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Kelsey-Seybold Clinic

1111 Augusta Drive
Houston, TX 77057
(713) 442-0000
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The Kelsey-Seybold Clinic system is wonderful and I am grateful it is hear for my healthcare needs. I use Pasadena, Main Campus, and the St. Luke's Medical Towers locations. Eve...


One star is too generous. The doctors and nurses are wonderful but the billing office is absolutely deplorable. They billed my insurance incorrectly for 9 months, even when I tr...


One star is too generous. The doctors and nurses are wonderful but the billing office is absolutely deplorable. They billed my insurance incorrectly for 9 months, even when I tried to explain to them the mistake. They told me I was misinformed and began to send collection notices. I had my insurance company call them repeatedly. They referred my "bad account" to a collection agency and then a month later sent me a REFUND CHECK when they finally figured out the mistake. That was over 3 years ago, they refuse to admit the mistake or even have it removed from my credit reports. I had to get a statement from my insurance company to submit to the credit agencies to have it cleared. It's a shame that people that rude and ugly are allowed in the customer service field. more

NEVER AGAIN 10/30/2010

I have had symptoms of thyroid issues for almost three years. I was always scared to go to the doctor and when i recently moved to Houston, I decided I should get this taken care of. All my tests came back normal on my thyroid level but one of my blood test levels came by abnormally high and puts me at risk for many things. The office contacted me to come in and follow up and I was already contemplative to do so from the first meeting with this doctor, I followed up. She came into the room and wanted to know why I was there when i clearly dont have a thyroid problem. I said, Uh your nurse called me because my other test came back with some concern. Before my appointment I clearly did my own research and was prepared to what questions and concerns I had. She told me that my symtpoms dont add up. She also continued to give me blank stares and roll her eyes numerous times. This was the second appointment I saw her at and my last one. If you dont know what you are doing or you are the inexperienced and a case such as mine comes up, doctors should suck up their pride and ask for an opinion. It was ridiculous the way I was treated and left packing with a shrugged shoulders. That is the 3rd doctor I had seen at Kelsey Seybold because the other two left right after each other. This clinic is where unprofessional new graduated doctors come to get some experience on a resume until they realize that the turn over rate is sky high and everyone agrees that the professionalism is low. I would never recommend Kelsey Seybold to my worst enemy. Not only was the doctor arrogant and clueless, but she didnt offer me any other services to help answer my health issues since they didnt "add" up to her. more

Great Clinical System 10/2/2010

The Kelsey-Seybold Clinic system is wonderful and I am grateful it is hear for my healthcare needs. I use Pasadena, Main Campus, and the St. Luke's Medical Towers locations. Everyone is very courteous, helpful, attentive, and knowledgeable. I have never had issues with the billing offices or trouble making appointments. People need to understand that you much anticipate medical treatments and appointment needs when dealing with consistance medical maintenance of chronic diseases and illnesses. I have full confidence in all the doctors I have seen in Kelsey-Seybold's system. I am treated as if I am the only patient they have to see for the day. I never feel like my doctor has no idea what I am going through and my needs matter to them the most. My husband, parents, grandchildren, and I all use Kelsey doctors. I am moving to Michigan soon and really hate leaving my clinic behind. I know there is no way to find another such setup unless I travel to the Mayo Clinic. I am so grateful I found Kelsey-Seybold and St. Luke's Hospital. more

Worse customer service ever. 9/7/2010

I gave one star because there is not a "no star rating". If there was, that's what I would have given to this Clinic chain. To get an appointment takes forever; if someone is very sick they may as well die before they get to talk to make the appointment. Recordings, recording, recordings, that's ALL you'll get for 30 or more minutes straight. Then when you do get to talk to someone, they're incompetent as was mentioned on other reviews. Now that's not the end of it, the billing/insurance department is just as bad if not worse, they don't know how to handle their job so they just keep repeating over and over again the same point as if you're the dumm dumm and not them. They need to go back to school and learn to deal with the public before they can come in contact with anyone on the phone. What you get is a big name but behind all that fuss is a bunch of rude people. Now, don't even try to reschedule an appointment, that's a whole new ball of fire you'll have to deal with. In my opinion, this place is not worth it. We have many, many better places to go to in Houston. I know that the clinics are all different but so far I have had to deal with the departments that governs the clinic as a whole and that was my experience - never to be repeated if can help it. more

Incompetent Billing Department 6/6/2010

Although many of the doctors are good, their staff is generally incompetent. And considering the costs of medical care, the risk of seeking care here is simply too great. After years of getting my care mainly at Kelsey-Seybold, I will look elsewhere from now on. When they make a mistake, frequently the medical staff will admit it, but then send it to an unaccountable machine that is their financial and billing department. We are now receiving threatening letters for a bill they admit is their fault. So much for making anyone in my family feel healthy. Pros: Usually good health care professionals Cons: Incompetent billing department more

Changing Times 6/2/2010

After reading some of these reviews, one has to wonder what some folks are looking for in a medical facility in current times. What seems to be simple billing misunderstandings get blown out of proportion and should be easily fixable at the right level. Others acknowledge that they get great care at Kelsey, but it is tough getting in to see their physicians. Others are comparing Kelsey to a hospital, when in fact it is large clinic. Others remember kid glove customer care from the good old days, as do I. The relevant points would include the fact that most if not all medical institutions have been affected by the changes in health care and the resulting compensation from insurance companies and patients. It also should include the fact that KS was recently touted as one of the best values in providing care in the country. Concierge care, maybe not. But Kelsey has provided adequate care, with reasonable waiting times, reasonable access to doctors, etc. to me and my family since the mid '70's. During that time, I've been to numerous other medical institutions. They all have variable levels of customer service. Sometimes it is dependent on patient load that day, who you are addressing, how you address them, etc. Seem that the key here is reasonableness. Reasonable expectations are usually satisfied a little easier in any circumstance. If I or my family has a medical need that can be satisfied by the staff at Kelsey Seybold, that is where we are heading. Pros: Convenient locations, good doctors, competent staff Cons: Modern day medical institution more

