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147 Front St
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 766-9110
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Rebar - Brooklyn, NY
Rebar - Brooklyn, NY
Rebar - Brooklyn, NY
Rebar - Brooklyn, NY
Rebar - Brooklyn, NY


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Yum. Plus $8 lunch special is great because that includes tax.


I am a chef, originally from NY, living in europe for the last 10 years, have worked almost everywhere so I know what I am talking about... On vacation in NYC last week, decide...

Good food, Loud Music 9/7/2011

I had dinner there last week. The dinning area is very dark almost cave like, the music is blaring so loud you cant hold a decent conversation. But the appetizers and the main course was good. Deserts however were a disappointment. Warning , don't have the grilled fruit. It was bland. The red velvet cake icing was too sweet. But one serving could feed 2 people. The service people were very friendly I feel sorry for them because they have to listen to that loud music all day. If you like really loud music and good food this place is for you more

Eat/Drink beer here at your own risk... you've been warned! 5/28/2011

I get no enjoyment out of posting this review. Actually quite the contrary. It's important that people know what they are in to. After reading some of the other reviews, it seems apparent that the handful of glowing reviews are highly dishonest...The featured review couldn't be any more misleading. Perhaps it was written by a person missing a tongue. --- ***First off, watch out for the Sweet Potato-parsnip Cakes, they are amazingly disgusting! Designated as a ""small plate"", it is a plate of what seems like about 3 sliced full baked potatoes, overly deep fried, and slathered with a pinkish-orange ""mayonnaise"" mystery sause that looks & feels more like cheese. When we sent ours back, even the bar tender agreed... disgusting! I DARE YOU TO ORDER THIS! --- I live in DUMBO. We have a very limited number of places to eat. We don't even consider Rebar. Beer lines taste like they never get cleaned (seriously), food is less than you would find at a TGI Friday's in Penn Station. I challenge anyone to prove otherwise. Make sure you ask the bartender when the lines were last cleaned before you waste your money on a beer that tastes like bacteria and costs $8. People who live here seem to agree on this (at least in my building). Also, the Burger across the street (lunch only) is one of the best in NYC. Not to mention, they have a great bar manager who evidently believes in clean tap lines. -- Good luck to you guys though, hope you figure it out & start serving food & beer fit for human consumption! more

Good food... bad service! 4/27/2011

I'd been to this place for the food once before and I was so surprised by the quality of the food that decided to take some friends for dinner last week.\r \r Upon arrival we were told that the dinning room was fully booked for the whole evening but that we could sit at one of the tables by the bar and order our food. There's no table service at the bar. You have to go ask for the menu, order your drinks, go back to your table to choose your food, back to the bar to order your food, back for the menus as we wanted to order some more, back again to order dessert....Lots of back and forth to sum up (and I did not get tipped by the staff!!!). My friends weren't impressed and neither was I. Much less when after 2 hours at the bar eating and having drinks the 2 guys that were sat facing the restaurant section both pointed out that all along there were at least 5 tables completelly empty that they could see!!! I love the food but I won't be coming back. There are too many great food places in NYC. Bye Re-Bar! more

Yum 3/23/2011

Yum. Plus $8 lunch special is great because that includes tax. more

I'm generally not the complaining type but.... 6/1/2010

I am a chef, originally from NY, living in europe for the last 10 years, have worked almost everywhere so I know what I am talking about... On vacation in NYC last week, decided to head over to Brooklyn because I am considering moving back, right, so we were wandering around aimlessly in Brooklyn, looking for somwhere to get some lunch on a Monday. We came to Rebar, were totally blown away by the restaurant itself. We were one of the first tables and were seated almost immediately. The hostess was pleasant as was the service staff. The dining room has a very comfortable ambience, (although upon close examination one could say that cleaning should take higher priority). Upon receiving the menu, I was surprised to see that the menu almost mirrors that which I serve, organic, local, healthier ideals. I was very much looking forward to the food ordered. Unfortunately, I have never been as disappointed before. I ordered the pea soup as a starter. It was way too thick, had a shadow of burnt flavor and absolutly did not taste like fresh peas. I can imagine that it was the soup that was left over from saturday night before? It is a simple and beautiful thing when prepared correctly and horrid when not. It was horrid. Then I had ordered the grilled cheese to go with it. It was the worst sandwich I have ever eaten! Bread was of good quality, but burned so that it destroyed the flavor of the cheese which was so incredibly salty that I needed a pint of beer to wash down the two bites I actually ate. A message to the owners. I am in the job market and interested in relocating to Brooklyn.... Sorry to be so harsh but it is important to hear if you have any hope of living up to expectations. Pros: My dream restaurant, decor is excellent, concept perfect Cons: Food didn't measure up to expectations more

