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Raleigh Endocrine Research - 18 Reviews - 3410 Executive Dr Ste 205, Raleigh, NC - Doctors Reviews - Phone (919) 876-7692

Raleigh Endocrine Research

3410 Executive Dr Ste 205
Raleigh, NC 27609
(919) 876-7692
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90 minute to two hour waits. The doctor never looked at me, examined me or touched me in 18 months --I left their practice. The physician rushed in, wrote notes and ran out. I ...

The Negative Comments Are ALL True! 3/31/2009

Raleigh Endocrine Associates is the most poorly run practice I have ever encountered. Each physician/provider works for her/him self. They do NOT cover each others patients when they go on vacation. And, if one of the providers leaves the practice for any reason, those patients are ""lost"" to followup by the others in the practice. This is very dangerous and I can't believe they have not been sued for this. Also, the administrator thinks nothing of terminating an employee in the middle of rooming patients and NOT telling that provider that she is going to do this. Cons: The entire office and staff more

Ms. Ring- simply the Best around 2/3/2009

grace under pressure- \r considering the atmosphere, she handles herself with professionalism, class, and grace!\r please don't allow a disgruntled employee to sway your decision.....\r Ms. Ring has truly turned this office around!!\r I know, more


ANDREA RING - PROFESSIONAL- DIGNIFIED- EXCEPTIONAL\r it is obvious the previous entry is written by a disgruntled/fired employee....\r my experiences have all been positive with this wonderful person. she always answered my questions in a friendly, professional manner. I feel the office is so much better with her on-board. The previous person never returned my calls, andrea has always responded very positively!!! Pros: GREAT STAFF Cons: EX, DISGRUNTLED STAFF more

Positive experience at this office 12/12/2008

I have read the other reviews of this office, and honestly, I have not had the negative issues those people had experienced. My doctor is Glen Stall, I find him to be attentive, careing, professional, and knowlegable. My wait times have always been quite reasonable (5 minutes average). The lab techs (actually from Lab Corp) are skilled, and have never even left a bruise when drawing bloodwork. I have always received a response to phone inquiries the same day (most times after 5pm). I would recommend Dr Stall. more

Poor Management Andrea Ring(Office Manager) is unprofessional 11/20/2008

WOW!! What GREAT Doctors they have but it dont matter if every week they have new staff thats not properly train so they get rid of them fast. Then hire more un trained staff. DO NOT WORK THERE!!! The turnover rate is so HIGH its crazy!! I worked there for two & a half days and have never been exposed to so much drama in my life. Andrea Ring fired one girl at the front desk because she want cute enough, then fired another young lady because the girl that was training her quit while trainig her, therefor they didnt know how to do the job so they let her go. So much gossip and jealousy. Kelly is Andrea little pet who kisses her @%*& and tell everything wrong. Andrea Ring is the office manager who is so childish & unprofessional to the piont you just want to knock her out! Please carefully weigh all of your options before considering working under her. (Remember a High Turnover rate is Never good. ) Cons: Dont ever consider working under Andrea Ring! more

Administrator? 8/4/2008

To be honest with you I dont really know what changed!! Oh yes I do a different change in staff each time I go into that dreadful place! THe doctors either dont care who they hire or they just love losing money when they fire!! I'm not to sure about the forgetful and very rude condescending office administrator, but I do know this, if she isnt FIRED her damn self Raleigh Endocrine Associates will continue to lose money. Think about it if she speaks to her employees any kind of way, and just fires them umm because its a game to her, the company as a whole loses valuable time from training these people as well as money because she isnt competent enough to hire the right people. WHO hired HER? I witnessed her talk down to an employee over a simple matter, and I withdrew my mother's business and care from that office IMMEDIATELY!!! I'm just saying, you dont get a chance to get attached to a friendly face befor another one replaces it, and that office administrator well lets just say she need some manegerial skills BAD!! Oh and the doctors need to be very selective in their hiring practice for a friendly person to run their office. SHE IS NOT THE ONE. Pros: doctors give good care Cons: Administive Staff skills are bad more

