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Ron's Cab Svc

2299 Quebec Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45214
(513) 921-4222
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I don't know about all this negativity, I've dealt with Ron's for Years and have Never had a bad, when I was chosing a cab I stupidly decided to go with another...


As the person who posted before I did said, it is nice to know you can call a cab if you ever happened to need one. HOWEVER........\r \r Long story short, my car is in the shop,...

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/1/2012

Don't use them. Horrible service! I missed my flight because of this cab company. I called twice and they kept saying it's on the way, like I was imposing on them. They are completely incompetent and when we called to say you made us miss our flight, bc your cab never showed, their only response was ""no problem"" and hung up. They didn't even have the decency to apologize. How is this company still in business? more

Rudest cab service in all of Cincinnati, better off on BUS 12/14/2011

As the person who posted before I did said, it is nice to know you can call a cab if you ever happened to need one. HOWEVER........\r \r Long story short, my car is in the shop, I still need to get to work, which is only a mile away. Had it not been so rainy and windy, I would have no problem with walking or waiting for and taking my job's shuttle. \r \r Called Ron's reluctantly, as times are hard, don't want to spend money when I don't have to, but I truly had no choice with the bad weather. \r \r Knowing that ALL cab companies can lag and have the possibililty of taking their dear sweet time, I tried doing the smart thing and calling the cab at 7 am fresh out of the shower so that if they were taking a while this morning, I could still make it at work by eight. \r \r As I'm still getting ready for work, not even 10 minutes later, I get a call that the cab was outside. Although pleased, I told the dispatcher on the phone thanks much, but that I didn't expect the cab to show up that quickly. When I asked ""could he give me about five minutes,"" the guy kinda mutters ""I don't know if he's gonna wait around that long,"" and before I could even think of a response, he had rudely hung up in my ear. Like I'm just another insignificant customer he didn't feel like talking to. \r \r I was forced to very quickly gather up my belongings for work and rush downstairs from my apartment, thinking that the cab would possibly be no longer in the parking lot, even two minutes after I was hung up on. To my relief, the cabbie was still there, and quite honestly, he himself was very friendly/cordial. But that still didn't change the fact that I didn't have time to do my hair and do a couple of other things I needed to do and felt very slighted and rushed by the dispatcher. I have to call you early, because I don't know how long it will take your unpredictable service to arrive at my home. \r \r I am almost certain on the graves of all of my grandparents had I called Ron's later than 7 am, they would have taken a half-hour or more to arrive at my house and I certainly would be late for work. Damned if you do, damned if you don't with Ron's.\r \r The thing is, a cabbie should wait outside for 10 minutes, if it means I'm paying him MY money for that time. \r \r The dispatchers are particularly rude, they give you the feeling that you're bothering them for a ride that they're advertising. If you don't want to pick people up and get them to their destination in a friendly, professional manner, then I think you should shut your business down. You suck, Ron's Cab.\r \r You are much better off with pretty much any cab company or even the Metro, opposed to Ron's. more

Taxi Fail Use Ron's Cab at Own Risk 11/29/2011

I'm a Cincinnati native so the need of a taxi service has never been top priority for me. But the fact that it exists should I need it has always been a comfort. So what should arise the very first time I partake of said Ron's Cab Service? Utter disappointment and a bad taste left at the back of my mouth for ever using the service again. I had a cab called at 3:00 pm to arrive at 3:30pm. The taxi didn't get there till 4 o'clock. They were coming from Downtown to Union Terminal! That's less than an 10 minute drive, if that! And when I called to let my displeasure known the dispatcher didn't even bother to apologize or provide a reason for why my cab as an hour late. I was late for a job training and no one bothered to apologize for their screw up. So use these guys if you want, but I'll never call Ron again. more

How does Ron's Cab stay in business? 11/2/2011

Should have read reviews before calling. As many of the reviews state: never, ever, ever, use Ron more


The only reason I'm giving ron's cab one star is because when I choose 0 stars I'm unable to post. The cab drivers were incredibly rude to me and my friends and treated us as if we were a huge inconvenience to them. It's your f*cking job guy. Considering you were unable to graduate high school all your job involves is driving people around. The least you can do is pretend you were raised correctly. more

