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Zanders Mary Jo Md - 6 Reviews - 12121 Richmond Ave Ste 104, Houston, TX - Surgeon Reviews - Phone (281) 496-9378

Zanders Mary Jo Md

12121 Richmond Ave Ste 104
Houston, TX 77082
(281) 496-9378
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Dr. Zanders is slow with time but once she has you in her office you realize why the wait was so long; she takes her time with each patient. \r Dr. Zanders is a caring, loving, ...


I was having some problems last year and went to see Dr. Zanders. My first visit was fine. I got in quickly and she was very attentive and comforting. She gave me a prescription f...

Just sadistic 7/20/2010

I was having some problems last year and went to see Dr. Zanders. My first visit was fine. I got in quickly and she was very attentive and comforting. She gave me a prescription for birth control pills and told me to come back for a follow up in three months. On my second visit I had a 2:00pm appointment time and didn't get into her room until 4:30pm. She sat me down and asked me if I had any issues and I tried to tell her that every time I go on the pill I get depressed but usually some extra vitamins make me feel better. She said.... I kid you not..... ""I put you on Yaz to help you lose weight. You are too big for the hormones to affect you like that. You must be depressed because you feel bad about being fat. I'm going to put you on Zoloft."" We start arguing at this point where I tried to tell her that I know I'm overweight but it doesn't bother me and I always get this way on the pill but she insists that I need antidepressants because I hate myself. Then I ask her what my other options are for birth control and she told me that she only put my on Yaz to make me lose weight (something we never discussed in my first visit.) and that she already felt the dosage was too low to be effective and anything lower wouldn't work at all. Just to clear that up..... she put me on birth control that she knew wouldn't work to change my body because it bothered her not me. Got that? Good. I am almost in tears at the point and then she asks me about NuvaRing. I told her I wasn't comfortable with that and just needed a prescription for prenatal vitamins for the 2 more months I had to take the Yaz to even me out. She then starts screaming at me.... literally SCREAMING ""What you can't put your fingers in your vagina? You don't use tampons? Whats the problem here? Why are you having issues with this?"" I just got up and left as soon as I could. About a month later I get a huge bill from QuestDiagnostics for tests I never asked for. She tried to charge my insurance company almost $2,000. Way to go Doc. I have never felt so attacked and offended in my entire life. She way overstepped her boundaries with me and put my life in danger. In less than 30 minutes she managed to tear me down physically, mentally and emotionally. I honestly felt raped. The bill was the final straw. She doesn't care how she treats people as long as she gets her check. Cons: Wait time, insensitive, doesn't listen, rude more

I will Never go to this Doctor Ever AGAIN 2/25/2010

The communication between the doctor and her staff is VERY POOR to None. I called many times and was given wrong information from her staff. But the Worst thing that happened to me with this doctor came after the birth of my son.............. Well almost a year after my sons birth I wanted to get the IUD put in so that I would not have another child anytime soon. One was enough for me. I called the office made my appointment and went in.... The Doctor puts in the IUD and I tell her about the pain and that I don't feel right. She tells me she think I am going through PPD (Postpartum depression) A year after my sons birth. How in the world do you mix, ""I'm in pain, to your depressed? Well I had to go back to her office a week later to get an ultrasound to check the placement of the IUD. AND WHAT DOES SHE FIND, But A huge cyst and tones of scar tissue (due to my PCSO and ENDO) And Now she sees ""YES, I am in PAIN"" And Gives me a really good strong medication to help with the pain. She tell me I need to have it removed.... I am about to lo se my job and I know I need to do this soon. I get a 2nd opinion and get same result. I need to get it out.... So she does this for me. In and out surgery, what a joke! The worst part was having to get in my car go home and WALK in my home. I WAS dieing in pain. She sent me home with medicine that was not helping and only 10 pills. I was getting better but by day three the pills ran out & I was back in bed not moving, I call the DR, I tell her I have nothing left and I am getting worst, she telles me I am taking to many pills, bottle said take 2 when you get home and 1-2 every 3-4 hrs. She said I 'll call something in....She did not...till the next day I call the office again..they tell me they called it in last night at 8pm...The place closed at 8pm.Took the new med's and it's not helping, so i call them back before they close and the girl at the desk said the doctor will call me back.....I called back telling them if they do not call me back I am going to the ER.. I call 2 more times with that message and once to another number. But No luck. I go in to the ER, and the Doctors there were SHOCKED that the doctor only gave me IBP 800 post-opp the ER doctor said he would never send anyone home like that..... THE ER DOCTOR!!! She ended up showing at the ER & getting into a yelling match with my husband and I, about how I should have called her, and how he is over dosing me. This doctor is CRAZY! Ever the nurse in the ER were shocked at the things that were coming out of her mouth. She telling me again I am depressed and I need to get on medication for it. She tells me she is going to send me home with these drugs that will help the PAIN.... ( I was in tears) If it wasn't for the wonderful ER Staff i don't know what I would have done. I have never yelled at another person like that let alone a Doctor. The Nurses there just held my hand and said I am so sorry for you.The ER doctor had already discharged me and given me a RX for the pain so I didn't care what Dr. Zanders was writing up for me..But I waited for her to finished and I left the ER, pissed but not in pain. The next day She calls to ""check on me"" and tells me she called in a new medication for me that she really thinks could help me with the PAIN, my husband was already there so he just picked it up........ When he brought it home, I had never heard of this drug, So I got online to see that it was.... It was a anti-depression drug. She tried to SLIP ME DEPRESSION DRUG are you kidding me!!! NEVER EVER EVER will i entrust her with my life again!!! Cons: EVERYTHING more