Aweful 2/13/2008

This practice does not return phone calls and on 2 visits I had to provide copies of the prescription the doc wrote because it was not in the file! Poor service, poor care. Find another doctor.The only thing the staff keeps up with diligently is the log of which pharm. rep is bringing the free lunch on which day. Cons: vast more



Office wait time-too long, not enough parking facilities, office staff not a happy group 1/10/2008

My initial office visit was approximately 5 years ago with Dr. Berlin and I will not go back to him. He is not a people/patient person. Too abrupt. Since then, I have seen Dr. Weir and I am very satisfied with her service. I used to go to see her when she worked with Kaiser Permanente. It is unfortunate that she is in this location where the office staff do not seem to be too happy to work. However, the lab was ok and the ultrasound technicial was just fine. The appointment line also leaves a lot to be desired. I would not use this office if Dr. Weir wasn't there. more


90 minute to two hour waits. The doctor never looked at me, examined me or touched me in 18 months --I left their practice. The physician rushed in, wrote notes and ran out. I asked for more time and he explained I would have to pay for longer than 15 minute appointments. Dr. Berlin needs another profession like selling insurance. This town would give an endocrinologist wi th a caring attitude a million dollars to open an office in Raleigh. Go to NC Hospitals or to Duke for care. This office is a disaster. Pros: Nutritionist is excellent. Cons: parking, waiting time, attitude of physician more

Office staff is terrible 7/12/2007

My Doctor at Raleigh Endocrine is top notch (Glenn Stall) But the office is terrible . Sometimes they don't call back or it's days before they call back. They have mixed up billing Showing me owing money from another guy with the same name. How does that happen? some years ago they used to have a sign on the wall that said if you are here 15 minutes past your appointment time please let the nurse kno or the staff. I see that sign is gone now & I know why. I have waited up to an hour past my sceduled time & then wait even longer in the treatment room. They need to shake that office up over there. Pros: Dr stall Excellent Cons: office staff terrible more


I agree with the others who rated this office. I've dealt with thyroid disease for almost 5 years and have been under the care of a fine endocrinologist with a good staff in the past and after being transferred to another part of the state and going to this office for almost 6 months, I was misdiagnosed with diabetes and suffered from hypothyroidism to the point of anemia. STAY AWAY IF YOU WANT TO BE TREATED LIKE A HUMAN BEING. Pros: Good doctors if you can reach them or see them face to face Cons: Very Poor office staff and staff rapport with patients more

Poor follow-up, poor patient care, poor office staff 12/6/2006

I have been a patient with Dr. Black for 3 years now and am now changing doctors due to the incompetence of this office! I have had no change in treatment for the same condition for 3 years. Every time I leave this office or actually receive a call back from a test (although most times I have to call to get results) I feel as though I have not been told anything regarding my condition...just ""stay on the medicine"". I have had several instances where the office staff did not do their job in receiving authorizations through my insurance company so after I have already been to the hospital for tests I get a call saying there is no authorization and if they do not get this I am responsible! Why should I be penalized for someone not doing the job they get paid to do, especially when, as a patient there, I am helping to pay them for that job! The last time I was there I stood at the front desk waiting to be checked in for 10 minutes (I kept checking their clock behind the desk ) before I was even acknowledged. The staff was too busy talking about lunch plans than checking me in for my appointment. When I call the office in September to have a test scheduled through the hospital for December I receive a call that I am to be at the hospital the next morning for my test. Since when did September become December?? I have never seen such an incompitent staff or office...and I work in healthcare!! Thanks to a good friend of mine I was able to find out about another office that (from my experiences so far...and hers) actually answers their phone and responds to their patients needs. Never will I recommend this doctor or office to anyone I know. They would not go anyway based on my experiences. If I were you I would continue looking!! Pros: NONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more

