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Olde City Taxi Coach Assoc Inc

6958 Torresdale Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19135
(215) 247-7678
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I have had the pleasure of using Olde City for almost 20 years. I started when I worked for Cooper's and still use them when I fly to Philly on business. I have never had a single...


AWFUL! AWFUL AWFUL! The rudest person I've ever had to deal with and I will never take one of their cabs again!!! The dispatcher hung up on me for no reason, jumped down my throat...


AWFUL! AWFUL AWFUL! The rudest person I've ever had to deal with and I will never take one of their cabs again!!! The dispatcher hung up on me for no reason, jumped down my throat for no reason, never put in my request and then called me a ""snob"" because I told him I didn't live where he said I lived. The fiasco made me 30 minutes late for work!!! This dispatcher is sensitive and nasty!!! I used to use them at least 4 days per week but NEVER again. The cab drivers are nice, it's too bad. Unbelievable! more

LOST BLACK SUITCASE!!! 2nd and Chestnut to York and Tulip 8/7/2011

My name is Jan Ruk. On friday night I left my BLACK suitcase in a cab's trunk. We got picked up at 2nd and Chestnut and drove to York and Tulip. Please write here or call 646 532 0279. +16465320279 I am not sure which cab company it was, so I'm sending it to everyone, I'm desperate. I just believe there are still good people out there and that maybe that taxi driver didn't see it was in there. All I have in the US is in that suitcase. Thank you. more

Paying by credit cards in Philly Taxi's 12/24/2010

Why blame a minimal wage cab driver for refusing to accept a mode of payment that takes away 5% to 10% fee from his gross earnings and puts it in the hands of bankers and credit card companies, who get paid hefty bonuses. It is estimated that cab drivers have to pay roughly $50.00 a week as bank fees. That's $2,600 a year per driver! For people in the service industry or business, that would be the same reaction if the Government announced a 5% to 10% increase in the taxes they would have to pay. Or, what if employers started charging 5% service fee to do a direct deposit. Moral of the story: If you want to go cashless, let the consumer or credit card companies spend the bank fees for their convenience and not the immigrant taxi drivers. Or better still, bank fees should be paid by the federal government as they save money on printing bills. FYI, Las Vegas taxis charge customers a $3.00 surcharge on all credit card taxi trips. more

Old City Cab Co. has Horrible Rude Dispatch Office 12/6/2010

Had the Worst experience with Old City Cab Company! The Dispatcher was Horrible and Rude! I got his name and know of many other complaints about him. He made us wait close to 2 hours and finally sent someone out. I had to call back Many times because I am a loyal customer who knows the drivers pay their own money in gas to come get you. This dispatcher knew I was a repeat customer and yet hung up on me 3 times and Yelled at me through the phone. His reputation is Terrible and I will report him to the PPA! Everyone should do the same if they have a problem with him. I use this company at least twice a week. This person said there were 17 other companies in the City of Phila. and maybe I should go to one of them. I asked him where was his Christmas spirit. He said he had none. He was the nastiest person I've Ever dealt with and won't do business with again! I will Report him as well! If you have problems with this company you should not stand by and take it. Report them! They should not do business like this! more


First let me say that I couldn't publish this without a rating and one star is one too many. I was visiting family in surburban Philadelphia. I called for a cab to drive me to the airport which is only about 15-20 minutes away. When the cab arrived, he parked at the end of our drive and didn't want to drive up the incline of the driveway. After standing there waiting for him to do so, he drove partially up and took my carry on. When ""I"" opened the car door to see this filthy dirty cab I almost cancelled. Every conceivable spot in this car was covered in dirt, grime and God knows what else. The side windows and the security shield were so dirty, you couldn't see through them. I didn't want to touch anything but when we arrived at the airport I jumped out and the first chance I had I purchased an anti-bacterial cleaner. I WILL NEVER USE THIS COMPANY AGAIN AND I WILL DO MY BEST TO LET EVERYONE I KNOW TO CALL ANOTHER COMPANY. more

