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J & J Towing - 40 Reviews - 814 Linger Ln, Austin, TX - Towing Reviews - Phone (512) 462-2244

J & J Towing

814 Linger Ln
Austin, TX 78721
(512) 462-2244
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Its funny how basically almost everyone on here is dissing J&J & saying how they were ""Illegally Towed""!! Truth is & everyone on here needs to admit it, is if you weren't parked...


So I got ILLEGALLY towed by these scum bags. I was in a visitor's parking at a friends and they towed me. When I called to talk about it the guy was incredibly rude and when I poi...

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/9/2013

These people have taken my car from the apartment that I live in twice. The first time the apartment was able to get it released. Today there wasn't going to be a manager in the office until Monday and the staff told me point blank that they would not authorize a release. These people are criminals pure and simple. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/24/2013

know your rights and take these punks to court. Joe Ayers is the punk driver who took my car, WHILE I WAS HELPING MY DAUGHTER WHOSE CAR HAD JUST BEEN BROKEN INTO! yes, APDs was right there with me and saw them do it...and didn't say a word...why, it was private property. what the lesson? they were made aware of the situation and STILL refused to turn around. i wonder, does that fall within protecting yourself or property from imminent danger...jus saying...or questioning, i mean. good luck j and j and're gonna need court? and yes...most people will take your s and blow off steam here...not me...i will see you in court. what do you do when you get home at night, slap your mistress high five and say, ""hey honey, i gots me 10 helpless folks tonite, i set a new company record"". you guys are cowards by definition. take this bet....i will put up my car for a bet if joe ayers will meet me in the ring. if i lose, he gets my car. if i win, he doubles what i paid and gives it to charity (specifically, ASFPS). take the bet AND i won't take you to court. you have till friday to accept. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/15/2012

I work at a large West Campus community. Many of the posts I see here come from that area. Its important to realize that many of the parking spots in various communities are leased to the residents living there and that its the resident who calls the towing company, not the management. In fact, we always tell the resident that they should call the towing company if someone is parked in their spot because they have paid for it and if they park in a spot leased by someone else, they could be the ones that get towed. The bottom line is this, if you park in a spot that isn't a paid lot or metered in the West Campus area, you shouldn't cry about it if you get towed. Space for parking in the West Campus area is at a premium and it's not right to park in spot that someone else has paid for. more

Its funny how basically almost everyone 5/27/2012

Its funny how basically almost everyone on here is dissing J&J & saying how they were ""Illegally Towed""!! Truth is & everyone on here needs to admit it, is if you weren't parked in a parking spot where you could get towed, or if you dont read the signs, then you WILL get towed!! Thats why they have ""CONTRACTS"" with the places your being towed from because YOU were wrongfully parked & the businesses don't want wrongfully parked cars in there parking lots! Sooo until you learn to READ the towing signs, & park where your supposed to, then you can continue paying 193.30 to get your car out or maybe even more if you leave it on sight passed 24 hours. more

Called me a mother f*cking c*nt...great business =/ 4/6/2012

So I got ILLEGALLY towed by these scum bags. I was in a visitor's parking at a friends and they towed me. When I called to talk about it the guy was incredibly rude and when I pointed that out to him he lost it at started cussing me out that he has my car and could do and say whatever he wanted and I was a stupid bitch and a mother f*cking c*nt. Needless to say I filed a police report AND a complaint with the BBB and recorded some of his cursing rampage to discuss his termination on Monday morning. PLUS when I was picking up my car I say 5 tow trucks come in at the same time with 5 different cars. These guys are crooks! I agree if everyone just filed a police report, filed a complaint with the BBB and bitched about it enough we could get them in some deep sh*t AND have their towing permit revoked. I'm thinking FOX on your side? Anyone else in? BTW, any good ratings they have on here are from the pricks that work for them. more

Put a stop to J&J towing and thier illegal practices 4/1/2012

I have been reading the various negative comments and stories of the outrageous and illigel towing practices employed by J&J towing. Enough is enough. They are allowed to continue these practices because eveyone is too busy to pursure them. "" The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."" I am also a victim of these jackals and plan to do something about it. I will be filing a claim against J&J in small claims court. I suggest that all of you that have had a problem with J&J either do the same or contact me so we can discuss yr case and I can use that in my pleadings. Let's use their own tactics against them. If eveyone that has been towed illegally by J&J were to sue them then the cost of defending themselves would soon become burdensome and perhaps cause them to rethink their tactics. If not, after enough suits have been filed we would have very good grounds to petition the city to recind their towing license. Either way has the desired final outcome. Please contact me if you are interested in participating. more

Predatory Towing is illegal 3/5/2012

Has anyone been towed by J&J while leaving their vehicle unattended for roughly 30 minutes. How can it be that a towing company can just happen to be in the right place at the right time? Apparently J&J can, and as far as I can tell it is because of Predatory Towing practices. I am in the process of filing a class action law suit against them. I have reached out to several social networks as well as the companies who have the parking lots in which they have been practicing this predatory activity. There is a very strong case against them and at this point it may in fact be very devastating to them. So the more that get on board with this the better the chances are to defeat the persons responsible for these blatant scams against the good citizens of Austin Texas. Please do not be afraid of them, contact the Texas Licensing Division and let them know how you have been violated. Here is their link: more