Left me feeling like I needed to figure everything out on my own. 10/15/2006

Although her information, when I'm actually able to get it, is informative and helpful, it's hard to get Dr. Black to respond to questions when I'm not physically standing in front of her. It's very rare that she responds to phone calls or faxes. Typically it takes 3-5 phone calls to get a response. I believe the problem is two-fold. They're an extremely over booked office, and the nurses aren't great at communicating information to the appropriate parties. \r I actually had an experience where I ran out of insulin while I was waiting for refills to come in the mail. The amount that Dr. Black had given me to tide me over until my (new) prescription came in wasn't sufficient. Well it took 5 phone calls over a 3 day period to get the issue resolved. I'm sure you can imagine what that did to my glucose levels. I almost feel like cattle being herded through the office, rather than a human being. Raleigh Endocrine seems to be more of a money making machine than a caring doctors' office. So if you want a personal touch, this is not the place to go. But is it worth switching doctors? I still haven't resolved that issue at this point. I'm not sure if the enemy I know if better than the enemy I don't know.\r But what I do know is this, it's hard enough living the day to day routine of being a diabetic, so the last thing I need is a doctor's office that doesn't know, nor care about my feelings or my treatment. Pros: Dr. Black is a very nice lady (when you can get to her!) Cons: Office staff is horrifying. Some of the nurses (not all) are cold and callous. more

Longest Wait in Town and no sharing of labs 8/7/2006

My husband and I have both been patients for years of Raleigh Endocrinology mostly as patients of Dr. Becker. I have NEVER had a doctor's office with as long a wait time. It was usually at the very least an hour from sign-in time to being directed to a room where we usually waited at least 30 more minutes. Dr. Becker never did any of the routine physical diabetic tests like checking your feet with a monofilament or even ASKING any questions related to neuropathy, eyesight....etc. We were never recommended to test for ketones or to carry a glucagon pen in spite of repeated lows\r \r And don't get me started on test results!! First off, trying to find out if your labs were okay was an enormous task. They certainly were not willing to share this information with other doctors no matter HOW many releases you signed. Every visit required lots of bloodwork drawn at their independant lab which ran into a lot of money. My internist would have to turn around and re-do the same labs. Every other doctor that I deal with absolutely hates encountering Raleigh Endocrinology because of the obstructions they encouter and the very poor staff attitude. \r \r The coup-de-grace was when my husband went into a diabetic reaction in his cardiologist office. The cardiologist wanted him to go straight to Dr. Becker's office. We were told there were no openings in his calendar that day. Even though the cardiologist phoned himself to plead for him to be seen right then, we were told on no condition to bring him to Raleigh Endocrinology but just to take him home. This was the first time we had ever approached the office with this kind of an emergency and we felt very scared and alone. \r \r We have switched to Duke Endocrinology Clinic and are very pleased in many ways. We get a copy of our labs everytime. Our doctor responds to email questions and manages insulin queries within 24 hours. Our numbers have been great every since the move. The difference has been like night and day. Pros: gave us each a new meter to start with Cons: difficult access for someone using a cane; long waits, hard to get information more

The best around! 8/23/2005

Back in 2002, my diabetes was out of control. Dr. Black worked patiently and compassionately with me. She never lectured me only gave me encouragement and a smile. I am in much better shape now. Last year, I had unrelated surgery. She found out I was in the hospital and came to cheer me up! She popped in and made me smile. She checked on the insulin I was given and made sure I took my orals. No charge. What a dedicated Dr. PS< she treats my hubby too. Pros: Warm, Caring, On top of treatments more

Poor Follow Up-NOT Recommended 6/12/2005

Dr Black and staff were very apathetic and not concerned at all about patient care and follow through. Although I was 15 minutes late, and she was willing to see me, I really felt like the visit was a waste of time. Follow ups are managed through scratched out notes in the mail, leaving patients to figure things out on their own/no opportunity for questions of medical staff. If you're looking for an endocrinologist who is concerned and compassionate with competent staff who follow through with patients, keep looking! Cons: Complete Apathy, POOR follow up more

genius 10/8/2004

I've suffered from Type II diabetes for the last 10 years and fortunately, until last month I'd been completely in control. Then, I fell asleep behind the wheel and veered off tryon rd and smacked right into a tree. I was rescued by a man who just happened to be driving by, and he just happened to be a physician. Dr. Becker, miracle of miracles, is a wonderful endocrinologist who also saved my life and keeps me alive today. I see him regularly, and you should too. But then, you also look up doctor ratings on the internet. Pros: Good listener, innovative, handsome more
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