What happened in the Kitchen 3/7/2010

I have visited this establishment several times and was pleasantly pleased. Tonight, probably 6 mths since my last visit, I thought it would be a great place to dine before a movie. We ordered the Sauteed Foie Gras Biscuits and Gravy, Braised Pork Belly, Sauteed Brussels and the Brick Press Chicken Breast. The foie gras was served on a stale biscuit with a pomegrante gravy that was so sour it made your lips pucker. Oh and where was the FOIE GRAS??? Braised pork belly was terribly over salted and couldn't be eaten. And the chicken breast was poorly seasoned, over salted skin and tastless meat. Suggestion. Try using DUCK LIVER for FOIE GRAS with Congac and truffles. Try using a reduced red wine sauce of mushroom and baby onions for the BRAISED PORK BELLY. And maybe you may want to try and marinate the PRESS CHICKEN BREAST to produce a much more flavorful dish. Just some suggestions....... ReBar is longer on my list of favorite restaurants. Pros: Use to be GREAT Cons: Try FOIE GRAS traditional recipe more

This place is gorgeous-the food, not so much 2/23/2010

The rebar is a lovely space with alot of potential. Sorry to say that the food is seriously lacking. I dined there this past Sunday and the menu is very limited. The descriptions of the food items on the menu do not make the food seem very appetizing. I was so un-impressed that I ended up ordering a salad just to be on the safe side. I also ordered a sweet potato dish as a side that could have been great but was overly spicy and damn near burnt.\r \r They seem more focused on their beer selection than the actual cuisine. The place was also practically empty on the evening when I was there. It's a shame to let such a nice place go to waste. Pros: The space is huge, yet cozy (if that makes any sense) Cons: EXTREMELY limited menu selections, indifferent wait staff more

amazing bar and restaurant 2/1/2010

Jeremy Leich formerly of Flatbush Farm is the new exec chef at Rebar. LOVE this place! Pros: food, drinks, crowd more

Best party place in NYC! 8/23/2009

I just had my 30th birthday party in the Lo Rider Room at ReBar, and from the beginning of my planning to the end of the party night, this place was nothing but wonderful! I had been into the main bar a few times and had good experiences and loved the atmosphere...but even at that I had no idea it would be as amazing as it was for a big party! Jason, the owner, is super friendly and accomodating. He was easily reachable anytime I needed to speak with him and really made me feel like his priority is to be sure his customers have a great time at the bar. The space is gorgeous--the room we had was perfect for the 50-60 guests I had and I was able to bring in my own DJ who said his set up was very easy. All the service that night was just great--from the friendly host when I arrived to set up, to the cocktail waitress serving my party, to the GM at the end of the night who promptly settled up my deposit refund--and especially the super sweet & friendly bartender, Kelly, who couldn't have been more attentive! I completely recommend ReBar for any kind of event--it's fantastic! Pros: Incredible service, beautiful space more

Awesome ambiance 7/2/2009

The best spot to see and be seen and delight in architectural possibilities. Love the food, love the ambiance. Pros: architectural wonderland, people Cons: wait time more

Waste of lunch money 6/22/2009

I ordered the special of the day which was penne pasta. This was $13. The pasta did not include meat which was fine but to my surprise there was no bread or side salad. The pasta looked like something the lunch lady would serve at a school cafeteria. It way to salty and the portion size so small little children would be hungry. Lunch specials should be value I hate to see what they charge for dinner. To say some positive the building looks nice and with new management could really be a great place. I will not be going back! I wish I could give this 0 stars. Pros: NOTHING Cons: high prices, low quality more

Great place to have a birthday party 5/14/2009

I had my 35th birthday party in the Low Rider Room and had a wonderful time. The room was large enough to fit my guests and the bartendar Brian was THE BEST bartender! I was able to bring my own DJ and reBar had their on DJ set with turntables so all the DJ had to do was bring the music and a few extra stuff like headset. The Manager Jason is very organized and is easily reached. I recommend this place for any function, you would be very pleased. Will party there again! :) Pros: Best Bartender, Food, Drinks, and Decor more

what a place!!!! wow 3/9/2009

i was there after a film shooting and i was having the absolute worse day in my career and there was this bartender dressed in all black that conforted me and helped me get threw these hard times he is an angle and i will be telling all my friends about Rebar ,,,I LOVE IT more

Definitely the coolest bar in Brooklyn. 6/27/2008

This place is awesome, great food and AWESOME beer. It's a great environment for having a beer with friends, but it's big enough to hold a good-sized party. I would definitely recommend this joint to anyone. Pros: Food and beer! more

