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Shoreline Christian Ctr

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(512) 310-2244
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My daughter has attended Shoreline Christian School for 5 years now. The class sizes are small (about 14 students per teacher) so your child will get personalized attention and n...


My family had high hopes for this school but were greatly disappointed with the program overall. There was absolutely no contact by the Director Penni but did have contact with ot...

Just do not think about it at all !! 2/13/2014

Horrible School ever seen and noticed. NO security parameters. No school curriculum . My kid is hardly learning anything here . Teachers are so irresponsible and unaware of anything . I just do not understand how they hire teachers like that . The teacher of my kid is Ms Vanessa. She does not even have a courtesy to greet nicely to parents. no lunch menus , no curriculum given even after asking multiple times. She behaves like she just do not know me even though my kid is with her since more than a year Classrooms are stinking like hell and filthy dirty . My son was scratched so hard by a kid and i wonder what the teacher was doing at the time. Com eon , you can let parents know to get the fingernails short . I asked the next day that did you inform the parents of that child that she hit . The teacher was like i do not know and i was not here . Are you kidding me ? Its a crazy place and not at all good for your precious little ones. more

Money hungry 7/11/2013

First off, I dont want to totally bash shorline, this is simply my opinion off of what I have observed and experienced while I attended. I attended shorline youth group quite frequently with my friend when I was in 6th grade which was about 8 years. ago. more

sincere worship 7/23/2009

I attended a more 'traditional' church where it seemed more about the service itself... maybe I was just missing the point. I love that at Shoreline, your relationship with Jesus Christ is the main focus (not to mention the awesome praise & worship)! I always leave thinking that the message was aimed directly at me and have seen the Holy Spirit work in beautiful ways in the lives of the people at this church. The kids program is pretty great, too! more

needs prayer 5/29/2009

I couldn't in my heart of hearts recommend anyone attend church here, despite the fact that there are still many good people who do. So many of the most passionate Christ followers have left, many sprinting for the door after seeing what is really happening at the church. Pray that God takes this house and turns it upside down to glorify Him and Him alone. more

Big Church Full of Baby Christians 3/31/2009

Joyce Meyer said this: Sitting in church every Sunday does not make you a Christian any more than sitting in a garage makes you a car. My experience at Shoreline was that 85% or more of the congregation, even those who had attended for 5+ years were very baby Christians. They lacked the basic foundational information and training required to be a REAL Christian and live a REAL CHRIST CENTERED LIFE. Not just talk about it and quote scriptures that you have no real understanding of. Happy clappy worshiptainment and grace love name it and claim it puke messages will not teach people what they need to know. They need to be taught accountability for their actions (read the other persons post about worship leaders playing in bars and fornication)People need to know that the wages of sin is death (spiritual) and they need to live a pure life and be a good witness to others and do charitable works. Not aspire to drive BMW's because God will bless them with one because they tithe every Sunday. The message today is so screwed up. I attended this church for a good 3-4 years before I threw in the towel. The more I volunteered and got to know the staff and started seeing how things really were around there, the less interested in attending I became. It has been the same pattern for many others who have left and now attend other churches. One of these days the senior pastor will see that some of his associate pastors and staff should be replaced. A leader needs a good team to be successful. more

Leadership will never have accountability 1/24/2009

Looks like the same ole SSDD and why I left over 3 years ago. Nothing more than a social club for Round Rock yuppies. more

Leaderships needs accountability!! 1/13/2009

So it's okay to have kids out of wedlock,no counceling encouraged,continue on like this for years and have more kids out of wedlock, Lie to everyones face and even your own.No commitment needed,play in church and bars,sing in church,attend all the functions and "SMILE" and then hey get another girl pregnant too...But do come back for more Church,because everyone there will be your best pal and brush it under the rug!!!!!After all the leaders won't hold you accountable,but one day your God and kids will!!! more

Jason L needs to get a clue 12/17/2008

Writing a customer review for a church is strange. Jason L has no clue what he's talking about, which is sad if he indeed did attend for two years. Would he rather go to a church that preaches legalism and hate? obviously the teachings on grace missed him. His comments reveal more about him than they do about shoreline. more

A Huge Downfall 8/11/2008

Shoreline spent 8.7 million on a new childrens building full of the latest technology. I went to Shoreline for 2 years and served in both the youth and childrens ministry and there was no need for it. The pastor has been speaking the same grace/love message the entire time I was there It all ended up being a large money making scheme. more

SCC is a blessing to me 9/28/2007

I have been with Shoreline Christian Center for almost 7 years since Easter 2000. I was in the crowd for 1 year and thought how awesome that would be to part of the Shoreline Choir, so in Feb 2001, I joined the Choir, and I am really enjoying so far. I have seen alot of changes, within the Worship Arts Group, but I having a great time worshipping the Lord with my Choir buddies every chance I get. I believe SCC is a great church for all that attend. The Choir has seen and helped me thru some diffcult times in my life. So yes Shoreline is a great blessing to me. more

Shoreline Rocks! 9/26/2007

Indeed, Jesus' love never fails. He used a complete stranger, in rush hour traffic, to lead me to this church. The invitation came at a time when I need God most. I strongly believe that God has strategically placed this church in Austin for a reason. If you want to deepen your relationship with God, would like to fellowship with people of all races and backgrounds, and are interested in raising your children with strong christian morals and values, please take a look at what Shoreline has to offer. I welcome you all to come and worship with us at Shoreline. Children of all ages, single and married adults and the elderly have all made Shoreline their home church. See what all the hype is about. Check it out for yourself and I bet you won't regret it. See you there! In his love, Nicole B. more

