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Urban Body Studios

730 Ponce de Leon Place NE Suite A (at Maiden Lane NE)
Atlanta, GA 30306
(404) 201-7994
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Urban Body Studios - Atlanta, GA



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My partner and I got a Scout Mob deal on massage services at Urban Body Studios, and I scheduled an appointment with Tai, who was one of the massage therapists participating. I ...


I couldn't agree more with dianskrit!!! I had the displeasure of taking an ashtanga class here. It's more of the same ashtanga style as anywhere else in the world. The teacher ...

Tai is an AMAZING massage therapist....!! 9/26/2012

My partner and I got a Scout Mob deal on massage services at Urban Body Studios, and I scheduled an appointment with Tai, who was one of the massage therapists participating. I figured, since I got him by default, that I shouldn't have any unreal expectations for a great massage. Man, I could not have been more wrong!!\r \r Tai is that rare massage therapist who actually listens to what you tell him, has the skills to put his hands to work, and produces GREAT results. After only three massages, I'm hooked...\r \r I work out a lot. I do weight training, and use the machines at my gym to row, bike, and sweat it out on the eliptical. I'm in my 40's, and definitely need help staying balanced with the hard work I put in. I have been to massage therapists many times before, and have finally found someone who can keep me tuned up.\r \r Tai has intuitive, powerful hands, and gets right into those difficult areas with just the right amount of pressure, just pushing right up to the point of pai more

I love the yoga here! 7/22/2010

I started going to Urban Body studios for Ashtanga about four months ago. Before Urban Body, I had very little yoga experience and didn't really work out regularly. I started with the Beginner's class and slowly learned the first half of the Primary series. The teacher is very experienced and has a beautiful practice. She is so encouraging, but you can always depend on her to push you to do the best you can. She is very serious about the practice, though, and does encourage people to start with the beginner's class since there is so much to learn. I've improved so much over the past few months that it's amazing. I go regularly- twice a week- and I love the practice so much that I would go every day if the studio offered it. My arms, legs, and core are so much stronger and every night when I leave, I'm so relaxed and centered no matter how I felt when I walked through the door. I would totally recommend Urban Body to everyone- I read through some of the poor reviews and I honestly can't understand what they're even talking about. I think that they must not understand Ashtanga and the way that you always practice the poses in the same order, flowing through them with even breath. That said, I've never experienced anything like what they're complaining about in over four months of regularly going to class. Pros: Great Ashtanga class, beautiful studios, and friendly staff Cons: Only 2 intermediate Ashtanga classes per week more

A Brazilian Point of View of Ashtanga Yoga! 7/6/2010

After collecting 80 pounds of baby weight… I’ve decide to go back to exercise. Boy it was hard… discipline was never my strongest. I’ve done the regular stuff (bike, boot camp classes, step machine)… got bored & gave up exercising for a while. Decided to go back, but this time I was searching for a class that could be so powerful that could impact not only my lifestyle but also fill up the gaps caused by this chaotic word we live in… I was so pleased to find the Ashtanga class. I was in the beginner’s class for almost 5 months… and now I’m in the intermediate class… It is a hard class… even harder when English is not your first language…. But the teacher (Lori), presented the challenge so gracefully that I had no choice but to be patience, learn to accept my body and be persistence. Today, I’m, extremely happy with the results; my body & mind changed… I have lean muscles, a better attitude towards life (yoga glow ). :) Pros: The studio is beautiful, great teacher & friendly staff Cons: Only 2 Asthanga/ intermediate classes... more

Really great ashtanga 5/26/2010

I'm not sure what made the two earlier reviewers so negative about their experience with ashtanga at UBS bc I've done ashtanga at several dif studios as I've moved in the past few years and the instructor there is really fantastic.\r The first class I went to was the 630pm intermediate class, and like the other reviewer, the instructor asked about my experience with ashtanga and told me it was an intermediate class, but it was in no way rude or unwelcoming.\r She does count to 5 breaths when poses are held but I don't see why anyone would have a problem with that.... the teacher makes adjustments and helps everyone get deeper into their poses. The intermediate class moves through the entire primary series. ( I think one of the other reviewers said it only went through like 5 poses? Not true)\r All of the ashtanga classes are taught by the same woman and are great. I've never been to the beginner ashtanga class but my friend goes and says it's really awesome. \r I just wanted to share my thoughts about the ashtanga there bc the experience I've had there has been really positive and I think it's definitely a great place to try out if you're looking for a good studio.\r I can't really give any review about any of the other classes bc I mainly go to the ashtanga there. more

