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Le Salon

310 East 44th St.
New York, NY 10017
(212) 949-6693
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Le Salon - New York, NY
Le Salon - New York, NY
Le Salon - New York, NY
Le Salon - New York, NY
Le Salon - New York, NY
Le Salon - New York, NY
Le Salon - New York, NY
Le Salon - New York, NY
Le Salon - New York, NY
Le Salon - New York, NY
Le Salon - New York, NY
Le Salon - New York, NY
Le Salon - New York, NY
Le Salon - New York, NY
Le Salon - New York, NY
Le Salon - New York, NY


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Le Salon didn't have to exist, but I am very glad it does. Organic hair products, flawless style advice and haircuts from someone who's not shy to tell you when you're clueles...


Ashraf totally ignored what I was looking for. It didn't matter to her really. She did however she desired to my hair whether it would suit my personality & style or not. Ashraf ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/16/2013

I went to Le Salon for my wedding hairstyle, together with my bridesmaids, and was really pleased with the results. Ashraf has been doing my hair for a few years and although I've tried other places, I always come back here. She really knows what to do with my thick, curly hair, and somehow turns it from chaotic frizz into old-Hollywood glamour. I've also had my hair colored by both Vincent and Marina, and both are fantastic. I love the organic products, which leave my hair in great condition. At this point, I would no longer go anywhere else! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/26/2012

My hair has never looked better. I've been to many salons looking to get away from chemical color. This salon is amazing. They transformed my frizzy over processed hair into healthy honey colored easily styled hair. I have never gotten so many compliments of my color!!! Listen to what they say and use the products because if you do your hair will be transformed. more

Ashraf must retire 4/12/2012

Ashraf totally ignored what I was looking for. It didn't matter to her really. She did however she desired to my hair whether it would suit my personality & style or not. Ashraf transformed my look into something that I'm not. She kind of forces a bossy personality. I had an upsetting experience with her. I wonder if those 5 star reviews about her are scam.................... I will never go to her again and wouldn't refer any of my friends. more

This Is It 4/7/2012

Le Salon didn't have to exist, but I am very glad it does. Organic hair products, flawless style advice and haircuts from someone who's not shy to tell you when you're clueless as to what's good for you - that would be Ashraf, and you'd better listen - and a welcoming cozy place with good music, wine, and foot massage - all at great prices. No more harmful chemicals leading to cardboard hair and countless health risks, or stylists who when asked for advice say ""whatever you want, dear"" but otherwise readily push product whether you need it or not. If you're going to care for your hair often, why not do it well? Good things add up over time just as those not so good, and you will be glad as I am with your healthy, happy hair. Do yourself a favor and try Le Salon next time your hair asks for a little TLC. more

Wonderful 3/27/2012

I began seeing Ashraf after cutting my hair very short. Quite frankly, it was a mess. It had started to grow out a bit and she ""fixed it"" as best she could and then told me not to come back for 4 months - this was a first for me She has been working with me, my hair has finally grown out and she can now ""do something with it"". I now have a most beautiful and stylish cut. She cuts so well that my hair did not become unmanageable as it grew between visits. Yes, she is a bit eccentric, which is part of her charm. I was never subjected to rude behaviour nor have I ever seen her behaving rudely to anyone and I have been seeing her for almost 2 years. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone and I am grateful that I found her. more

Best of the Best 3/19/2012

I highly recommend Le Salon. Tucked into a cozy little space just minutes from the UN, visiting the salon is like an invitation to a friends home.\r \r Ashraf, the owner, cuts with the precision of a fine artist and accepts nothing less than perfection -- I would go nowhere else -- it's as simple as that. The results are so striking that in the decades I have gone to her numerous strangers have stopped me in the street to ask where I go. The compliments are a testament to her skill and artistry. \r \r Allow time -- this is not a quick in and out experience but the results are undeniable! more