Admin Staff or 4th Grade Students? 5/3/2010

I agree with all the above complaints. Patients that come to their hospital are revenue generators for them. I guess they don't realize it. Its horrible to deal with their arrogant, no knowledge front desk staff. They even talk between them on me, when I am standing right in front of them, Joking on me, taunting me. Pathetic thing is, lady that is picking up fight with me is the senior most among three ladies sitting in the counter. She has no knowledge and can't explain properly. She can't even look straight, I guess she is on dope last night. Incidence is: I am new to hospitals and physical exams. My Insurance is ready to pay full if it is regular visit. I went there for a simple blood test, which is the follow up visit to my regular physical test. She says, I have to pay 140 dollars for it. She says it's a office visit. I ask her, what is the difference between follow up visit to a physical exam vs regular visit. She can't explain that simple question. She keeps on saying it's office visit. Later on I talk to some business people in Kelsey they agree with me saying both are one and the same, I spoke with one of the senior nurse there, she agrees with me too. She loses her patience, shows her red face, tells other lady about me where as I am standing right in front of her. Other lady has to warn her not to do it, because I am standing right there listening to her. I want to complain to supervisor, I ask for supervisor. She goes and briefs in her version, Supervisor comes out with red face too. I have no idea what I did wrong there. I don't think this is place that I would like to go again. I like my doctor, but can't take these uneducated people. Its simple thing to handle, if they can't handle it, I don't want to put my life in their hands. Raj Pros: I like my Doctor Cons: Hate Admin staff more

used to be the best, not any more 3/23/2010

Kelsey-Seybold used to be fantastic: Courteous treatment, caring people from A to Z. No more. Now you must give up all of your information (and I mean ALL of it) just to get an appointment. Everyone looks and sounds tired, and most are just plain rude. It's abundantly clear to me that I'm not the customer. I guess the health insurance companies are, to them. Our doctors (GP, Pediatrician) are both at KS, and they're still fantastic. Getting to see them, though, is a waking nightmare. I hate what our "health care" system has become, and you can be sure that none of our lawmakers have to go through *any* of this. It's so obvious that no one there cares, and that KS has decided to maximize profits, and to minimize everything else. Unless your doctor's at a KS clinic, DO NOT GO THERE. Then again, the others might be worse. Pros: convenient locations Cons: run by bureaucrats, you are not the customer more

Quality care 2/21/2009

I have taken my parents to KS at the Fort Bend Clinic and they also see their specialists in Med Ctr. We love their docs and their facilities. No problem with the care at all. they refer my dad to their specialists who took wonderful care of him. When he was hospitalized at St. Luke's, the doctors there knew his history. He didn't get abandoned in some ER like his previous solo PCP did when he got too sick. It's a big group and I am sure they have some bad apples like anywhere else. The previous reviewers complain about cost and appointment errors - can happen anywhere. They kept my parents alive and my family well - I rather have appointment errors than medical errors. As for the cost, you get what you pay for. Pros: coordination between doctors Cons: distance more

Meat Market 12/6/2008

This place is horrible. They are only in it to take your co pay and up charge your HMO. That's all. I pay a lot for Aetna HMO and today when my child was very sick they made her appointment NOT with a pediatrician, but rather a resident. EXCUSE ME???? Is this now a teaching hospital????? WTF??? Also, just TRY and complain to ANYONE!!! They have all these signs everywhere promoting how great they are and who to contact to complain. Yeah, right. The complaint process is a joke. Kelsey used to be so good (all the locations) but now every location is full of nurses and doctors who could care less. It reminds me of how bad Kaiser was in California in the 80's. Also it is a LIE when they say you can go see a specialist directly. LIE LIE LIE!!! Don't believe me? Call and try and see the opthamologist. You will have to pay to see the optometrist first!! $30 here, $30 there. Meanwhile they bill your insurance hundreds. They are cheats and liars!!!! more

Don't go there. 11/12/2008

Don't go here thinking it will be convenient having so many services--specialists, labs, etc--in one place. It's not. It's a big hassle. And for those that have limited benefits or no insurance, don't go there thinking it will be inexpensive because they have all those services. It's very expensive. - I have what's really a major medical plan with high deductible and limited benefits that include 2 office visits at a copay per year and a little towards lab work. I've rarely used these benefits. But I decided this year to try to find a reason for my headaches/sinus issues. Keylsey Seybold is preferred provider so I went there. Huge mistake. - Last spring, I tried an ENT. She named one thing and tested me for one thing. The results were negative so it was a big waste of time (I was in the waiting room for 2 hours because they don't have enough exam rooms) and of one of my office visits. This fall, a nurse advises me to go in for testing for some other conditions as possible causesand suggests a GP. So I call for an appointment saying I also want to get my annual well woman exam and BC renewal. The person only makes the appointment for the headaches. The GP tells me she doesn't want to do the testing, I should go to an endocrinologist, and the appointment wasn't made for the exam and she doesn't have time for it that day. I'll have to come back on another day. Wasting my time and one of my office visit benefits. - When I go back for the well woman, I agree to some other tests, STD type things, which the nurse says are included in the cost of the exam. When I get the bill, the exam costs $220, not including any labs which are another $300+!!! I've always paid about $100 more or less for this including the pap smear lab work anywhere else I've ever been. - And I've left out a lot in the above story such as all about the endocrinologist and the expense of that. BTW, a vitamin D deficiency test costs $211 there. Don't do it. Just supplement. more
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