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Triangle Chiropractic - 55 Reviews - 4616 Triangle Ave 404, Austin, TX - Chiropractor Reviews - Phone (512) 371-1305

Triangle Chiropractic

4616 Triangle Ave 404
Austin, TX 78751
(512) 371-1305
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Triangle Chiropractic - Austin, TX
Triangle Chiropractic - Austin, TX
Triangle Chiropractic - Austin, TX
Triangle Chiropractic - Austin, TX
Triangle Chiropractic - Austin, TX
Triangle Chiropractic - Austin, TX
Triangle Chiropractic - Austin, TX


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Before working for Dr. Eastwood I was a patient. I had a pain in my right middle back for 3 years. I went to my PCP for this pain several times and he ordered everything you cou...


While Mary Beth is kind and her intentions are lovely, I walked away with a very bad feeling about the money I spent here. The 24-session ""treatment plan"" locks you into freque...

Expensive, and limited improvement for chronic pain 7/17/2011

My family and I went to Dr. Eastwood at Triangle Chiropractic for 4-5 years, and spent thousands of dollars (between her treatment plan and our insurance). For a long time, I was convinced that her care was wonderful--she and her staff are always bright and chipper, and the environment is soothing. I referred a number of people to her. However, when my chronic pain didn't clear up after so many years of weekly visits, and I started feeling like a cash cow, I began to consider other possibilities. more

Good intentions, bad value 5/12/2011

While Mary Beth is kind and her intentions are lovely, I walked away with a very bad feeling about the money I spent here. The 24-session ""treatment plan"" locks you into frequent visits, but the adjustments are extremely short (a few minutes) ... it is an assembly line model, with minimal personal attention. My neck was somewhat better after each adjustment here, but back to normal within hours or days. She tells you she herself still gets adjusted several times a week, so this is to be expected; you'll be going to her forever if you take this advice. I went to a different chiropractor after finishing treatment; in one (more expensive, longer) adjustment my neck has now stayed better for a month. He did some muscle work, which Triangle does not do. He told me adjusting the bones alone is typically not effective. Mary Beth is a lovely person, but her treatment model should be avoided. more

Chiropractic at its BEST! 2/2/2011

Before working for Dr. Eastwood I was a patient. I had a pain in my right middle back for 3 years. I went to my PCP for this pain several times and he ordered everything you could imagine. Still with no result my PCP referred me to see a Pain Specialist when I could no longer move, yet there was nothing he could explain about my condition except that is was muscle related at this point. I then decided to try chiropractic. I couldn't tell her much all I knew is that I was in EXTREME PAIN. She took a x-ray in her office and assessed the problem. Within 3 days I was feeling results and now I am pain free. With chiropractic you have to remember that it is not a quick fix. Just like braces for example. You get braces to have your teeth nice and straight. You wear a retainer after to keep in line and you go for check ups after to make sure all is still straight. It's just like braces for your spine. You have many days, weeks, months, and even years of untreated problems. Initially you have to go frequently to get to the root of the problem. Then it is preferred to go back for maintenance care, which helps you stay in line and has several health benefits related to your spine and overall health. I am so grateful that I found Dr. Eastwood and the benefits of chiropractic. more

I thought it was awesome. 11/8/2010

I went to this office b/c of my numbness and tingling in my right arm and hand. I am a fan of chiropractors so this wasn't my first experience. The exam was really thorough and I didn't feel rushed. She asked all the pertinent questions and took xrays which I liked. Her explanation was to the point and I didn't feel like she was trying to sell me anything. (which by the way, she doesn't sell anything which is even better) - I sold myself. Her adjustment was gentle and my arm and hand no longer ache from that weird numbness. more

Not a good adjustment 11/4/2010

I had high hopes when I went to see her for the first time. She had great reviews, seemed thorough in her evaluation and was pleasant to talk to. I have been going to chiropractors for 20 years and can honestly say she gave me one of the worst adjustments I have ever had. I went to see her for a general ""tune up"" adjustment because I had been feeling tight and felt it was about that time to take care of myself. I felt much worse for days than before I walked into her office. She was really nice so I almost feel bad for writing this, but feel I should be honest for the benefit of others considering her for chiropractic care. more

