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Liberty Cab Co - 16 Reviews - 842 S 2ND St Ste 6, Philadelphia, PA - Taxis Reviews - Phone (215) 389-8000

Liberty Cab Co

842 S 2ND St Ste 6
Philadelphia, PA 19147
(215) 389-8000
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I use liberty cabs regularly and keep going back because they are extremely reliable. Their dispatchers are friendly and helpful--especially Patrick-- and I would not call anyone ...


every time i call this cab company the woman that picks up the phone is so rude. if you hate your job that much you may consider finding another. definately not good customer serv...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/27/2013

I agree with Erica...I had the nastiest dispatcher last week...and I had the same experience...they call and you're literally standing on your front porch and there's no cab there....they tell you that they are's totally's as though you are working for them. \r \r When I called to complain, I was kept on hold for more than 10 minutes until I gave up. I called from a different number, and they took my call immediately...very poorly run on every level.\r \r I have removed them from my phone and replaced them with another local cab company Quaker City Cab... more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/1/2012

Absolute worst service ever. I called for one to come at a specific time and they never showed up. When i called back the guy on the phone said the driver called (which he never did) and that he was waiting (which is was not). When we said we needed one right away he said it was going to be another 15 minutes. 20 mintues later they called back and said they were outside and when i told him that we called for one almost an hour ago he said ""dont ever call back, stop using our company"" and hung so rude. We utlizied their company and gave them a lot of money, now we will make sure no one uses them. Good job Liberty, you are losing valuable customers. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/25/2012

I left my phone in one of their cabs and I got it back in one piece. that says a lot right their. I haven't been late for work yet!!!!!! more

I use liberty cabs regularly and keep 6/9/2012

I use liberty cabs regularly and keep going back because they are extremely reliable. Their dispatchers are friendly and helpful--especially Patrick-- and I would not call anyone else. The drivers are usually about 5 minutes early, which I also really appreciate. more

Horrible Service!!!! 4/1/2012

HORRIBLE!!!!! DO NOT TAKE THIS CAB!!!! I should have listened to the reviews. I wish I could have left negative stars. Called for a cab for a client from Hahnemman Hospital & dispatcher said 20 min. An hour later, no cab. When I called the company to find out what was going on, the ""Supervisor"" responded in a rude and demeaning manner by saying, ""Ma'am, you are at Broad & Vine, you can step outside and get a cab."" I hung up & called back & asked to speak to the supervisor, at which time he informed me that he was the supervisor. When I told him that he had poor customer service, he continued to be rude & unapologetic. more


I was trying to get home from West Philly around 2am and there were absolutely no cabs around. In fact, there was not a soul around. So I googled Philadelphia cab companies and called the first one on there. The dispatcher said I would get a cab in 5-15 minutes. I waited a few minutes and since I was scared for my safety, hailed the first cab I saw. Now I know that wasn't the best thing to do but when I am looking after my safety, I will do what I have to. Before I even got into the cab, I called Liberty Cab back and the same technician picked up. I apologized and said I wanted to cancel my cab, and he told me my cab was already there. LIES! I was right there and there was no cab. When I said that he CUSSED ME OUT and hung up on me. I was nice enough to call and cancel, which most people probably don't do, and he cussed me out! I called back several times to talk to a supervisor, but my call wasn't answered, perhaps because they had my number. I waited a while, called back and asked to speak to a supervisor when my call was finally answered and that guy happened to be the supervisor (I don't understand how someone so unprofessional would get that job). I told him that I had called back earlier to apologize and that I was in an unsafe neighborhood and was looking out for myself and he did NOT LET ME SPEAK. He SCREAMED at me really loud on the phone. And I quote... ""It is YOUR FAULT. You wasted my time. You wasted my driver's time. You are a SNOT and a SNOB and maybe one day you'll understand *HANG UP*"" He screamed so loud that my taxi driver heard that and told me never to call liberty cab again. The guy almost made me cry when all I wanted to do was apologize and let them know I was canceling the call. DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I MADE. All the bad reviews here are true. The good ones are probably made by employees (or should I say supervisors) of Liberty Cab. Thank you for reading. more

I was screamed at and left in the cold. 11/24/2011

I don't know why the dispatcher was so rude to me. I called him and asked him for a taxi on 22nd & arch. I stand in the cold with my bags and have a bus to catch, I wait there for 10 minutes and start to get worried. So I called the dispatcher back and ask him (I guarantee I said it politely and in a nice tone) to change the pick up address so that I could walk while the driver comes. He snaps at me screaming ""WHY DONT WE JUST HAVE THE DRIVER DRIVE AROUND TILL HE FINDS YOU?"" Then hangs up. I am sure he deals with rude customers, but I was not and he felt the need to scream at me and leave me waiting in the cold. I actually had seen other available cabs while I was waiting but didnt flag them down because I thought it would be rude to make a driver come over and not find me. This wasn't right. He is a really bad person and I guess he does deserve his crappy job of being a dispatcher. This company is a bad company for having a dispatcher like this more