My Favourite artistic hairdresser! 3/14/2012

It s a beautiful sunny day and here I am at Le Salon doing a keratin treatment ! I should be outside , enjoying life in NYC >>>But being a Le Salon is like being in an outdoor cafe .. .sipping wine , drinking coffee , chatting and on top of it having your hair done by the best hairdresser in NYC. Ashraf is an artist . She loves hair ,loves styling it and will not let you out of her salon if you dont look ""a la mode"" , & have today""s look. With Ashraf , it is never a quick hair cut ...U better have your afternoon free. By Le Salon , the haircut is one long hour job . Every hair , every side have to be equal , well balanced , the blow-dry correct , smooth so when you go out u fell like a million dollars. The truth ,these days we are so much rushed by hairdressers that the art disappeared for the sake of ''more clients, more volume, better budget' At 'LE Salon' it is more about "" Art, style ,quality &trendy look"" . Money is secondary and it is a pleasure to feel pampered ,transformed in a well trusted and trustworthy place. My latest experience was with that Keratin treatment . OMG! Best thing ever .I am so glad I had my hair colored & highlighted first with Marina . She used this hair color Organic product of Le Salon.My eyes were not burning and no more headaches from the smell. Don't forget to carry with you the shampoo and conditioner wherever you go. I was in the Bahamas for 4 days and used the 5 stars hotel shampoo and I could not understand what happened to my hair quality! Only upon my return to NY and washed my hair with the organic shampoo, did I understand the value of those organics products. I highly recommend the 'Le Salon' its staff , its products and most of all its well mannered with a European flair artist owner . more

The best Salon 3/13/2012

I looked for a long a time to fidn the right and appropriate salon. I had the most difficult hair until I discovered Le Salon. A friendly and a great team attending you and making miracles with your hair! Ashraf, a great professional who anlayzes and studies your hair before adivising you what cut to get; Marina and Vincent the best colour experts. Most of all I enjoy their kindness and honesty. They make you feel very special and you relax while you are there. I have recommended Le Salon to several friends and colleageus. I have colleageus who travel on mission to NY and their first stop is at Le Salon. I encourage you to vist Le Salon for yourself and decide if I am wrong. It is so rewarding to go to a hair salon that you trust! mlc more

Owner Didn't Complete Services/ Illegally Took My Wallet 3/7/2012

I had an awful experience with Le Salon and Ashraf whose behavior was horrible. She left me for another customer in the middle of my service and didn't complete what she had started, because her schedule would have been thrown off course. She was already running late and just walked away. She was the only staff (she is the owner) in the salon at the time, so no wonder. She then went into my wallet without my knowledge, when I went into the restroom, took one of my credit cards and swiped it, obviously anticipating that there could be a problem, due to her negligence and incomplete action. I should have called the police, due to her going through my personal effects and taking a card I never authorized her to swipe. I considered to press charges against her, but due to my own very busy schedule, didn't have time to go through such a course of action, (though out of principle, should have). I also should not have had to pay for what she did not do, or didn't complete, but I never had any words with her about that. Her actions were completely unprovoked by anything I said or did. I was truly in shock, trying also to mentally process what was going on, also with an important appointment to head to right after. What happened in the salon made me over an hour late to my appointment, when I had to first go home to finish what was supposed to be done there. I believe that another client who posted on Citysearch, who said that Ashraf ran up a room service bill and left her to pay for it, must be fully accurate in her account, because I feel what happened to me is quite similar. Ashraf also was tugging on my hair and ripping it out, rushing and hurting me... (which they too claimed to be a part of their experience). What happened to me obviously, was not an isolated incident, and the fact she was fighting on the phone with another customer (as they report in their review), seems further proof of yet more client problems. By the way, I colored my hair, and Le Salon, refused to tell me what type of product they used. I had to see a dermatologist after this time and needed to know the ingredients. Customers have a lawful right to know about the product a salon has used on them, but that didn't seem to be of any concern to Ashraf. She refused to give me the information. I have a feeling that it is more than possible that a lot of friends have posted great reviews for Ashraf. I also think, however, it's impossible to know when Ashraf will snap and turn on you even if she knows you. I think she has some highly serious behavioral problems. I had seen her working before with other customers in the past, and as long as she is in control of herself things seemed fine. Since she already knew me, one would think to be treated even better, but in her case, the opposite ensued. She actually does not have a lot of patience, and in a circumstance, I think, where there are less or no people around that know her, and won't witness her awful behavior, she allows the shrew in her to be completely unleashed. Being subjected to this was unexpected, confusing, harmful and frightening. Additionally, just look at Ashraf's hair if you step in the salon, and see the condition it is in. It appears she can't or doesn't even try to professionally help herself. more