The usual chiropractic spiel 8/16/2010

When everyone gives her 5* ratings, you got a wonder.... Anyway, my experience has been so-so. She puts you on a ""plan"", and encourages you to pay her in advance. The treatment seems to be a little hokey. A few minutes on a roller bed followed by a few minutes of ""treatment"" is all there is to it. Maybe it works for the others, but it did not do zilch for me. more

Chiropractic - How It Is Helping Me 7/14/2010

Following an automobile accident Oct, 2009, I suffered constant hip & lower back pain for months. I was shocked by the damage to my spine, back and hips shown in the x-rays. Within the first week of treatment, I began to experience a reduction in the pain and as I have continued with Dr. Eastwood's prescribed treatment, I can say quite happily that my quality of life is much improved. Not only has my pain lessened. I feel better overall. In fact, I believe that chiropractic has great long term benefit for anyone. Even my son has noticed the difference in me. That being said, I really want to thank Dr Eastwood for providing me with an exceptional quality of care. It is simply a joy to walk into the office and be greated by Dr Eastwood and her assistant, Pricilla. You really need to check out chiropractic. As I long term skeptic, I am convinced! Pros: It Works! Cons: Finding the Right Chriopractor more

Surprised and relieved!! 5/10/2010

I am a photographer and am always carrying around a huge heavy bag.I had visited a chiropractic office on Oltorf and congress after suffering a pinched nerve. It was so bad I couldn't drive because I couldn't look left or right. The first chiropractic office wouldn't even treat me because they said I was too severe a case...well as soon as I walked into Triangle Chiropractic it was completely different. They were compassionate, courteous and professional. Dr. Eastwood was honest with me and told me it wasn't a quick fix but in about 2 days I was DRASTICALLY improved. Pros: wasn't sure about chiropractic more

Got allergies? Go to Triangle Chiropractic! 5/6/2010

I have nothing but the best to say about Triangle Chiropractic - apparently, like everyone else on Citysearch! I have had horrible allergies since name it, I'm allergic to it! Dr. Eastwood began treating me for allergies two weeks ago, and I have had a significant decrease in sinus pain, nasal drip, sneezing, itchiness, etc. On days when everyone in Austin is congested, I feel great! Everything about Triangle Chiropractic is fabulous! Brittany greets me with a smile the moment I walk in the door. She is always willing to work with my schedule, and I often just walk in for treatment. If I've forgotten to come in lately (it happens - everyone's busy!), she gives me a reminder call - yet, there is never the pressure to come in that you receive from some doctor's offices. Dr. Eastwood is always in a great mood! I always leave feeling re-energized. The office (between Flying Saucer/Galaxy Cafe and Mama Fu's) is in a convenient location. There's a parking garage nearby, and during the day there are often spots open throughout the Triangle. Pros: no more allergies!, friendly staff, flexible schedule more

Former skeptic 4/12/2010

I started going to Dr. Eastwood over a year ago. I had a lower back/disc issue which would flare up regularly. After seeing Dr. Eastwood, not only do I no longer get flare ups in my back, I feel great all around after each adjustment. Also, I don't suffer from central Texas allergies like I used to. I had heard chiropractic can help with allergies, but thought it was voodoo. But it seems to be helping me. Thanks Mary Beth! Pros: everything more

Great Experience 3/22/2010

I have had a great experience with Dr. Eastwood. Both she and her staff (Brittany and Kim) are super friendly and explain everything really well. The first appointment takes a little longer, but after that each appointment is very quick and efficient. I love that I can show up and usually go straight in to meet with Dr. Eastwood and I am out in fifteen minutes - perfect for going on my lunch break at work. Also, the change that I've felt in my body after going for only a few weeks was amazing. I thought I'd never be able to walk or run again without severe pain, but I have little to no pain anymore. I've learned a lot throughout the process regarding my spine and the effects it has on your entire body. I'd definitely recommend Dr. Eastwood to anyone. Pros: efficient, friendly, accept insurance more

Unbelievably good. 2/6/2010

This has been my 4th chiropractor I have been too since I had a bad accident that broke my femur bone a few years ago and caused me back pain. I started martial arts and with the help of Dr. Eastwood's chiropractic care, this is the first time I have seen results in less than 6 months that I have been going. She clearly knows what she is doing as she finds the problem as soon as your first sessions and knows which areas to treat and more. Thank you Dr. Eastwood for finally helping me get rid of my back pain! Pros: Super friendly and happy staff Cons: None at all! more