Criminals and hard core crooks 3/4/2012

I am a physician and writing this despite knowing that I don't have time to fool with these crooks. I would rather pay outlandish money than go through the court procedures. I am going to complaint to state licensing/compliance division/real estate licensing and local enforcement though. That is the least I would have to do to satisfy my anger with the J&J. There is no possible rating available for these bastards. They are indeed worse than child molestors, kidnappers and drug dealers. My son car was illegally towed and they did not even inform us for 17 days!. What I do not understand is that why the businesses' allow scums like J&J (Frank, Tim etc) to come in their property. They are obviously hard core criminals who are unprofessional and give them bad name!. Their scheme is that the victims would cough up the necessary money to get their car back. And it is not worth for the victims to go through hassle of court and compliants. To a degree, it is working for them. But there has to be way to stop these bad people. Now they are callous and arrogant. It is just like, they want to rob/rape you and ask for gratitude that you allowed them to do it. How could this happen in our lawful country. Is there any law enforced against these people? This is ridiculous! and Aaron austin (you are not even real!) more

Don't park in residential parking spots 2/10/2012

There are several places where you can find free parking in west campus. You can find a free parking spot in at most 5 minutes. The last thing you should do is park in residential parking thinking that you are safe. more

Complete croooks. 1/24/2012

I understand that there's probably not a towing company out there that gets outstanding reviews or 5 stars, but these guys really take the cake on being complete dirt bags. At around 5:00am this morning I was taking my dog out to go to the bathroom when I saw my boyfriends car getting towed. When I approached the short white bald headed man who works for J & J Towing, asking him why he was doing it (I was under the impression my boyfriend was parked in a Visitors spot, confusion due to my apt's lack of communication) he continued to ask me what time it was. I was getting very frustrated because he wouldn't answer any of my questions, and once I informed him it was 5:00am the bastard said ""Oh okay, good. I have a dentist appointment that I don't want to miss."" At THAT point I was pretty livid, ran up back to my apartment to get my boyfriend but by the time we both came back down mister man on a mission was already gone. I called the actual company to complain about how sarcastic and rude the man was to me and the man who answered the phone could've given 3 craps less. He just said ""OK"" to me after I explained how employees talking to people like that is unacceptable. My boyfriend has school in the morning and all of his books and backpack were in his car, SO, at 6:00am we had to drive to this shady place on a dark road and pay this son of a bitch TWO HUNDRED dollars to get my boyfriends car back. TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS. These guys are crooks, they don't give a crap about you or any circumstance as long as they get their money. I'm super pissed Crossing Place off Riverside uses these guys to tow cars. I understand it's ""your job"" but then be a professional about it, not a dickwad. Hiter > J & J Towing Screw you guys, and good day. more

CROOKS!!!!! 1/16/2012

JJ's UNLAWFULLY towed my boyfriends car from my apartment!!! It was NOT in a no parking zone it was in VISITOR parking! When we called them and asked about his car and why they towed it?! They were the RUDEST office staff I think either of us have ever dealt with!!! They would not return his car either. These people had the nerve to tells us ""come pick it up we wont charge you"". Well NO CRAP your not going to charge us technicaly you have stolen his vehicle and we can press charges, so how about you return the car where you again UNLAWFULLY picked it up from!!! They pretty much told us NO and if we wanted it back we would have to come pick it up ourselves. There was NOT ONE apology for the inconvenience they caused us!! My boyfriend and I have REAL JOBS we're not CROOKS like JJ's, so we don't have the time to press charges or trust me we would!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more

These people feed off of others 12/28/2011

Don't be confused . Towing people is a crummy job. more

worst scum in austin 7/21/2011

im parked at my friend apt. ""Blunn Creek bad place to live btw"" tonight. my handicap tag was expired by 4 days. im waiting on the prescription from the doctors office. so theses scum bags towed me. and charged me $193 to get my car back. ok so i parked in the spot where i need to park and i have to blow half my rent money to get my car. i think its ok to tow and its ok to charge but almost $200 is insane. no wonder these people hide behind thick glass, gates and locks. i would to if i was out be professional car thieves and ripping people off more

dumbazz 3/5/2011

i just want every one who is writting reviews about being towed by any company, thier are signs posted at every place wear u park at an get towed, theez people who get towed r stuck up, ignorant, selfish people!! u think ur untochable cause u live in a app. complex!! ''buy a house'' an u will never get towed!!! u live on some1 elses property, they hav rules an u agree to them wen u move in. if u get towed from a facility or place of bizzness, think of it from an owners stand point, would u want ur parking lot full of cars an no 1 in ur bizz!!?? or how bout havin people park at ur bizz after hours an leave all kinds of trash in ur lot!! yea every bizz. owner wants that!! also ur goin to pick up ur car that got towed an ur talkin shitt runnin ur mouth an expect to get the same customer service as if u were shoppin at jc penny!! 4 real!! bottom line is if ur gonna park some where in austin other than a ''HOUSE'' take 20sec to """"READ"""" a sign!!! dont be 1 of theez dumb azz's!!!!! more