everything happens for a reason.. 2/15/2010

i called from a payphone, on hold for 15- 20 minutes- the guy was hurried and impatient as i figured out that he could take my voicemail for the contact phone- he said he couldn't hear me- would i call back- i explained how long i already waited to talk with a live human- he still refused to take my reservation for a cab in the morning- said he didn't mean to be rude, while he proceeded to be rude- and then hung up on me.. i understand that they get busy- but this guy was not working with me. at all.. on the walk home from the pay phone i was shocked. then cam to this site,read some reviews, and am relieved i didn't get the reservation- check out the one where the cabbie locks the woman in the cab yelling at her to pay with cash instead of her credit card- she calls 911- anyway- you can read it for yourself. or the repeated experience of the cabbies getting lost and then asking the passengers to call for directions.. you get the idea.. thank god he was so awful on the phone and spared me a possibly violent and or delayed ride to the airport.. i like walking anyway.. Pros: they were horribly rude and hung up on me... Cons: which kept me from riding with them- so i walked instead.. more

horrible taxi cabs!! 1/9/2010

when i called the dispatcher after receiving broken money from the cab driver the people responded very nast when i simply asked for anoher 10 bcus they broke it. the girl on the phone was horrible she was getting smart in responded by saying i was burnt out my money in their is nothing she can do and she repeatedly hung up the phone when i called about my money .I asked for the higher authority and he told me i would have to call on monday when this happened on saturday. i even asked for the girl name so i can report her but they claim they couldnt give her name out. this was by far the worst cab experience i ever had. olde city taxi cabs definitely lost me and anybody i know that catch cabs as customers. Cons: everything about them more


I don't even know where to begin. My mother-in-law was picked up at the Philadelphia airport a little after 9pm. At 10:20pm she called me to say that the cabby didn't know how to get to our apartment. I called the dispatch and spoke with Lou. He tried to reach the cabby and then told me to call my m-in-law and have the cabby call him. I did that. By 10:45 the cabby called ME and asked me for the address. I gave him directions and have him more than one address to use. He kept talking over me and constantly asked me for an address and the name of the township (as if that would be helpful). The dispatcher told me another cab was sent to help out. Well, when that driver found out my m-in-law had luggage, he wouldn't driver her. He attempted to give the first driver directions. To keep the story short, after several calls into the dispatcher and conversations with the Indian driver, I called the police. Just as I got the police on the phone I saw the cab pull into the complex (11:30pm). My m-in-law told me she did pay the cabby (against my wishes) and the dispatcher had even told her he looked up te location and realized it was $55 not $45. At one point when I had called the cab company back, I was told that Lou had left. When I told the recpetionist I was shocked that he left knowing his driver was lost with my m-in-law in his cab, she told me that it was the end of Lou's shift and the new dispatcher was advised of the situation. She then hung up on me. Oh, I forgot to mention we are only about 40 minutes from the airport. Pros: NONE! Cons: Incompetent driver and Poor system in general more

AWFUL 2/3/2009

We called for a cab from West Philly to Fishtown. Once we exited off 95 the driver was lost and asked us to call someone and get directions. He drove in circles for about 15 minutes and wouldn't turn off the meter, despite not knowing where he was going. When we finally got to our destination (one person looked up directions on their phone) we asked the swipe a credit card. The driver became agitated, screaming ""You give me cash NOW."" Luckily we had two big guys with us, so he just yelled, unlike what some other patrons have suffered it seems from the reviews. We threw $20 at him since he got lost and refused to turn off the meter, and got out the cab. He was still yelling when we left. I do NOT use this anymore. more

Great company Great Service 8/17/2008

I have had the pleasure of using Olde City for almost 20 years. I started when I worked for Cooper's and still use them when I fly to Philly on business. I have never had a single problem with anyone associated with this company. I had the ultimate pleasure of having Mike drive me and hearing the story of the companies' beginning and of its growth. I have the utmost respect for this company and will continue to use it. Judy Evans Pros: Great company more

assaulted by taxi driver 6/26/2008

I took a taxi from the 30th train station to my apt in NW. When we got to my place I told him I was paying with a credit card and swiped it and began entering a tip when the screen went blank. He told me I was too slow and he the machine was not working and wanted me to pay cash. When I told him that it was by law required for the machine to work and all I had was credit and it was either put the screen back on or there was nothing I could do he locked me in the cab. I am a young female and of course this frightened me. I began to call 911 for an officer to come out and resolve the issue. Once he heard me talking to the police he unlocked the door and let me out. I went to my building's security desk and asked them to call 911 as well. The driver came into my building ranting and raving like a maniac accusing me of stealing from him and insulting me. I continued to tell him that I had no problem paying him because my company orders taxis for me two- three times per week to go to the airport and train but he would have to turn the credit machine on. He kept saying it was a waste of his time to turn the machine back on adn that I had to pay him. As the story keeps on he ended up physically pushing myself and my mother. When I called dispatch they tried to talk to him and tell him that he has to turn the machine on and get it working but he ignored them. He wanted me to get back into the cab so he could drive me to an ATM(I dont think so!). Finally after I got cash from my building security he still refused to leave and then proceeded to pretend to be a philadelphia police officer. I am now in process of pressing charges against the driver and seeing what needs to be done legally if anything to the company. NO MATTER WHAT DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY...IF YOU READ I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE THIS HAS HAPPENED TO. Pros: YOU GET ASSAULTED BY THE DRIVER Cons: NOTHING IS DONE more

