on our plans so we had to stay with Cingular. Either that or we could pay about 200 hundred dollars each and change. But we didn't have the money for that. So we stayed with our old plans. Then, my best friend moved to Nevada. But I wasn't going to make the same mistake twice, so I told him that we could only talk on nights and weekends. But he's really dependent on me so he wanted to switch to Cingular with a plan that had free mobile to mobile so we could talk for free however much we wanted. I didn't have free mobile to mobile on my plan, but I was able to change plans without paying the 200 dollars. So, my father and myself went to the Cingular store to look at the other plans with free mobile to mobile. Now, I love text messaging. I can control how often I send them, but my friends send me hundreds a day. And Cingular charges you not only for the text messages you send, but for the ones you receive as well. That just pissed me off. And I'm sure it does you as well. I recommend you don't use Cingular, the staff don't know what they're talking about and their rules are stupid. more
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