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Great programs at Seattle Kajukenbo and Kung Fu Kids - Review by Chloe B | Kung Fu Kids & Seattle Kjknbo

Kung Fu Kids & Seattle Kjknbo

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Great programs at Seattle Kajukenbo and Kung Fu Kids 4/4/2006

The Kung Fu Kids program at Seattle Kajukenbo is really popular. The kids' program begins with students as young as four. When I come in for the adult classes and catch the tail end of the kids' classes, they are all having such a blast that I almost want to join them. Our Sifu and her assistant instructors are all amazing with kids. They are incredibly patient and really seem to know how to engage kids with the material. Class attendance is sometimes pretty high, but the kids always break out and work with partners or small groups while the instructors circle the room and give them feedback. More so than the adult classes, the kids' classes seem to be broken up by belt rank or experience (as well as by age group). The kids' program focuses on self-defense principles and building self-esteem and confidence, but it also includes training in kung fu basics, most of which overlaps with the adult material covered at the same belt rank. For more information about the school, visit the website: Both kids and adults are taught the Charles Gaylord method of Chuan Fa Kajukenbo Kung Fu. It's an eclectic martial art that incorporates techniques (and takes it name) from KArate, JUjitsu and judo, KENpo, and Chinese BOxing (kung fu). Kajukenbo was developed to be an effective martial art for street fighting (aka real-life fight situations). From the very start of your training at Seattle Kajukenbo, you learn kicks, hand techniques, street fighting targets and combinations, techniques for countering punches from an attacker, sparring, forms (choreographed fight moves), and how to fight with and defend against weapons (sticks/clubs and knives). It's very exciting and challenging, but I've never seen anyone forced or feel pressured to do anything they're not capable of. I've been training for just over a year. It's the first time I've ever studied a martial art and I'm very happy that I picked this style to learn. more
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