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Mile High Towing LLC - 10 Reviews - Garfield St & E 54th Ave, Denver, CO - Towing Reviews - Phone (720) 244-4517

Mile High Towing LLC

Garfield St & E 54th Ave
Denver, CO 80216
(720) 244-4517
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The bad reviews on here are meant to be for a different company called Mile High Towing and Recovery owner Mike. Mile High Towing LLC is a completely different, and an amazing one...


I wouldn't even give them one star, but it made me. They are the worst! Whatever you do, don't make them mad because they'll taser you and then mace you just like they did the hou...

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/14/2012

Sons car had crapped out on highway, he pushed it to nearby Target, hes had many problems with the car. We called Target and they said the car would be fine, parked where it was. Next thing we know car has been towed by Mile High Towing, the guy we dealt with is name is Ron. He said it would be $275 to get the car out, which I'm seeing on all the reviews he says the same price to everyone. He said if we didn't want the car he would waive the fees just give him the title....which was fine by us because the cars not worth anything except for we just had 2 new tires put on, Ron told us on the phone we could take the tires as long as it has something else to put back on so when we went to give him the title and take the tires he started screaming and saying no he wants them left on there, then he started motioning to his wife as if he was telling her to get something like a weapon or something, he was crazy and yelling so we couldn't trust him so we left the new tires and just left the lot. This man is unstable and crazy, he is out to rip people off and don't believe anything he says. more

The WORST group of thugs in the business! 9/24/2011

I wouldn't even give them one star, but it made me. They are the worst! Whatever you do, don't make them mad because they'll taser you and then mace you just like they did the house painters at our house this afternoon. Car owners beware! more

horrible 6/22/2011

i got my car towed when i paid you suck! more

All the bad reviews are wrong!! 1/3/2011

The bad reviews on here are meant to be for a different company called Mile High Towing and Recovery owner Mike. Mile High Towing LLC is a completely different, and an amazing one the tow truck driver Ron was very friendly and kind. When I needed my car towed from I-270 the company was very prompt and affordable, unlike other tow companies they charge a flat rate it only cost me $70 to have my car towed this was very reasonable when compared to other companies. I will call this company over and over again if I ever need a tow and also I would recommend them to anyone. Their number has changed their new number is (720)560-5951. more

There when I needed them 12/30/2010

I broke down on I-25 and I needed my car to be towed due to my timing belt braking. The driver RON was awesome kind and fast, I did not have a place to store my car tell I could fix it so they offered to store it for me for FREE!! I was able to get my car fixed and get back on the road. I just got home when I went looking for the address to send a Thank You card, and I saw all of these comments and then I saw all the comments for the WRONG company so I felt I had to leave a comment to to let every one know that they should check before they write crap about the wrong company! more

This is a review about mile high towing & recovery on Elati 12/5/2010

My vehicle was stolen and held hostage, then they raped me for $300.00 to get it out. These people need to be stopped! I paid for parking @ the slot lot on logan between 7th and 8th! Went in to eat and came out to my truck being gone. The lot attendant instantly told me that there was no money in the slot and I had been towed, and that I needed to take it up with the owner. I called the towing company and the extremely rude voice on the other end of the phone said to take it up with the lot attendant. And if I wanted my truck I would have to come to 4300 Elati with $275.00 cash. I was furious! I immediately called the police. While waiting another couple came out to the lot to find a ticket on their window stating that they had not paid. They said they had but paid the theif anttendant to avoid having their truck towed. The police came, said there was nothing to do, but that they deal with this company all the time, and they dont understand how they are still in business. Bottom line never park anywhere that does not offer a recipet, and never park anywhere that is serviced by MIle High towing and Recovery because they will rip you off. My purse and merchandise that I sell to make a living was in the vehicle. As a struggling mother of two baby girls, $300.00 is very hard to come by, so I told the owner I would be down to get my house keys and merchandise so I could sell it to get the money to pay for ther impound charges by Monday. He basicaly told me that I was screwed and I was not getting on his lot unless I had the $300.00. I couldnt even get into my house because myu house key was in the truck. I requested an officer assist me to get my belongings. The owner of Mile High towing and recovery wouldnt even allow me to get my belongings. After three hours at his business, one of which was spent waiting for anyone to show up, I ended up having to borrow money from a friend. Had I not paid I would just suck it up and accept the fact that my truck was towed, but these people are stealing, daily, and I intend to make things very difficult for them, contacting the BBB, Tom Martino, Sales and Excise, I'll sit down there with a video camera if I have to! Merry Christmas Mile High Towing and Recovery! Anybody who wants to help stop these thieves please contact me more