Laziest towing company 3/4/2011

I live at Riverside Place Apartments which (unfortunately) uses J&J Towing. I have been a resident here since 2003. Dear Powers-That-Be of CWS Apartments: Please hire another tow-truck company to replace J&J Towing. I've lived here for 8 years now and I am tired of being forced to park illegally in the grass because non-resident cars are parked in residents' spots. And whenever I call J&J Towing and ask them to ""please come tow these cars away that are illegally parked"" they act like it is a hassle and an inconvenience for them; besides the fact that they are extremely rude. All of that is crazy when you consider the fact that my phone call is to alert them as to how they can make more money! So please contract a different tow-truck company. J&J is doing a terrible job and needs to be replaced with a company that will be more proactive. more

Very Friendly Customer Service 1/4/2011

Honestly I didn?t read the towing signs and parked on campus and walk away from the business I originally visited. And guess what? When I returned after a day of shopping on Guadalupe I was towed. When I went to pick up my vehicle I was explained the reason why I was towed. I never understood towing until the friendly dispatcher explained the reasoning behind the tow. I made an honest mistake thinking that I could park at some ones else's parking lot for free and walk away and go shopping and return hours later and expect my car to still be there! I completely was being selfish and not thinking..... Their customers probably drove away because there was no where to park:( It all makes sense! Next time I will read the signs and respect people's businesses!! Thanks for being so polite and keep up the great customer service J&J Towing! You are doing a great job for small business owners!! more


JJ towing towed my friends car out of our apartment complex with no notice or anything. We pay to live here and have guests over and they have ruined our holiday season. When they first started to tow (in mid august 2010) they would put up orange stickers to warn people that they next offense, they would be towed. They did not warn our guest and when we called to figure out where the car was, they staff at JJ towing were so rude. I asked where the car was and why there was no warning involved. The ""supervisor"" replied with ""we don't have to give a warning, and I don't have to put up with you calling me"" I was completely appalled. The supervisor continued to call me a bitch and then hung up on me. I was furious at this point and decided to call him back and really give him a piece of my mind. He hung up on me again after calling me a bitch for the second time. DONT EVER DEAL WITH THESE PEOPLE. THEY ARE SO RUDE AND DONT DESERVE ANY MONEY AT ALL. screw you JJ towing. more

Do not do business with J &'ve been warned 8/22/2010

Parking in downtown Austin is terrible, granted. We have all dashed around trying to find a parking place, and have felt the frustration of paying too much for a parking place. Today...I paid $192.00 for one. I was at the Jack in the Box on Guadalupe/26th, and as a paying customer, figured my car was fine parked in the restaurant parking lot. Wrong. I purchased my drinks for my son and myself, stepped out of the front door to walk down the sidewalk to call my daughter (shopping just a block away), and (literally) 15 minutes later returned to purchase dinner, and to my absolute horror I realized that my car had been towed. I get it...these people are crooks, but the most appalling aspect of all of this is I later learned from the Jack ITB employees (I returned later to warn/save unsuspecting customers) that there was a J&J 'stalker' watching me and my children as we entered and left the restaurant. He told the employee that ""I had 15 minutes or he was towing"". Keep in mind...JIT Box is a separate building and ownership from the parking lot...WHY was this ""stalker"" allowed to sit in the air conditioning and victimize the customers???? He doesn?t work for JIT Box?right? They don?t pay him?right? Are they getting kickbacks for victimizing their customers? It?s just sickening... If you read this, and you have been victimized by these cockroaches, call the mayor, call the police, call JIT Box Corporate and please let them know what you've experienced. BTW...they have messed with the wrong mom...I LIVE HERE. Austin is a kind city. For those of you who?s first taste of Austin was this bunch of crooks, I apologize! I can't imagine our elected officials would be proud that (high) taxpaying citizens and visitors are being victimized by these crooks. Let?s get em??.grass roots is the best way. more

Take legal action! 7/24/2010

I agree with all posts. Everyone basically says that the folks at J&J are crooks and this ""business"" is a scam! Everyone needs to take legal action and put these folks out of business! Pros: Nothing Cons: Crooks more

WHAT A RACKET!!! 5/24/2010

$200.00 for a sneaky middle of the night tow!!! Reminds me of our good ol' HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANIES!!! Raping people for money and getting away with it! OUTRAGEOUS! Their claim is they set their rates by what the City tells them...I call BS on that! ANY company can use standard set rates as a ""guideline""! That doesn't mean that's the rate they HAVE to GOUGE people with! more
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