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Howl At The Moon

612 Hadley St (at Smith Avenue)
Houston, TX 77002
(713) 658-9700
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I've been to H@TM about four times now and I always have a good time. They play a variety of music so there's something for everyone. The wait staff is always very friendly and ...


I was once a loyal patron to this establishment but will not be back. I know a lot of people just jump on here to vent when they have a particularly bad incident with the propert...

Always a Great Time 2/17/2011

I've been to H@TM about four times now and I always have a good time. They play a variety of music so there's something for everyone. The wait staff is always very friendly and I've never had an issue with a bouncer or even a patron.....unless you count an overzealous high-fiver but even that was all in good fun. I would and have recommended H@TM to people looking to do something fun and different. more

Unjust treatment 3/18/2010

I was once a loyal patron to this establishment but will not be back. I know a lot of people just jump on here to vent when they have a particularly bad incident with the property, but I've been let down far too many times by Howl@themoon Houston. In previous situations I've been able for forgive the property for one or two reasons, but fool me twice...To sum it up: I went on a Friday night and there was an extremely intoxicated older lady who was just out of control (when the lyrics "south detroit" came up in the song "Don't Stop Believing" she starte shouting profanity in regard to S. Detroit). She decided she would jerk my friends chair out from under her bc she believed that my associate had stolen her seat. As we try to cool her down a staff member comes shooting across the room (without knowing the situation) and jumps up in my face, "IF YOU EVER TALK TO A LADY LIKE THAT AGAIN, YOU'RE OUT OF HERE" with a few curse words added in...just inches from my face. This is after the drunken woman has shoved, pulled our chairs, and punched me in the shoulder. She walked away without so much as a stern talking to. Rather than mediating the situation or understanding it for that matter, the H@TM security official decided to ride up on a white horse and save this woman. Ultimately shaken by the situation, we left...and we won't be back. This is the behavior of a Bronx club...not a business casual bar. We were a little blown up about our treatment so we spoke with a manager who decided he would just tell the belligerent woman to please calm it down. He was not interested in the situation, in appeasing us, or in finding the root of the problem. There was no service recovery at all. Pros: fun concept if everything goes right for you Cons: the staff primarily... more

Worse Piano Bar In Houston 3/18/2010

I went once and will not be returning. Bartenders and waitstaff were great but the bouncers/security are rude and even threaten innocent patrons. Not to mention some of the crowd clearly surpasses the fun drunks we all love and gets to a point of belligerent intoxication that is sadly overlooked by staff and leads to everyone else having to deal with annoying drunks thus killing any chance of a buzz. Pros: Decent dusic Cons: Terrible service and crowd more

Terrible 3/18/2010

I was actually cursed at by one of the bouncers for accidentally spilling my drink when he brushed by me. Pros: it's a bar... Cons: they aren't all that nice... more

BTW - "watered down drinks" don't exist 1/6/2010

Anyone that claims "watered down drinks" are served is butt-ignorant. The TABC routinely audits all establishements and assures that all revenues are reported - and that all liquor is poured @ the established standards. Only out of malice and ignorance could anyone thoink otherwise. Opinions are like hemerrhoids - sooner or later every a ** h *** has one. Geeez !!! How dumb can they get? Pros: Adult, But Innocent, Fun!!!! Cons: Deals with the public and has to allow anyone in ... more

Like hanging out with a bunch of friends 8/22/2009

The house band is truly incredible and I was blown away with how talented each member of the band was. The songs are played to perfection! They're all funny and are great at making the atmosphere friendly and care-free. The bartenders are very good at working quickly and you don't have to wait long to get a drink like most bars. The only problem that stands out for me was the $7 cover charge. Overall, a great evening out with friends. Pros: Amazing band, great drinks, friendly atmosphere Cons: Crowded, Shortage of seats, Expensive cover charge more

High Energy, Very Interactive, Great Music, Great Crowd 8/10/2009

The versatility of the musicians, the welcoming staff and all of the wonderful people I continue to meet keep me intrigued with HOWL. I just can't get enough of the place. This is always a very interactive experience ....a great place to spend an entire evening. I find myself not wanting to go anywhere else (although I have tried other places, I've just not found another place that "rings my bell"). Pros: Musical talent is awesome, Staff is very attentive Cons: Needs more room for more people more