Ashtanga? 5/23/2010

I couldn't agree more with dianskrit!!! I had the displeasure of taking an ashtanga class here. It's more of the same ashtanga style as anywhere else in the world. The teacher sang Inhale and Exhale to us for an hour and a half. Occasionally, she would count 1-2-3-4-5, and then tell us to move. NEVER, did she actually instruct... just counting, and singing. I wouldn't suggest it to anyone who wants to learn HOW to practice. Of course, the teacher was very nice, but she was not good at actual instruction, just singing. I will try some of the other classes, maybe the pilates, hope it's not more of the same. Pros: Nice Studio Cons: Front Desk Confused, questionable teaching. more

Response to ""Worse Yoga, etc"" 4/27/2010

Jpnyc atl has just given her opinion, here's mine: This is what you most commonly get in a yoga class: 1. Some ""teacher"" that sings Inhale/Exhale for an hour and a half as you flop around trying to keep up. 2. Some ""teacher"" that does the above and adds some pretty language like; ""Shine your heart"", ""Lift your hands to the heavens"", ""Let the energy flow"", etc (yuke) 3. Some ""teacher"" that does most of the poses themselves, and you follow along (occasionally, they will adjust you in some non-helpful and inappropriate way) .............................................................................................................................................................. The teacher that jpnycatl mentioned does not do this, she actually TEACHES. She teaches the alignment, the safeties, how to progress safely, etc. etc. It is not as much of a ""flowing"" style, but at least you LEARN. But if it takes you out of your rhythm, or ""freedom of movement"" (translation: interpretive dance), or if there's not enough ""breathwork"" (translation: sucking hard and blowing hard [not to be confuse with the seated and thoughtful practice known as Pranayama, which is a separate practice from Asana]. .................................................................................................... So, here's my advice: If you don't like LEARNING and actually developing intelligence about your practice, and would rather have someone hypnotize you with ""Inhale/Exhale"" for an hour and a half (which is not being ""focused"" or ""meditative"", it's what you might call ""checking out"", truly... end you're delusion, now.) and have them sing pretty, ego-reaffirming phrases to you, then by all means... go somewhere else, but don't be an A*Hole about something YOU don't like (or understand). I personally think that she's one of the best teachers IN ATLANTA. I shudder to think about taking a class w/ you. BTW, Yoga Alliance is a joke, 200-500 hrs of training can be done in 3 months to a year!! Not even a semester of College work. All I hope, is that you don't hurt anyone,! or yourself. more

From a Dedicated Student 3/5/2010

Love it! The yoga is awesome with convenient early morning classes for working people. Robert is so knowledgeable and dedicated, one of the best yoga instructors in the City. Try it. more


I have been a professional dancer in NYC for 8 years and am a Yoga Alliance certified instructor who just recently moved to ATL and have been looking for a decent yoga class...which I did NOT find at Urban Body. The yoga teacher (the tues 6:30pm Int class) had a total attitude. It started off unwelcoming and negatively when she asked of our previous yoga experience. She harped over and over on how advanced her class was to the point where my partner who was attending the class with me had to say ""If you don't want me in your class, than I'll leave"" to when she asked if I had any injuries and I said ""I have sesmoiditis"" to which she snipped ""I'm a professional PT, I know what that is""..well good for you Lady, you get a gold star. Then the class began, in an hour and 1/2 class we only did like 5 postures. After every asana she would say ""gather around and watch me do this pose"" then she would discuss it forever. I go to class to work, not listen to a blow hard pontificate. There was no fluidity, no joy in the movement, no focus on breathwork, only a focus on her...the teacher. I never broke a sweat and the class was in no way advanced...maybe she felt like she was being advanced bc she used the Sanskrit terms for the 5 asanas she droned on about,not sure but, it was a horrible disjointed class and I don't recommend it to anyone. I've heard good things about Kashi and Samadhi here in ATL, I'll have to give them a try.... Pros: none..but i have another con...pricey classes @ $16 a pop... Cons: yoga teacher w/ attitude,slow front desk staff,small studio more