Incredibly rude driver calls me a slur and threatens me with violence 11/24/2007

I called for a cab to pick me up and told them to send a driver that would take a credit card (a legal requirement in Philadelphia). When he said no, I told him I was either paying w/a credit card or not paying at which point he physically threatened me and questioned my sexuality using a not very nice word. When I reminded him he could lose his license -- and his citizenship for a violent crime -- if he continued as he was going, he relented. The a-hole dispatcher took the driver's side. Pros: They're usually reliable Cons: This driver should be fired immediately more

Best Taxi company 11/14/2007

The office staff is polite and professional. Very high call volume but phone will still be answered in 5 rings. Fleet of over 200 cabs citywide. New computer dispatch system allows customer service agents to focus 100% on customer service. Coming from someone inside the industry Olde City can't be beat. I would recommend this service to family and friends in fact I have. If youre late for an important date call 3-3-8 0-8-3-8 and never again wonder "" Where's my Taxi "" !!! Pros: Great service Average wait lower than other companies Cons: New computer system still being beta tested citywide more

Great experience when I call 9/28/2007

I use old city almost everyday, they treat me great I never found them rude but sometimes it sounds like they are very busy so they try to get your information fast. But the cab comes pretty fast so I can understand why they go fast. Pros: fast service, knowledgable Cons: sometimes it sounds like they are swamped because alot of people must use them more


I called them well ahead and reserved a pick up @ 7:00 in the morning to go to the airport. Called them at 6:50 to confirm, she said the driver was on the way and will be there in 5 minutes.... Didn't show up... called again, asked the driver to call me... Never did. Called again, while I was talking, the lady put me on hold without saying anything. She was unbelievably rude!!! It was 7:30 and nobody showed up!!! I had to quickly find another ride and almost missed my flight... I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT... And will make sure to never expect their servie again! more

Better than the other companies 8/14/2007

I ordered a cab for the airport in the morning at 4:45am. The operator was polite and helpful. The cab was there 10 minutes early , they also accepted my credit card unlike the other services. Pros: They arrive on time. Cons: I wish they had town cars too. more

Cant believe how rude 8/14/2007

I dont understand how when your trying to give someone your business they can be so rude to you. We used to give Old City Cabs a lot of business, but no more. Every time I call they are RUDE and they will hang up on you while your still talking. They are not worth our time or money, AND I WILL NEVER USE THEIR SERVICE AGAIN. Instead Quakers got our business,I dont recommend Old City to no one Pros: Their close by Cons: The attitude you get when you call is not worth it more


What is wrong with this taxi company? I called 215-AIRPORT today to order a cab to the airport for tomorrow at 5 PM and was told that they only accept reservations after 3 PM tomorrow. They call this a professional airport service? (I especially appreciate their dispatcher hanging up on me when I started to respond. Nice touch). Never again. more

Worst Cab service ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2/28/2007

Coming from a former employee of Olde City Cab Association. Hangs up on customers, owner of association is belligerent can't start or end a conversation without cursing,His Behavior rubs on to his employees(dispatchers,phone operators, and drivers), hangs up on customers 10 at a time(I would know I use to work their)he waits till 10 lines are lit and then presses one button and hangs up on all.Insults the handicap tells then to call paratransit. Hey Micheal keep insulting your corporates soon you'll have none. Cons: Dispatchers,not a happy place to work more

Rude and Disrespectful 2/15/2007

I recently tried to call Olde City Cab in order to pick up a client and I was met with a rude and disrespectful dispatcher that hung up on me. I even offered my credit card over the phone to secure the fair but I was met with more rudeness. THIS IS NOT THE CAB COMPANY YOU WANT TO DO BUSINESS WITH!!! Pros: NOTHING AT ALL Cons: Rudeness of the dispacter more
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