Friendly, very fast 1/13/2010

I am 19 years old, and have been having back pain for over 5 years. I have never seen a chiropractor, but after seeing Dr. Eastwood, I am beating myself over the head for not having gone to her earlier! Receptionist, Brittany, was EXTREMELY friendly, and did her job amazingly. I was greeted immediately, offered water, and had a good conversation while waiting. Dr. Eastwood was professional and friendly. She really seemed to care about her patients and their health. I got an appointment that same day, and it only took 35 minutes! I was in at three and out by 3:35. Since then, my appointments have been from 15-20 minutes, only having to wait once. There are plenty of options for payment. They calculated the help my insurance would give me, then gave me a remaining balance. I was able to choose how many payments I wanted to make, for how much, and on what day of the month. I am a full-time college student, and my only source of income is babysitting once a week. Even so, I am able to pay my bill each month and still have money left over. I would encourage anyone who is on the fence about chiropractic medicine to go see Dr. Eastwood. It only makes sense that if we take care of the most important bones in our body, the spine, we will feel relief from all sorts of ailments, not just those related to back pain. Pros: Good location, free parking more

A True Healer - Healthy People are Cooler 11/2/2009

My boyfriend made me go to see the Healer that had Snoopy on her magnetic card. Snoopy kept appearing on the fridge saying ""Healthy people are cool!"" My boyfriend called the office twice and finally just put me in the car and took me, which even that had a twist because we went to the ""old"" address and not the hip, funner and convenient location at the Triangle. This initial ease of access and time flexibility all just made this Life Changing experience all the more possible. I was suffering from migranes, completely dehabilitating light and sound sensitivity, and my hip was causing tremendous, constant pain. My body felt ""broken"" and I didn't realize the extent of the damange and the effect on my Quality of Life, truly. Pros: All Pro ! Cons: Addicted! more

treatment of acid reflux/ allergies 10/18/2009

When I first began treatment at Triangle Chiropractic, I'd never been to a chiropractor before. I went to Dr. Eastwood's office on the recommendation of two of my co-workers. . . I'd just moved to Texas from New York and I was having major problems with my throat. Due to a combination of acid reflux and allergies, my throat itched constantly and I had difficulty speaking and would cough violently sometimes to the point of vomiting. At the time of my initial consultation, I was absolutely miserable- my throat problems had taken over my life. I was taking twice the recommended dosage of Nexium (on my doctor's recommendation) and was on two inhalers as well as allergy medications. After beginning treatment with Dr. Eastwood, I am off of almost all medications- I've gone from being dependent on double doses of Nexium every day to occasionally taking an over-the-counter acid reducer once every few days. I no longer use the inhalers or the allergy meds. I feel 1000% better than I did when I first began treatment and feel that I am happier and healthier because of it. I cannot say enough good things about Triangle Chiropractic. Dr. Eastwood and Kim, the office manager, are always very upbeat and positive and they are always willing to work around my busy schedule. I would recommend Dr. Eastwood to anyone suffering from any kind of chronic ailment. Pros: very professional and flexible more

""not"" too good to be true! 6/24/2009

I was convinced on giving Dr. Eastwood a try by her amazing CitySearch reviews. I was worried they were almost too good to be true (like staged by an employee). They weren't. After my initial appointment with her, I quickly became a believer. She is very, very good. I'm not skilled enough in the field of chiropractics to say she's the best chiropractor in Austin, but she may very well be. She is definitely the most ethical, most honest, and most enthusiastic health professional (and business owner too) that I have ever had the pleasure of working with to date. This may sound funny, but it's quite possible that I may have benefited more in terms of motivation and general positiveness than I have from the chiropractic treatment itself! But focusing back on the treatment, it has been great. I have experienced significant improvement and developed much better, healthier habits as a result. I wasn't one of the lucky ones to receive the allergy-free benefits as many claim, but knowing Dr. Eastwood I have no doubt in those statements. Plus, I'm still in progress with my healing ;) Whether you are thinking of switching chiropractors or trying it out for the first time, I, as well as the 40+ other people who have reviewed her, strongly recommend you go to Dr. Eastwood! Pros: She has a rare, genuine desire and gift to help people Cons: Nothing. If I had to say, it would be that she's ""too nice"" more

