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Splash Hand Car Wash 2 - 9 Reviews - 2203 S Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX - Car Wash Reviews - Phone (713) 525-5151

Splash Hand Car Wash 2

2203 S Shepherd Dr
Houston, TX 77019
(713) 525-5151
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I have to assume things at this Splash location have gotten much better since some of the reviewers wrote theirs. I had my one-year old Jaguar XF detailed the other day for the...


Decided to wash my vehicle on a nice Sunday vehicle after a day of errand. Had a 3pm appointed, and decided to get a quick hand wash at 2:15. Staff pulled the SUV up to vacu...

Great detailing at a reasonable price 10/5/2010

I have to assume things at this Splash location have gotten much better since some of the reviewers wrote theirs. I had my one-year old Jaguar XF detailed the other day for the first time since I bought it. The salesman looked over the car and actually recommended a less expensive package than I was considering. The details were fabulous and the price was about 25% less than the larger car wash/detail place on Kirby. This is my new car wash/detail place. more

Very Bad Car Wash: Buyer Beware 11/22/2009

Decided to wash my vehicle on a nice Sunday vehicle after a day of errand. Had a 3pm appointed, and decided to get a quick hand wash at 2:15. Staff pulled the SUV up to vacuum and somehow locked my key inside the car. I had to contact my husband to contact BMW. During the wait, the spastic staff tried to tell me how to contact BMW (obviously, they have messed up before). I banished them away by telling them, again, that my husband was making the call and advised I need to be somewhere soon. Oh, and I had to have them clean up areas of they car they missed when they tried to give me the vehicle and their alleged clean-up job. Guy who takes money decided to put his 2cents in and tell me about BMW, yada, yada, yada. I interjected that this was my 12th luxury vehicle for the year, I'd had this type of BMW SUV 2x for 2009, his people locked the keys up, and unless he had a complimentary wash to give, I'd prefer he be silent. He tried to tell me in was a malfunction within the car. Folks, the only malfunction was my brain taking me to this establishment, his incompetent workers, and the fact that this idiot should have been trying to rectify the situation and keep me as a customer (never again) instead of pouring salt into an open wound. One of my partners and various clients have used this car wash, they no longer will. I highly suggest the Hallelujah Car Wash on Richmond. If they had been open today, they would have received my business. Pros: Manager & Car Washers Cons: Worst Car Wash & Experience Ever more

bad car wash 7/17/2009

I had my car wash and they a bad job, real bad job. My car still had dirt on it and esp my wheel, it was still dirty. I told the guy, and he walk away to go dry another car. The manager or owner is very ruled. Please, Please do not go here. There are alot of carwash in the area, and most of them are not ruled. Cons: manager more

Terrible. They damaged my car while waxing it. 10/13/2008

If I could give negative stars I would. Had my car waxed there and they scratched the black plastic between the driver window/windshield and the back passenger window/back window. After having The Finer Details guys come try and fix it they told me that it was from Splash waxing the plastic and that it could not be fixed but had to be replaced. Went to talk to manager and he basically accused me of lying and said it wasn't their fault. Also, wax left all over my car and left on plastic parts where it is now stained and won't come off. DO NOT GO HERE unless you just don't like your car. Terrible customer service. Have filed claim with insurance and they are going after Splash. Pros: If you don't mind having the manager by an a@s to you then it's the place for you! Cons: They damage vehicles and then take no blame. more

Dirty than when I brought it there... 6/22/2008

Do not go to this car wash unless you want your car dirtier than when you got it. I'm not going to go on and on about everything but in short, the hand wash was acceptable and the inside amoral job was ok. However, the most unpleasant thing and the deal breaker for anyone is that whoever was in th car cleaning likely hadn't showered since he was born and the body odor stench was absolutely unbearable. Seriously, I couldn't drive my car with the windows up for 24 hours. For a week, no one would ride with me it smelled so terrible. it has been more than two weeks now and although I can't smell the BO on a daily basis, when it gets hot out, the smell comes back and its overpowering. I will never take my car here again and I have told everyone I know to avoid the place. Cons: Terrible BO smell, shady workers, no where to sit and wait, hard to understand pricing... more