Boring, Rude, Awful 8/7/2009

I was told this was a cool place and when I got there there was a $7 cover charge, bothered me a bit. Then the drinks were awful and watery. Then when we tried to move 2 small pub tables together for our large party one guy told us we needed to separate so that staff can move between them then a fat staff member told us we needed to completely move them cause he couldn't get through them. Not my problem...2 different rules. I also put in a song request for Journey Don't Stop Believing and on the request I put that it was my friends Birthday and placed a nice tip on it for it to get played. The announcers said no cause they did not feel like singing that song any other song by Journey they said. Total waste of time for me and I soon left. The most expensive boring night I have ever had. Don't waste your time, please! Pros: None Cons: Drinks, Parking, Music, Staff, Everything more

It was AWFUL!! 8/7/2009

Not only do you waste $7 to get in but the drinks are overpriced and watered down. Not to mention that they won't play the music you request even if you give them a hefty tip. My friend tipped them to sing a song by Journey and they mentioned it out loud and said they didn't feel like singing it. They then proceeded to request people for other songs to sing. SO RUDE!! Don't waste your time or your money!! Pros: NONE Cons: Too many to list! more

It was fun... 7/17/2009

Unlike some of the the other reviewers who can complain about anything and review businesses for mere incidentals. This place was wonderful and fun. Every place is not going to be perfect but to give them one stars cause of minor infractions c' people run your own business and then try to please hundreds of people every night. more

What a waste 4/15/2009

OH MY GOD! This is without a doubt the WORST piano bar in the US and its not even close. The "musicians" were of junior high level talent and were only in it for money, openly chastising patrons who tipped small, for their "performances", which all were mediocre at best. I saved my money for their ridiculously overpriced and watered down drinks, in which they use only the poorest quality liquor. Bad songs, a bunch of screaming annoying chicks who thought the "musicians" were rockstars or something, and didn't get a single laugh from these talentless "musicians." Apparently the average patron here is a moron with no sense of quality music or comedy. I would not visit again even if they paid me to come. HUGE waste of time!!!! Pros: can't think of one Cons: poor music, expensive drinks, annoying screeching patrons more

Rude staff 4/14/2009

I'm shocked at how I was treated at this establishment. I came in after work for a drink. I didn't know they weren't open yet because the front door was unlocked. As soon as I stepped inside, the staff was not welcoming in the least. The waitresses just eyed me up and down. Some guy came out of the office and asked "Could I help you?" in a sarcastic and condescending tone. I can't believe a corporate run business that prides itself on customer service could be so outright pretentious. They made me feel stupid for coming there, and I was alone. That should never happen. Pros: in Midtown Cons: everything else more

Been several times and always enjoy it 4/13/2009

I have been several times, for happy hour (which is awesome), just out, and for bachelorette paries, and no matter what time or what the occasion, it is a lot of fun. Happy hour is great there b/c there are not too many people there, and good drink deals. At night, the cover i think is a little much, but it is fine. And the drink although they are good, are a little expensive for the cheap liquer they use. But, i will go back again and again. Pros: Good entertainment and location Cons: Drink too expensive more

Superb Management 1/18/2009

I've visited Howl at the Moon several times now and always have a great time. Get there early for seating or call ahead and reserve a table if you are bringing several friends. Ben Barker (Assistant Manager) was a gentleman and scholar who helped accommodate my motley crew, who would otherwise feel a little out of place. I want to thank HATM and Ben for going out their way to make a great night for all! Thank you, Fernando Pros: Great staff, Located right in the heart of Houston, Cons: Seating more