Great for a party! 6/4/2008

I recently had a party here in the low rider room and it was the perfect set up for a big group. The staff was great and the price was reasonable for a party space in New York. I would highly recommend reBar. Pros: Space, Cost, Staff, Beer list, Close to subways more

Their Prices are a TOTAL BUZZKILL!! 2/13/2008

I hate to trash a local business that delivers a quality product. But the bottom line is that their prices are absolutely insultingly too high. I ordered a glass of Delirium Tremens (a good belgian ale with a kick). I was charged $8 for a glass filled half way containing AT MOST 10 oz. Not only did I feel ripped off, but had I ordered another I think I would have probably felt like a gluttonous pig (the idea of spending $16 on myself for a trickle of ale seemed like something I might do when celebrating a promotion - not celebrating...Thursday). I left and went across the street for a pint of Kelso (a fantastic brooklyn brew) which only cost $3.50 at happy hour.\r \r I used to dig this place, but their prices have crept up and basically it's just stupid. I no longer go there anymore and am richer for it! If their prices drop, maybe I'll be back. \r \r And what's with the bathroom key? Pros: Nice staff; not a cliquey crowd Cons: They desecrate the church of beer with their unholy prices more

Beer Haven 12/5/2007

What's more to say? Rebar is about as good a neighborhood bar as you will find anywhere. The bartenders are beer experts , and with their constantly changing rotation of Belgium's, IPA's, and other premium type beers, want for selection is never a problem. Don't be afraid to ask about the beers, their origins, etc. as Rebar's bartenders are almost enthusiastic about telling you what they know. The food is served as small appetizer-like portions, and I wish they would build their menu up with some hearty sandwhiches, etc. \r P.S. They also have a growing tequila selection. Pros: Beer and Tequila Cons: Food more

Great beer selection and neighborhood bar. 12/2/2007

Rebar is actually at 147 Front Street, not 68 jay street (where another great bar is located).\r I've been there many times; at times it's so crowded you can't even move, and at others it's a nice, quiet neighborhood bar. The beer selection is amazing, with lots of information given on the menu. THe wine selection is lacking, howeever-- even with a large wine menu, they seem to be out of many varieties much of the time. The service CAN be very slow when it is crowded, that is true, but overall I would recommend this bar for their beer selection and large, beautiful space. Tapas are good-- convenient for a late snack of charcuterie or salad. This is a bar, afterall, not a restaurant. more

Slow, Terrible Service 11/13/2007

Plain and simple, this bar is very over-priced for poor service. When crowded, the bartenders take FOREVER to get to you, then make drinks so slow as if it was their first night behind the bar. They even play sleepy, depressing music when the place fills up. You have to request something more perky, also as if they have no clue as how to entertain. How the same barkeeps have stayed there is beyond my comprehension. The atmosphere is pretty cool, and the space its self is beautiful. This bar also serves food and I have to say that the Guacamole is pretty bland. All other food is average. This place is OK if you are in DUMBO and stay local, but definitely not a destination spot. Pros: Pretty space Cons: Horrendous service more

Oasis of good people, good atmosphere, good refreshment 4/4/2007

What a pleasant surprise! I went here for a party and found a gem to put at the top of my list of places to gather with friends. Right off Manhattan, and two blocks from the subway. Big, open, warm space. Cushy couches and chairs to lounge, and plenty of room for tight conversations or open mingling. It's a gift to the neighborhood, as a public gathering place. Free WI-FI. Great coffee, great drinks. Approachable, smiling bartenders sans attitude. Local artists liven up the big walls. The atmosphere is comfortable, and not pretentious. Now I gotta go back on a night when they have live music! Pros: Ambience, decor, comfortable Cons: It's not in my neighborhood more
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Owner Message

  • What happens when you combine a reclaimed factory loft space with 15 taps, beautiful bottled Belgian beers, and an extensive by the glass wine list? The answer is clearly rebar. Situated on the second floor of Retreat, at 147 Front Street in Dumbo, Brooklyn, rebar is the surprise you?ve been waiting for Dumbo to produce.
    Rebar must be seen first hand. We designed it to be a warm cove, an inviting living room. If we could build a fireplace in there we would, but let the candles and warm orange glow from the tulip chandeliers suffice for now. Barrel-vaulted terra-cotta ceilings and terra-cotta columns create an earthy, Spanish vibe for your gatherings and secret meetings.
    Open for lunch, dinner, and brunch on Sundays, check our site for the delicious menu. Be sure to check the website for daily events.


  • With a well-liked street level cafe and a great bar upstairs, this refurbished 1897 tea factory is a cornerstone of Dumbo's daytime cafe and nightlife scenes. But now that chef Jeremy Leech...

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