Do NOT bring your car here!! 5/1/2008

What an experience. This incident happened to me a few months back but I have been too busy to write this. I took my 06 range rover to get washed and got an interior cleaning done to it too. EVERYTHING in my car was working fine before I took it, as it is a new car. I went to pick it up and the WHOLE navigation/radio/cd/touch screen was not working. I asked the man working on my car what was wrong, he played with it a bit and said ""oh this happened to another range rover that was here a while back, all you have to do is call the dealership and I thnk theres a button or switch somewhere that fixes it."" So i left and called the dealership. They told me that was a load of cr@p and to go back and talk to the manager, so I did. I was not confrontational or rude in any way and asked the manager what the deal was. He immediately became defensive, and was extremely rude. He gave me this bit on how he deals with people blaming him for stuff all the time and then gave me some stupid example saying ""have you ever gone into a convenient store and come out and your battery was dead?"" i said ""no"" and he was like well this is like that. Its just a coincidence. NO sorry, not with a brand new range rover. So I was like how about if i go get proof, and he said go to the dealership and get a note from them. I took it to land rover, and they did prove that it was water damage from when they cleaned the inside of my car. I got an estimate and sent it back to him. He was very rude and said he wouldn't do anything about it. I got a lawyer involved and he had the audacity to ask if they were even a real lawyer. Basically it was $1,300 in damage he would not take care of. Land Rover told me this same thing happened over at Bubbles car wash and they were happy to take care of it. I could have taken this guy to court and definitely won, but I do not have the time to deal with that. I am a firm believer in karma. I strongly recommend you go to bubbles car wash. Pros: If you like being treated like cr@p, go here Cons: they will mess up your car and not take the blame for it more

Interesting... 12/28/2007

Must be the owner or manager leaving a glowing review for himself....It's funny because the poster never indicated that the employees were unfriendly or that they stole her mat, only that the manager was the one with the problem. more

Great Car Wash 11/9/2007

I've used this car wash many times and have never had any issues. They have always been frendly and nothing has ever been missing from my car after it had been washed. The employees have always been kind and hard working and the management have been very nice. Many of my friends use this location and not one of them has had a similar experience to the one from a previous review. Makes you think doesn't it. Anyway, this is a wonderful hand wash and they have always done a wonderful job on my car. The basic wash is plenty if you keep your car pretty clean. I have the excutive wash about once a month to keep the inside spotless. They do a GREAT job!! If the weather is nice, you can bet they will be busy. Pros: a great hand wash at a great price Cons: busy when it's nice out. more

AWFUL SERVICE- NEVER take your vehicle here! 10/2/2007

I visited the Splash Car Wash on Westheimer Rd. several times prior to my visit today and today is the LAST. My car was cleaned and as I approached my vehicle to leave, I noticed ALL the floor mats were missing. I asked the workers if he would please find my mats. He then came back with only 3 of the 4 that were in my vehicle telling me there were only 3. I went to the manager and he then proceeded to insult me telling me that ""They said there were only three and if it's returned I'll call you."" He rudely rolled his eyes (he thought I didn't see that) and turned back around in his chair to further ignore me. He then asked me, ""What? Do you think they'd steal your floor mats?"" I responded ""No, however they could have accidently ended up in someone else's car. I would just like a refund for my trouble."" He then told me that he was 'too busy' to look for it because he had ""other customers"" (although he had about 15 workers outside) and NOT going to give me a refund until they either found it or someone returned my mat. He ""pretended"" to look around for it and then proceeded to tell me I'd have to come back. After all of this another random guy proceeds to YELL at me and tell me I'm being unreasonable! My coversation with the manager had NOTHING to do with the guy who commented. I told him that it was none of his business and that he needed to stay out of it. He then proceeds to say things, like, ""I think you're a lair! SHUT UP You FAT B*TCH!! You BLACK H*E! Take your A*S BACK TO THE GH*TTO!"" After a shouting match with this man the manager never once tried to get the man who instigated the incident to stop. He still proceeded to tell me that he ""would call [me] if it turned up."" I can not believe the ignorance, lack of integrity, and absence of customer service on the manager's part. I, the customer, was not taken seriously or treated fairly. The manager did NOTHING to rectify the situation. NEVER take your vehicle here if you want everything in it as you left it! Pros: NONE! Cons: If you like being MIStreated, THIS is the place for you! more
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