Ron's Cab = Worst Cab Service EVER 9/4/2011

Our car broke down. We needed to go to the grocery store for our weekly groceries so we decided to call a cab company. We called ahead to make sure it was feasible. The woman who answered said sure, just to call 15-30 minutes before we needed a ride. So, we walked to the grocery store to save money (45 minute walk from our house). We did our shopping and about 15 minutes before we wrapped up called Ron's Cab. The same woman answered and said the cab would be there in 15-30 minutes.\r \r We then waited. 45 minutes later no cab, so we called to check the status. No one answer. Finally after 15 minutes of trying to call the same woman answered. I asked her if the cab to the store we were at was still coming. She yelled to someone in the background and asked if they found a cab for us. She came back and said they were busy and couldn't find a cab to come to our area. I asked if there would still be one arranged and she yelled at me, said they were busy and hung up on me. \r \r I tried calling back because I was desparate. $300 worth of groceries and this was the only cab company who we coudl find that ran on the West side. They would not answer any of my calls. We had too many groceries to carry and at this point, it was warm outside and most of our cold/frozen items were bad.\r \r Absolutely the worst service ever! Rude people and terrible service! I want to get the word out to as many possible not to use this service. Hopefully this will save others the headache we went through. more

Never, Ever Use 8/6/2011

I went to the grocery with my disabled mother spending 10 dollars on a 4 dollar ride due to using a credit card. When we phoned for the return trip they said it would be 15 minutes. Over two and a half hours later we had no ride. We kept calling. Rude people, no cab and food spoiling in the 90 degree weather. They would either not answer or when they did said they were working on it. We wasted ten dollars on the trip up, over 20 dollars in spoiled food, and after sweltering in the heat had to call a family member to get us after 3 hours of waiting. Never again, please don't use this service. more

Worst experience ever 4/15/2011

For 25 years of my life this was the worst cab experience of my life. I give the address to the cab driver - and spelled it out for him 5 times. After spelling it out for him he passes our exit and when I correct him he flips out at us for telling him a wrong address. He u-turns around and I begin to give him manual directions from the back (I thought this would be apart of my cab ride), he doesnt not follow my directions, and again makes a turn that I do not tell him to make. By the time we get to our apartment he charged us $40 more than we should have been charged and was yelling at us (despite me physically telling him the address 5 times). I HIGHLY recommend ANY cab company besides this company and to NEVER trust yourself with any of these drivers. There was NO expertise, NO customer service, and NO professionalism from this company. If anyone has questions feel free to email me, thank you more

Information? 12/2/2010

Can you describe the appearance of the cab and driver. My cell phone was basically stolen from a cab company during a professional development trip to Cincinnati and I am trying to hunt down the name of the company. I suspect it may have been this company. The receipt, of course, had no name, phone number, or contact information on it. more

Don't listen to all these negative comments... 6/22/2010

I don't know about all this negativity, I've dealt with Ron's for Years and have Never had a bad, when I was chosing a cab I stupidly decided to go with another service after reading all these horror stories...Big Mistake... I contacted Cincinnati Checker Cab who after learning that I wasn't going very far and that my fare would be rather small mumbled quite rudely that they weren't in my area, when I Know that they are right around the guess who he refered me to, yup, Ron's...I contacted Ron's and guess what, I gave them the Exact same information and I received Immediate service...on top of that, my elderly mother who needed to reach the 24 hour pharmacy reported that her driver was especially nice and even opened the door for her...don't listen to all of these complaints, sure, their dispatcher sounds a bit gruff, but lets face it, they all do, the important thing is the fare was reasonable and the service was Mega fast, dependable, safe and the driver Very courteous, just as they have always been...I never should never have strayed, I'll be a Ron's customer for life. Pros: reasonable fare, Mega fast service, courteous drivers Cons: none really, dispatcher is a little brisk but they all are more

Do Not Call or Hail Ron's Cab Service 2/28/2010

My daughter's phone was lost in the wee hours of the morning. Pick up and drop off locations along with a description of the driver were given to the dispatcher, who was absolutely no help. He told us to wait until the next night shift, when the drivers would return to work. Well...long story short, the driver found the phone and proceeded to call Africa, France, and who knows what other countries at $5 per minute. We haven't received the bill yet, but I've been told by Fraud Alert that hours of calls were made. Do not do business with this company because they clearly have no Code of Conduct and employ dishonest employees and unhelpful staff. Cons: Very dishonest cab driver more