Akilah ROCKS - Treat your hair and yourself to her scissors 1/19/2010

Ok, I'm a guy, who is NOT into ""product"", or having a mystical experience with the person who cuts my hair. I prefer to come in, get the job done, and then leave. BUT, here's the deal. For 45 years I've searched for someone who would be able to decode what I was looking for in a style, really spend the time to learn the nuances of my hair, and deliver time after time a better and better haircut. How hard could this be for slightly-wavy-white-man hair? Answer: A LOT. Until I found the artist with the magic scissors. Go. Today. Go see Akilah. Do it now. She's terrific. Pros: Smart; LISTENS; High Emotional IQ (reads people really well) Cons: Parking lot potholes; at first hard to find more

Poor management 12/22/2009

Management invisible most of the time; client services manager rude and/or snappy on a regular basis. This used to be a gym where everyone knew your name, greeted you when you came in, etc. ALL changed. Pros: Location Cons: Management more

best gym in atlanta 11/26/2009

I love working out here! It can be a little busy between 5 and 7. They have great trainers, STEVEN IS THE BEST!, and top of the line equipment! Pros: amazing gym- Cons: small more

Go see Krista! 10/2/2009

I've been seeing Krista (not the same person as Keirsta) for a long time. She always does a great job with my hair, I think she is the best colorist in Atlanta (I change my color and hairstyle here and there) and it always looks great. highly recommended for a cut or color! Pros: Everyone that works in the salon & at the front desk is nice more

Maybe the rudest membership manager in Atlanta 9/1/2009

Cancelled after two years membership, too much snippy anti-customer attitude by management. more

Keratin Smoothing Therapy 4/15/2009

This is Keirsta Zimmerman, stylist at Urban Body. I thought this was a good way to let everyone know that I am now offering Keratin Smoothing Therapy by Coppola. It is a new revolutionary smoothing system that infuses Keratin deep into the hair cuticle eliminating up to 95% of frizz and curl from the hair, leaving the hair soft, shiny and luxurious. Unlike most salon treatments, the more you treat your hair with Keratin, the healthier the hair becomes. Please call us for information on this amazing service! more

The BEST haircut 3/26/2009

Simply put, Jennette holds magic in her scissors. She is the best! I have never had a bad haircut. You can tell that she concentrates very hard on your hair when she is working on it. I would recommend her to anyone needing a new sylist. Try her out! Pros: Top-notch haircut, very sweet personality Cons: Nothing! more

Just found Akilah Here 3/14/2009

I saw Akilah for the first time friday and it was well worth the visit. I just moved from NY and was searching for a female stylist that is great with men razor cuts and color, and this is where my search all ends...With Akilah's talent!!! You will be satisfied for sure. Pros: She is Good more


Well I have been seeing Akilah for 2yrs now and my hair has never been this healthy in all my years of going to a salon. I get cut and color when I see akilah and it's better than great every time. She gives the best razor cuts and loves to switch up looks from time to time. I feel like a million bucks when I'm done!!! Pros: very personable, calm and relaxing more

Keirsta is a great stylist 3/5/2009

I had gone to Josh at Cortex for years and years. Then he left Cortex and I was set up with someone else to start cutting my hair. \r \r Long story short is I was not always completely thrilled about the cut and so I searched around a bit to see if I could find someone else. I happened upon the great reviews of Keirsta at Urban Body and thought I'd make a switch.\r \r I have seen Keirsta twice now and I LOVE my cut. She clearly knows exactly what she's doing. I highly recommend her. more

nice facility but worst parking I've ever seen 2/22/2009

Sorry but I don't care how nice a place is if you can't park. The parking lot could be next years episode of the reality show Survivor. I've been blocked in, yelled at and even threatened. The owners are convienently never around when the parking is so bad. I've given up going and just cancelled my membership. more

Get a cut, save a whale. 2/19/2009

I've been going to Melissa for a while now and followed her to Urban Body from her old salon in the Highlands. I went in for my first hair cut the other day and, as always, the cut was great. Urban Body is a little more convenient for me than fighting traffic all the way to the other side of the Highlands, and they use this all natural granola hair product that saves a whale in every bottle. It's a nice change of pace and I'd highly recommend Melissa to anyone looking for a fix. Maybe the new spot will even get my back in the gym :p Pros: Convenience, the hair cut Cons: The road construction!!! more
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