Best place to be on a Sat Nite 12/19/2008

Me and my family went out last fri nite to howl at the moon. We all had fun. At first some of us were like this is not for us, but after a while we started liking it. The atmosphere is loud. I do like the sing along espically hearing ppl trying to sing when their drunk. lol. If u r a sensitive person then this place is not 4 u. Bc the guys do talk dirty but all n good fun. I enjoyed myself so much that Im thinkin bout going again tonite. And they have this "Bucket" for 22.00. Man its worth it. Its a big bucket w "hurricane" n it, there r 6 straws & everbody drinks out of it. Its worth the price. more

Rude, crude and embarassing 11/12/2008

I took some colleagues from work to see this show and was so embarassed. The "entertainers" were using foul language, talking incessantly about female body parts, trying to get female patrons to lift their shirts, telling filthy limericks and even worse songs. The talent was not even mediocre...I was ashamed to have exposed my professional colleagues to such a display, and am thankful that none of my family was there. For the huge amount of money it cost, the value was terrible. I will not go back. Pros: Convenient location Cons: everything else more

"Bouncer" was very rude! 11/9/2008

Some girlfriends and I stopped by here Saturday night but didn't stay very long. We walked up towards the front of the bar and the "bouncer" came over and told us to move back that we were blocking people's view. That's cool, I have no problem with that so I say okay and tell the girls we need to move back. So we turned around and started making our way towards the back when not even 10 seconds later the guy taps me on the shoulder. I turn around and he said, "Did you not hear me?!" I said, "Yeah, can't you see we're going?!?" He was very rude. I'm never going to come to this place again and I certainly will not recommend it. Pros: Lively, party atmosphere. Cons: Very crowded; rude bouncer. more

Don't waste your time ! 10/8/2008

I have been to this place twice due to my friends and each time it has sucked !!!!! It is like going to chucky cheese for adults with the gay sing alongs. I tried to drink a lot to enjoy the place but I just could not do it, too many people in such a small place. However it was funny to people watch !!!!! Pros: They sell Coors Light and Remy Martin. Cons: Door Fee, Over Priced Drinks, Over crowded and No parking ! more

girls just wanna have FUN! 7/25/2008

Such a vibrant and lively place. Its a great time with a large group...we've been several times and always have fun. My friends often have birthday parties or happy hour parties at Howl. Dress cute is okay to wear your hot girl jeans and pointy toed heels...but its cool if you wanna dress down too. But be forewarned...there are lots of attractive drunk women in this hold your own. Its fun and the live music is great but even don't wait long for a restroom or a drink. I recommend gettng there before gets "hammer packed." I bet they are at capacity every night. have fun and get your drink on...its always mor fun that way! Pros: fun...dueling pianists..close to other swanky bars Cons: crowded more

Being drunk probably helps 6/20/2008

We stopped by last night knowing this place would be pretty cheesy and it was. If you go with a group of friends, manage to get one of the tables up front (I think you have to come pretty early to do this) and drink a fair amount of alcohol, this place could be really fun. The performers are non-stop high energy entertainment. They belt out songs in Weird Al Yankovic style while the audience sings along. There are a variety of ways for them to relieve you of your money. They have a task wheel, where you get to embarrass one of your friends by paying the performers to spin this thing. You could be asked to pass gas (this site will not let me say what the board said) though the "ladies" who participated said that was the one they would not do. They didn't have a problem performing on their knees on a bottle that was lodged in some guys crotch. You can also pay the performers to have messages written on the mirror behind them. Your message stays until someone outbids you. The last one we saw was a $68 happy bday message. Then they played college fight songs and waved the schools flag around. Again, you can outbid someone to have your fight song played. Everyone there looked to be having a great time. It seemed like the kind of entertainment you would find on a cruise ship. Cheesy, but sometimes that can be fun. more
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Dueling piano bar creates a lively scene, with singing and celebrating and occasional table-standing debauchery in downtown Houston.


  • In Short
    Professionals, students and tourists join the piano players and waitresses in letting their hair down each evening at the Houston outpost of this national bar. Shots are a popular menu item and black-clad waitresses and a full bar keep the libations coming. The banter between the musicians and staff are part of the show and guests are likely to get to know their neighbors through the course of the evening.

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    Wed--Thu 7pm-2am; Fri 5pm-2am; Sat 7pm-2am
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    Midtown, South Central