Migraine Free Life!!! 5/27/2009

I suffered my first major migraine when I was just in the eighth grade, having stayed after school for a school dance only to have to be taken into the quiet and dark of the nurse's office and have my parents called to pick me up. I have suffered with migraines for two thirds of my life - literally, for 23 years. I have tried medicines for several years and for the passed several years I have been on migraine prevention medication. These were only temporary answers to the pain but I was still having at least 2 migraines per week. After I began seeing Dr. Eastwood who has been adjusting me, my migraines became fewer and farrer inbetween. I now average about one migraine per month. Dr. Eastwood asks me everytime I come in how my migraines have been and she genuinely cares about my response. She always cracks that she can not believe I lived with them for so long and then looks so excited that I found chiroprator treatments; I am so excited that I found her! Pros: Dr. Eastwood genuinely cares about her patients. more

She has a gift for healing! 5/11/2009

I've experienced awful sciatica, low back pain, and ankle pain. I took pain medicine regularly for ten years, minus a time when I was pregnant. I've seen pain management doctors (for medicine and injections, plus a short bit with a tens unit) and other chiropractors and never have I had someone who really zeroed in on my pain. Dr. Eastwood has a gift, honestly. These days I am down to taking half of the smallest possible dose of my medicine, and the other day, I lost the bottle! It's funny; for years I knew exactly where that medicine was at ALL times. But I don't rely on it anymore. I see Dr. Eastwood, keep up with my stretches, and continue to see a reiki practitioner. Please, if you are in pain: See Dr. Eastwood! The only thing you have to lose is more time being in pain. Pros: Works with your financial situation; gets results! more

Life Changing 4/26/2009

I originally came into the office seeking out Chiropractic care a few months ago. I had suffered from a lower back pain due to a car wreck year ago. I continued upon my life having no issues for the longest time as it didn't bother me in fact I didn't know that I would have a problem. This was mistake upon my part as I question now what I would have felt like doing if I knew what it was like to live without pain. I should have been more proactive about seeking out the care. In conjunction with years of working behind a desk and computer monitor, the pain grew to a point in which was effecting aspects of my life. Lack of sleep, allergies, weight gain, job-stress, had taken a toll. The benefits of what I have continued to see since the care I receive is: increased energy, deeper sleep, lower reliance upon allergy medicines, increased overall consciousness relative to being more self-aware, increased ability to perceive myself and my overall environment. my life and quality of life has increased my quaity of relationships as I have the increased energy and vigor that has had a direct correlation with my overall life with my family and kids. Pros: drastic change in the overall quality of life Cons: abolutely none. more

Better Sleep, Better Life, Thanks to Dr. Eastwood 4/26/2009

When I came to Dr. Eastwood I had a constant pain in my left shoulder and neck, had very little range in head motion, didn't sleep well and was in pain a lot of the time. Since I've been in her ever loving care, I can now turn my head more easily with no pain and I sleep tons better at night. I didn't realize the difference chiropractic care could make until now. Dr. Eastwood continually treats my condition with the utmost care and always makes me feel as though I'm her only patient. Thank you Dr. Eastwood! Pros: Intuitive, thorough, consistent, amazing results! more
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  • Conveniently located in The Triangle between Flying Saucer and Mama Fu's, Dr. Mary Beth Eastwood's mission is to provide personalized, quality chiropractic care with an emphasis on preventative measures & patient education. One of Austin's most well respected chiropractors, she strives to support as many people as possible to find more enjoyable lives & to educate them about chiropractic care so they, in turn, can educate others.

    Dr. Eastwood & the staff of Triangle Chiropractic is committed to maximizing the quality of life within her community & wants to help you! Her staff is dedicated to providing the most friendly & efficient chiropractic treatments, in a caring environment.

    Specializing in correcting improper posture, Dr. Mary Beth Eastwood also accepts patients of all ages, in any condition, including pregnant women!


  • Dr. Mary Beth Eastwood of Austin specializes in chiropractic education and care for patients.

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