Maybe the pastor's wife meant this: 8/11/2007

Hi I only went to visit this church one time and did enjoy the music, the preaching was OK. But, it was super long. 2 hours. Got a bit hungry. LOL It wasn't a special service, I don't think. So 2 hours is too long for me when I didn't eat much before hand. To be far, I didn't attend the service mentioned above but as far as God not loving Jesus, I believe that she, the pastor's wife, may of meant that God had to turn away when Jesus, as He can not look at sin, when Jesus took on our sins. Not that He stopped loving Jesus. She didn't explain it well it seems from the comment. I do not like mega churches in general either but sometimes I go to enjoy the praise service. I do think the churches are getting away from the old time type of services but I do like more of the modern music but I don't think we need to go this far with the bells and whistles all the time. It is too bad that baby Christians are so used to it that they may not enjoy a good preaching service with out all of the fun stuff. I guess the needs of young Christians are different and they need see that Christian's are not boring or that we have some artistic flare also. But as long as people know that a pray does not save us, it is following Jesus after that prayer that reflects that we excepted His gift of life. That we have Him as our King and Leader and do what He wants us to do and we died to ourselves. I hope this message is getting out there. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son.... Look up begotten and see what it means. I do have concerns for these types of churches and would love to find a home type of church in this part of town. If anyone knows of one, can you post it here. Thank you more

Amazing church and wonderful people. 7/23/2007

Shoreline is the most amazing church I have ever been to. I have been attending now for just over 2 years and since the day I set foot through the door I have bee able to easily get connected. All you have to do is ask and some one will point you in the right direction. All of the pastors at Shoreline are phenomenal and truly amazing. God has shown so much through them and he is working through them to better Shoreline. And I am glad to be a part of such an amazing church with such amazing people. Felisha more

"Jesus was so ugly with sin that even God couldn't love Him" 7/22/2007

I've never been one to buy in to the "mega" church show time, self aggrandizing, money making, self edification that seems to be prevalent in the "charismatic movement". But after one of my family started attending with one of his friends, I decided I would make a visit. It was my last. Apparently the regular preacher was away in Dallas visiting a business associate/fellow minister, and trophy wife was taking the role as preacher for the week. I couldn't believe that this fake nails, fake tan, tight pants, low cut top wearing woman was giving the message, but I resigned myself to keep an open mind, as we are all God's creatures. When she said that Jesus took on the sins of the world, and was so ugly with sin that God couldn't even love Him. I about fell over. That was it for me.. the last straw if you will. The Starbucks, and the gift shop by the front door were bad enough.. but understanding that the ministry of the church is about guilt, and evocation of emotion thinly veiled and guised as "spirit filled" was enough to set my mind against future attendance. The dark atmosphere, the repetitive trance inducing music, the flashing lights, are all known brain washing techniques, all used by the Nazis in their grand productions. To be fair, I believe that God meets us where we are, and some people need exactly what Shoreline provides. I pray that the leaders of Shoreline realize the power they have over the flock, and continue to provide a path way to a better understanding of God's total complete and perfect love. Maybe she was caught up in the emotion of the moment, maybe she mis-spoke. I can't believe that any God loving person would actually believe that God would for one second ever stop loving any of His creation. more

Shoreline CC 6/10/2007

What everyone says about getting close and personal with God at Shoreline, or Showtime as we like to call it when the house is rocking, is absolutely true. In fact, I now feel so close to Jesus, that I've got him on my speed-dial, so I can get his advice before I need to manipulate one of my customers on another real estate deal or try to influence the local school board to change the wording of some science textbooks. Me and JC hang out all the time, and it's great knowing that no matter how many times I cut in front of people in my Ford Excursion when I'm on my cell phone, it's all good. You know what we say at SCC, " I'm not perfect, just forgiven" more

Just couldn't stay 5/30/2007

Having attended for many years and then having to experience the down trodding of first the Music Minister, then the Childrens Church Pastor, then the Foreign Missionary Team, followed by the total tearing down of the Men's Ministry at that time called David's Mighty Men, of which I was a part of, for over two years, and then the firing of, which the pastor, Rob, called moving own, and wishing them well another Pastor and his wife, it was just too much for us to take. So we too had to leave. It's sad when a church forgets that they are the Body of Christ and not some business organization putting on a show for Sunday mornings. Why does the church think it has to build more buildings, and have more and more grand physical appeal, but forgets about the heart of the people who dwell inside. Our prayers continue for Shoreline but unfortunately not our support. more

Shoreline Christian Center 12/7/2006

Shoreline Christian Center is the BEST CHURCH IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD! It's not about the size or how many people you can meet but how close and personal you can get with God. Every single Sunday and Wednesday I get so filled with the spirit of God, and Pastor Rob gives amazing messages!!!!!! I LOVE THIS CHURCH!! GOD BLESS YOU SHORELINE! more

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Shoreline Christian Center 4/14/2006

My husband took my daughter to this church before she started attending their private school. They happened to go there the weekend of July 4th so I am not sure if what they experienced that particular Sunday was a weekly routine because they did not go back. From what they described it was very theatrical, with smoke and people reclining from the ceiling! My daughter was taken aback and once we took her to our current church I think a bit disappointed that all churches did not have all the bells and whistles during their services. This church has an extremely large following and it was hard to meet people. more

Beautiful church but TOO big to notice us! 9/13/2005

My husband and I went to Shoreline Church one sunday morning and we were both in awe! The church is huge, beautiful (inside & out) and it was an experience we won't soon forget. The problem with a church this size is it's hard to get to know the congregation and we really didn't notice anyone or anything but the size and beauty of our surroundings. It was a wonderful service but we're looking for a smaller church where they're more personal. more
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