Lost BLACK suitcase!!! 2nd and Chestnut to York and Tulip. 8/7/2011

My name is Jan Ruk. On friday night I left my suitcase in a cab's trunk. We got picked up at 2nd and Chestnut and drove to York and Tulip. Please write here or call 646 532 0279. more

dispatchers sucks 3/16/2011

all what people don't know about cab's business is that the drivers pay 150.00 as a monthly due to get fares (it should be given by gps system) so the closer cab get the fare no matter how expensive or cheap it is but the reality is that once u place a call and you tell the dispatcher your destination so if that fare appear a good one the corruption will make that job to be dispatched manually and using thier cellphones instead of the gps system and the radio to be given to a driver who pay undertable some money,buy coffee and donuts,give rides to that dispatcher ...for losses stuffs it depends on the loyalty of persons : the person who will get a ride after you get dropped off and the driver but to avoid that you should always remember at least the p# that appear on the cab ,a poster inside and there's also information about the driver posted on the partition or by asking for a reciept that contain all the informamtions about the cab and the driver but the prevention is good than all that take your time and look if there is something left before you shut the door........for the credit card you have to know that drivers aren't allowed to refuse it and you have the right to complain the one that did to the PPA taxi and limosine division but here is the tip to avoid that :don't tell the driver that you'll pay by credit card in the begining once you get to your place and the driver stop the meter push credit and follow the instruction shown on the machine and wait for the reciept .....drivers aren't same there's bad ones and good ones so please complain about the bad ones to get a best service in the future more

Good Service Comes To People With Good Sense!!!! 2/9/2011

When ordering a cab from a busy company it doesn't take a brainiac to have all of the information ready when calling. This makes it easier for everyone! Also be responsible for your property. If you leave your phone in a cab, the next customer will pocket it. Drivers cannot stop what they do not see. So do not blame others for your responsibility! So before you call up these companies and start talking to dispatchers like dogs ""for your stupidity"", think about the situation as a whole more

The Rudest Dispatcher alive!! 1/25/2011

The woman who answered my serveral calls was the rudest, imcompetent dispatcher I have ever encountered. I even requested to speak to a different dispatcher, she stated she was the only dispatcher on duty. She stated she was in the business for 25 years, if that is the case she should have learned some customer service skills in those 25 years. 25 years in the business I would assume one would be very familiar with the streets and areas in the city the company services . I called in advance of my 8PM pick up and in checking on my pick up status the horrid dispatcher informed me that 20th and Montrose did not exist, really? I had only been standing on that corner for 45 minutes wating for a taxi that I had called for in advance, reading the street signs that clearly stated where I was located. After going around with her, I realized she never dispatched a taxi for me from my original call. I then had to look for another company with one bar left on my cell phone, Victory Cab Co. to the rescue, I called Victory, the dispatcher was friendly and I gave the exact information of 20th and Montrose within 15 minutes of my call Victory had arrived! I would like to add, my driver was very friendly and I was really relieved when he pulled up. THANK YOU VICTORY CAB!! Liberty get the thumbs down for the rudeness and for leaving me stranded! more

Paying by credit cards in Philly Taxi's 12/24/2010

Why blame a minimal wage cab driver for refusing to accept a mode of payment that takes away 5% to 10% fee from his gross earnings and puts it in the hands of bankers and credit card companies, who get paid hefty bonuses. It is estimated that cab drivers have to pay roughly $50.00 a week as bank fees. That's $2,600 a year per driver! For people in the service industry or business, that would be the same reaction if the Government announced a 5% to 10% increase in the taxes they would have to pay. Or, what if employers started charging 5% service fee to do a direct deposit. Moral of the story: If you want to go cashless, let the consumer or credit card companies spend the bank fees for their convenience and not the immigrant taxi drivers. Or better still, bank fees should be paid by the federal government as they save money on printing bills. FYI, Las Vegas taxis charge customers a $3.00 surcharge on all credit card taxi trips. more


every time i call this cab company the woman that picks up the phone is so rude. if you hate your job that much you may consider finding another. definately not good customer service but they are quick with responding to you calls. more

license plate # TX45429 1/17/2010

Don't take the cab with this license plate number. The driver is angry, dangerous, and shouldn't be on the road. They only have the license plate number because he refused to give me his id #, which should tell you something. You can't give 0 stars, so i gave them 1. Cons: many more

THIEVES!!!!!!!!!! 8/10/2009

I understand that it's inconvenient to leave things in a cab, but stealing is bullsh*t. Employees who don't give a sh*t and confuse the words ""forgotten"" and ""stolen"" are cr*p; the days of cab drivers pocketing forgotten items is over! Liberty Cab is forever Boycotted!! ps. they took forever to pick me up and my grandparents drive faster! pss. if i could take other reviewers stars and shove them up Liberty Cab's A$$ i would Pros: They don't try to hide their thievery Cons: Stuff gets stolen more

Best compay ever 7/23/2009

I have been using liberty cab for a long time and they are the most reliable cab ever .the drivers are nice there cabs are clean. more

Lost Wallet 5/2/2007

On 4/28/07 I used Liberty Cab from downtown Philadelphia to the Holiday Inn Stadium. Although the ride was spendier then others I left my wallet in the cab and when I called the first time there was a call put out to the drivers and got a response that ""No one is responding"". I gave them the time when this happened but seems they were not interested in finding out who dropped me off at the hotel. Everytime I have called they were very rude in their response. I have called often since then and all I get is ""Nope"" then get hung up on. I would hope they would not treat all their fares this way. Maybe if they lost their wallet on vacation like I did, they would maybe change their attitude on how they deal with such a loss. more

CROOKS!!! BEWARE! 3/6/2007

Was gouged $10 for a $5 cab fare. Went from the Sheraton on 17th and Race to the Reading Terminal market....THE LONG WAY!!...even when we asked when he went by the street he should have taken. Had taken the same ride 2 times before with a different cab co and did not get fleeced! I'm am going to report this criminal act to anyone and everyone that will listen. BE VERY CAREFUL...there are plenty of honest cab cos in the city. Avoid this one! CAB #D043! more

Unreliable and rude 1/27/2007

After waiting 20 minutes after calling for a cab in center city, I called back to see when it might be coming. My phone showed no missed calls, but the guy that answered insisted that they had called me and I hadn't picked up, then he hung up on me. Pros: Occasionally they'll show up Cons: Rude dispatchers more
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