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See what the owners do not - Review by tracie h | Blue Bayou Waterpark

Blue Bayou Waterpark

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See what the owners do not 9/6/2006

My family has been season ticket holders for the last few years at Blue Bayou. Were many parents drop their children off, I firmly believe it is my job to raise my child so I always attend with her. There are plenty of water rides and amusement rides - but not too many for you to get to in one day. The weekdays are a lot slower but weekends offer the free concert with admission. These concerts have brought in the likes of Jesse McCartney, Ryan Cabrerra, Aaron Carter, Raven Symone, Diana Digarmo, Bowling for Soup, etc. Admission to the concert is free and you are welcome to bring your own chair but the park also sells preferred seating which ranges from $10 - $50 (depending on the artist) where you can sit close to the stage in a chair provided by the park. Dining is limited at the park and I stronly recommend walking to the waffle house or Sonic next door to the park to get a better and less expensive meal. Season passes are $59.95 and the park is open throughout summer. Coupons are provided with the season passes. I have noticed many things wrong with this park such as minor children smoking, people slipping and falling while lifeguards look but do nothing about the slippery areas, people in pools kicking others while lifeguards threaten continuously but do not pull the horseplayers out of the pool. The most horrific thing I noticed was the last concert I attended with my daughter and her friend. My attached letter to the editor explains things I am a mother. I am also a business owner. First and foremost, comes my job as a mother. In my business, I have never been afraid “to get my hands dirty.” I have every job that I expect of my employees and some jobs that I would never ask my employees to do. I took my daughter and her friend to the Jesse McCartney concert at Blue Bayou/Dixie Landin On August 5, 2006. I’ve never been one to drop my daughter off and leave her because the underage smoking, underage public displays of affection and many other things that occur at the park do concern me. After spending a couple of hours sitting in the section at the bottom of the racing slides and watching many people slip in that area and employees doing nothing, I was reminded of the incident this summer where a child was thrown off the rainbow ride in the amusement park section. I wondered if the employees were as eager to turn a cheek to that situation as they were this. I watched, along with the lifeguards employed by Blue Bayou as men, women, children, boys and girls slip on the concrete and only one - yes I said ONE - was asked if he was okay and I believe that was only because he took a while to get up. The mats were never moved or anything. When the gates were opened for the concert, it was obvious that this had not been planned very well. I purchased the preferred seating in advance but no one was sure where to go. I watched people push to get in the line, people climb over and under the barricades as the employees (the older employees) were on the verge of panic. I listened as more than one employee discussed how the crowd was slightly out of control and there would be no way to control the crowd. I listened in disbelief how the employees discussed how they did not know what to do with the crowd and how they needed more help. After I got my girls seated, and this took some time, I looked for all exits and to my surprise could only find one exit - a gate which was the only entrance. Every other exit had been barricaded and locked (with a chain and lock). I asked three employees where the exits were and was pointed to only one. I decided to take my concern to guest relations where I met Kathy Haynes, the confessed owner of the Blue Bayou/Dixie Landin. I tried voicing my concerns to her as a mother and a business owner. I had real concern since there were well over 500 people ( that is the number of preferred seating and they were all full) with only one exit. She advised me that they follow fire marshall rules. I asked if I could use her phone to call the fire marshall and she called her husband. She never allowed me to call the fire marshall but did advise me that she had never personally seen the concert area during concerts. She rarely goes out of the park, she has yet to see the new ride that they have received. And that if I did not feel safe I could leave. Her attitude surprises me as a mother and a business owner. How can she know how they follow fire marshall guidelines when she doesn’t even see the concert section during a concert? I asked her to walk with me so I could show her first hand how her employees were near panic stage and all she could do was tell me to leave. I was not only concerned for the safety of my daughter but as a human with compassion, I did have concern for every one in that gated section (which was completely full). So while Mrs. Haynes sat in her office, as she does every day, I guess counting her profits, I stood up for daughters safety. Still, as a mother and business owner I cannot understand how she can turn a blind eye and ignore such serious issues in her business. more
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