The very best! Will never go to another salon! 2/7/2012

This was the very best salon experience I ever had. The salon itself is tiny, but gorgeous and tasteful. I felt as if I walked into a salon in Monaco. I arrived early but greeted like an old friend, and my service started immediately. The salon is a warming off-white, with huge, gorgeous prints of Bridgette Bardot and Audrey Hepburn. The shampoo chair is actually a deep-tissue massage chair, so while you are getting your hair washed, you are relaxing to a massage. Marina colored my hair. She is soooooo nice and soooooo good at what she does (my hair is still in incredible condition 3 weeks later!) I originally was just looking for a salon that used color not tested on animals, and found so much more. I've been to the most expensive salons, most famous hairdressers, but this experience blows them all away. Marina for color, Ashrif for cut. Ashrif is exquisite---nice, patient, way talented. Could not ask for more. Absolutely exceptional. more

One of the best in the city 9/24/2011

There is not a day that I don't get a compliment on my hair color or my hair cut. Everyone says, Oh, I wish I had your hair, but I attribute the cut to Ashraf and the color to Vincent and to Marina. My hair grows well and it does not look shabby when I am late for the cut. They enjoy their work and give individual attention to each and every client. I travel a lot and have never found anyone who gives as good a hair cut as Ashraf, not even in Manhattan. I have lived in several cities, but always return to Ashraf for the cut. The place is quaint and has a cozy feeling about it. I have switched to organic shampoo and have noticed that the hair around my forehead has been growing back. more

Fabulous Hair Color, Excellent Service, No Worries 9/18/2011

Following a life threatening illness, I was extremely cautious about everything I put in and on my body. I went to several salons claiming to use organic products when in fact the shampoos were organic but not the hair color. Finally, I found Le Salon and everything changed. The products, including the hair color, are free from harmful chemicals which put me at ease.\r \r Since I have started using the Organic Color Systems hair color and the Aqua Boost shampoo and conditioner my hair looks healthier than ever before. I am so pleased.\r \r Vincent is amazing. He knows how to find the perfect color for you. Rada is a doll. She is so warm and friendly and gives a great head massage and blowout.\r \r Le Salon is definately one of a kind. more

Amazing Hair Salon! This will change your life 9/9/2011

I love this place, I have come here 3 times already and everyone is truly an artist. Yes it is a small place, but it is definitely a hidden gem. I almost don't want to tell everyone because I'm scared i won't get an appointment here anymore! But honestly, you won't regret it ;) more

A lovely little salon that delivers big 9/8/2011

In a competitive city like New York, how does one choose a hair dresser? Usually by the talent, by the service, by the products used, and by the welcoming quality of the salon. Le Salon offers all and more. Everyone at the salon is not only talented but also a magician who can transform one's look from mousy to magnificent. Just be aware that since the salon is small, in order to get the best treatment, please try to book your appointments away from busy time slots (usually before lunch time, and before 5 PM). Try to book on weekdays between 2-4, and Saturday, before noon. Please understand that even under the best of times, the staff can be overwhelmed so please be kind to the salon and its staff. Each will endeavor to work with you to ensure that you will exit the salon not only a more beautiful you but also a happy you. I've known Ashraf for more than 20 years, she and her trusty razor has always given me the most gorgeous, one-of-a-kind and very sophisticated look. Never got the same cut twice, never had a bad cut either. Marina is an alchemist who will transform your looks with the organic color mixture that never itches, ever. Vincent will do both color and cut, wonderfully. Rada is the jack-of-all trade who will make you feel pampered. Love the salon and the personnel. more

A gem of a hair salon 8/23/2011

Ashraf and her team are immensely talented. The organic salon is an oasis down the block from the United Nations. Enter feeling tired and bedraggled and exit looking (and feeling) gorgeous and rejuvenated. And oh, those head massages -- a luxuriating experience, not to be missed. more