Such rude drivers and receptionist 1/4/2010

My buddy lost his phone and the driver wouldn't even allow him to look for it. When he called to see if it was found the receptionist hung up on him I'm personally glad I didn't give rons cab inconvenience the chance to treat me that way more

great customer service 9/4/2008

I use Rons cab service to go back and forth to work. The dispatchers are always friendly and the cab drivers are nice and friendly> idont understand how the other people could rate the whole company on one cab ride more

Horrible company! 8/5/2008

I can't stand Ron's Cab Service (if you can call it service) and the worst part is my poor dad works for them. He's a good guy at a really bad company. He was shot at not once but twice because he went to pick up a fare a fellow co-semi-worker refused to go to due to the neighborhood. Not only that he got in an accident because the guy in his cab held a knife to his neck and the freaking owner ger mad at my dad for the CAR being damaged and puts him on a warning? WTF? He was the on in danger not the bloody car! \r \r Oh and the dispatchers are sometimes less than stupid. Like I was extremely sick and couldn't reach my dad's cell so my mum and I called and told them it was a serious emergency and please have him call home. My dad never showed up or called until his cell phone had service again...WHY? Because they never gave him the message and had the nerves to tell my dad that's not our problem and hang up.\r \r STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. I don't want my dad to lose his job because it's so hard to find a new one but they treat him like dirt. more

BEWARE! 4/28/2008

My friend & I used Ron's Cab service one night & we have been sorry ever since. The cab driver stole our personal belongings, gave away/sold our phones, & demanded a large amount of money to retrieve any/all of our things. When we contact Ron's Cab, the owner's daughter cussed at me & told me it was not her problem. A simple Google search yielded exactly what I would have guessed - this company should be closed! They employ criminals! Please look at the cab before you get into it next time. If it says ""Ron's Cab"", DO NOT GET IN!! There are plenty of other reputable cab services! Very scary drivers & extremely rude owner(s)!! Cons: Rude, thieves, uncooperative, disrespectful more

Worst Cab ever 1/22/2008

I have used Ron's in the past and have had very little trouble. Yet over the past several weeks I have been treated with such disrespect I want to cringe. I just wanted 1.5hr for a pick up and when I called to say they have not arrived they told me it was my fault for not being outside. In reality I had been waiting outside for half an hour for them after they called. They then hung up on me. I then called back and asked for another cab and they never showed up. This is the worse cab service in Cincinnati NEVER EVER use this cab service. Pros: Nothing Cons: Service, people, manager, customer service, more

They Employ Criminals 10/16/2007

I was just awoken this morning by a man to tell me to call the police because a cab driver was holding a woman against her will. I called 911 and while I was on the phone, observed this cab driver kneeling on the woman's neck, twisting her arm, and trying to body slam her. Apparently, she did not have enough money to pay her fare. I am wondering if other drivers from this company handle this sort of situation the same way. The police came and took him away, and what do you know, he was a cab driver for Ron's Cab. Don't ever ever ever use them. Who knows what other sorts of criminal activities are going down with this company. If you do not want to be a victim, steer clear of Ron's Cab. Pros: No Pros Cons: Cons? Yeah, apparently they hire cons... more

TERRIBLE 7/14/2007

To say this was the worst service I've ever received from any type of business in any field is an understatement. I suppose trusting a service that was an hour late for an earlier pickup because they were ""lost"" might have been a bad idea but that is no excuse. After being held for over an hour without a response as to why my VAN had not arrived, I was told that two regular cabs had driven by without us waving them down. I'm not even kidding. After I then waved down a RONS CAB from which the driver told me that he would call a van for us. I then called the company again and proceeded to ask for the ""manager"" who was conveniently talking to me and was told that they had no vans for the evening despite being told that one would arrive shortly. I was then HUNG UP ON after I demanded a van come and of course retried. I once again asked to speak to a manager about my unsatisfactory service and was once again told I was speaking to a manager who aked what ""my problem was."" I told him that I was upset that I had been hung up upon and was and I quote told that ""sweetheart, I'll hang up on you again."" You can't be surprised that I was indeed hung up upon and I quickly found another cab. I would never take this cab again and will be sure to report them. Be sure to never trust this taxi again unless you want to waste your money on a bunch of terrible bussiness people. To sum up on this story, never use this service unless you like to be treated terribly,. Cons: Everything more
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