Same situation as DickP below except that we DID Pay 9/27/2010

On Friday, Sept. 24, 2010 at 6:00 (when we parked AND PAID), we had the exact same thing happen at this SAME location that dickp had below. My wife and I went into Benny's to meet some friends and came out only and hour and half later to find our truck gone. WE PAID. Some additional facts: - lot attendant immediately knew it was our truck (how? unless she had observed us walk up to the slot and already pay for that parking space) - when approached to ask her what had happened and why our truck was gone, she got belligerent and walked away from us - why? - when we called MHTR, they were immediately very rude on the phone and never mentioned needing to pay cash - 20 minutes later we get a cab, head to the lot on 43rd and Elati (not a good neighborhood) - no one there so we call the phone number for MHTR again to find out the status of the driver meeting us there - they curse (yes using profanity) at my wife claiming they are closed ""and that we should have to pay the $30 a day to wait until Monday"" and ""but will send someone as soon as they can"" - while we are there 2 other vehicles show up trying to get their cars out - I get out of the cab (who had graciously waited there so we had a safe place to stay) to talk with the other victims; that's when I find out we needed to pay cash - we go get cash, come back and two tow trucks are there helping the other folks - one of the young women attempting to retrieve her car after paying, came to ask why the car steering wasn't working and it was stuck (damaged due to towing?) - I take a picture of the shed that is an office so I can keep a record of the events that night and get threatened by a tow truck driver that I can't do that and he will keep my car longer, again, at $30 a day - no one would give me their name nor the name of the person who wrote the $25 ticket at the parking lot - we finally managed to pick our kids up 3 hours later - all because of a ""honest mistake"" or because the laws and situation are HIGHLY STACKED AGAINST THE CONSUMER. - I would refuse to use the slot style parking boards and only park where they have installed the electronic ones you can pay and get a receipt We called the tip lines for NEWS4, Channel 9 News and posted the situation on several blogs, forums and all the social media outlets we can think of. We also called the Denver Police but couldn't wait around until they got there as we had two small children to pick up. What else can we do? more


DO NOT ever use this company! They are shady, unprofessional and stealing people's cars. I paid to park in a lot, when I cam out an hour and a half later, mine and three other people's cars had been ""towed"". The towing company demanded $300 cash only. We had to go to their lot, no lights, a shack with no address and mean dogs protecting their premises and no one was there. The three other ladies and I called the police to learn they often have to deal with this company and their incredibly shady business practices. This company was formerly Lyons Towing that was closed down. more

Milehigh Towing and Recovery 8/9/2010

My first and only encounter with a towing company taught me the regulations and pricing set by the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) are extremely friendly to the towing industry. Citizens who are victimized by companies that take advantage of the favorable regulatory system have very little rights and virtually no method to remedy an abuse. Here is my story which concerns Milehigh Towing and Recovery. However, there are many complaints against another towing company called Lyons Towing & Recovery. In November 2008, the CALL7 Investigators reported that Lyons Towing accounted for 27 percent of all towing complaints filed with the PUC in the prior 12 months -- the most of any towing company in Colorado. more

Thug company 7/29/2009

Lesson learned about parking in designated ""non parking areas"". I was out to diner with my kids and due to a major rain storm, I parked in a private lot (no cars where parked in the was basically deserted). About an hour later, after dinner, I walked t o my car and it was gone. After looking all over the parking lot, I found a number to call, Mile High Towing. I spoke with a guy that laughed when I asked if he had my car and responded, yea, we are just pulling up with it. When I asked when I could pick up the car, he said now but it would cost $250.00 cash to get the car out of impound. The lot is in the bowels of Denver, no office and impossible to find. The cab driver could not locate the address on his GPS so basically, after an hour of driving around, we found the location. My cab driver was visibly nervous because of the area. When I arrived, the fenced parking lot had a tow truck blocking the entrance. It seemed like I was shooting a scene in The Sapranos. The company is run by a bunch of thugs and I would be embarrased to recommend them to anyone. Cons: Is this a ligit towing company??? more

Horrible experience. Rudest person I have ever met. 12/8/2008

I had my car towed on Friday night. Called him shortly after, and asked him when I could come pick up the car. He just said cold and rudely, ""whenever you get here and bring $275 with you."" The sign said 24 hrs on it, and his answer certainly made it seem like I could come by ""whenever."" I called him at 5 am when I was taking a cab ride there to say I was coming in and ask what kind of payment he accepted. I got to where I thought was the destination and couldn't find the lot, so I called him back for more specific directions. I said the name of streets, and exactly where I was and named the address. At that point, he cut me off and said ""you know you can't get it between noon and 1, right?"" Obviously this was pretty upsetting, because he knew I was on my way and ended up costing me another cab ride. Pros: I got to leave with my car and hopefully don't have to speak to him ever again. Cons: He added charges last minute, and purposely made the ordeal as difficult for me as possible. more
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