THE OWNER IS AWFUL!!! 8/16/2011

I asked Ashraf to come to our hotel room to help with my hair and my mother's hair before my rehearsal dinner. ASHRAF IS AWFUL! First, she was speaking on the phone and loudly cursing at one of her other clients while she was doing my hair. It made me very uncomfortable. Then she started needlessly insulting my bridesmaids who were also in the room. One of my bridesmaids politely asked if she could center my up-do which was slightly off (but not off enough to look deliberate), Ashraf snapped and started painfully yanking my hair to straighten it out, so my bridesmaids conceded she was right because my eyes were starting to water from pain. She then ordered room service when no one was looking and insisted we pay for it and, after consuming what she had ordered, called room service AGAIN to say it was terrible and someone should collect it and cancel the charge. She gave the waiter who came back an earful in front of us. We felt so awful for him, and my bridesmaids and I were terrified of Ashraf. My bridesmaids fixed my hair when she left and then it looked perfect, but it was NOT WORTH THE STRESS AND HUMILIATION she put ALL of us through!!! When she did my mom's hair she singed part of her scalp in the back and did not care when my mom told her she was hurting her. My wedding planner called the salon the next day and insisted that Ashraf did not return to do my mother's hair before my wedding. My mom ended up doing her hair herself and she was much happier and looked beautiful. more

amazing salon 7/30/2011

These ladies are amazing. They saved my hair. 2yrs. ago I came into the salon. My hair was fried. The other salon had destroyed my fine hair.\r All the products here are organic and so worth the investment. I can't say enough. These ladies are pleasant and truly care about what's best for the client. Thank you!!! more

Fantastic boutique salon! 7/29/2011

Le salon specializes in organic hair treatment and fantastic client treatment. This little gem is tucked away near the UN but very much worth the trip. Great place for both cut, color and styling - not an easy combination to find. Having been to bigger salons all over the city I cannot recommend Le Salon enough! more

Great place for your hair cut and color!!!! 7/12/2011

I chose Le Salon as it is close to my work place. Since then I continue going as they offer great quality service and use organic products, which are the best. The ambiance is very good, and the hair stylists and the colorist expert are the best. When you have your hair washed and head massaged by Rada all your stress vanishes. I fully recommend this place, you will not regret coming here. more

Awesome hair color! 6/29/2011

I came here because I've been going organic in general in my life and knew I wanted to change putting all those chemicals in my hair. But still need to cover my greys and look good. I decided to try this salon because it's one of the only ones who offer organic hair color, but I admit I was a skeptic, I thought it wouldn't cover my grey as much as the chemical stuff. But to my delight, it covers my grey and also I got highlights, and it looks so natural, better than the popular chemical brands. I'm sold, it's organic all the way. Also the people here are very nice, friendly environment more
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Le Salon exclusively organic and natural hair care and color!

Owner Message

  • With Organic Color Systems you no longer have to suffer while getting your hair colored.
    Safe and Natural ingredients, certified organic chamomile, comfrey, grapefruit, and orange essential oils. With this color your hair will be healthier, shinier, and more natural looking than ever before.

    Organic Care Systems is designed for specific hair types and consists of ph balanced shampoos, conditioners and reconstructing treatments. This line is even powerful enough to repair hair previously damaged by harsh chemical services.

    AQUA BOOST : gives nourishment to dry, coarse hair.
    POWER BUILD : adds strength and volume to fine hair.
    STATUS QUO : is for normal hair and ideal for daily use.
    SOOTHE PLUS : calms sensitive or irritated scalps.
    MALIBU SWIMMERS WELLNESS : gently removes chlorine and mineral salts, prevents and removes green.


  • Eco-friendly Midtown salon specializes in cruelty-free hair care products and top hair salon services for New Yorkers.

  • 11/10/2008 Provided by Citysearch

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    Mon-Sat 8am-8pm Sun 12pm-6pm
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    Midtown East, Midtown, Midtown East (Turtle Bay)