Slow with time 9/2/2009

Dr. Zanders is slow with time but once she has you in her office you realize why the wait was so long; she takes her time with each patient. \r Dr. Zanders is a caring, loving, doctor and I would not trade her for the world. She not only looks out for her patients physical conditions but she also cares about their mental state as well. \r She is a little slow yes, but once it is your turn, I am sure you would not want her to rush your visit so please, keep this in mind. Pros: Takes time with each patient Cons: Waiting time more

Don't go to this doctor unless you have whole day to wait in the waiting room !! 3/3/2009

I just feel that she has no respect for patient's time. I understand that doctor of her category( ob-gyn) can be called on emergency but she wasn't called for any such duty during my appointment as I was in waiting room and did see her attending other patients who came in before me. I did ask at office whether the doctor was busy and I was told I would be attended very soon. That '''soon'' never came even after 1 hour 20 minutes with the doctor still audible in other patient's room and all I get from the assistant is ""'sorry''. \r \r I won't recommend going to this doctor unless you have a whole day at your disposal and nothing better to do. Pros: Nothing Cons: Dirty instruments, casual attitude by all. more

Worst Experience I Ever Had - I left in tears 1/14/2009

My husband is an HCA employee. I called West Houston Medical Center and they referred me to Dr. Zanders. I made my appointment about 2 months in advance. Two days before my appointment, the office called and asked to move my appointment from 3 p.m. to 11 a.m.\r I arrived at the office at 10:45 to fill out my paperwork. I waited for about an hour. I told the front desk assistant that I need to use the restroom and asked to give my urine sample. She seemed bothered, but allowed me to use the restroom. I was them put into a small examination room where it was extremely warm.\r I waited for another 45 minutes. Dr. Zanders came in and told me that she was not taking new patients and had somewhere to be at 1 p.m (it was 12:45 p.m) at this time. The reason for my visit was a well woman (pap smear) and some counseling if I decided to become pregnant in a year or two. Within about five minutes, she recommended a breast screen, mammogram, then told me that my colon was full and one of my ovaries looked fine, but she could not tell about the other one. She then told me that she did not have time to discuss the steps to take to prepare for pregnancy (she said she would call me ? it never happened). All of the terminology really scared me. I told her that I did not understand, but she did not attempt to explain. \r More than a month went by, I never received my pap smear results, but I did receive a $400 bill for STD testing, that I did not request and she had no reason to run.\r Pros: Quality of Care, Getting Test Results, Wait Time Cons: There was nothing positive about this experience. more

Worst experience. please do not go here 12/20/2008

During my first pregnancy I had seen Dr Zanders and I feel like that was my biggest mistake. Her office staff are terrible and rude. First, wait time is terribly long. Second, Lisa, her office manager and PN is rude and does not care about your health and needs, she also screams in the office to the staff and the doctor seeming very unprofessional. Third, I had a miserable pregnancy with rashes and they did not care to assist me much in curing it and I would cry from the itchiness and burning from the rash. \r \r Fourth and most importantly, I had too much amniotic fluid starting in my 5th month. They referred me to this high risk specialist, Dr Hare. In my first visit to Dr Hare, who was cold and uncaring, she said that my fluid was fine. Dr Zanders disagreed, but this happened when I went in for my monthly check up a few weeks later, not when the report was sent to her from Dr Hare's office. Later, I had a car accident, in which someone bumped me from behind and had to go to the hospital for a stress test. The ultra sound from that hospital stay showed that I did have high fluid so Zanders scheduled for me to see Dr Hare again which wasn't for another few weeks as Dr Hare went on vacation. By the time I saw Dr Hare I had lost my baby due to a cord accident. I was in my 8th month. Zanders delivered my baby girl and left. My on call doctor, Dr La at West Houston Medical Center was amazing and he even figured out what had happened and provided me more insight and cared about both my mental and physical well being. When I went for my checkup after the stillbirth, Dr Zanders came in checked me and never really showed any care or concern for my mental well being, and the Lisa was screaming from the other room to rush Dr Zanders out from my visit. I will never go there again and I do not recommend for anyone to go there either. The place is bad and brings back sad memories in which only God knows best. All I know is that my baby girl is in heaven and is safe. Cons: Bad Doctor, Bad Nurses, Bad Everything more
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