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They said they will make it and get the job done and they did. This in itself is a great value. Why? Because the cheap moving co. i booked with did not bother to show up today. So...


Gentle Movers damaged my furniture, my boyfriend's apartment, and charged me for 5 hours of service for what was actually 3. They haven't refunded my deposit after charging me the...


They said they will make it and get the job done and they did. This in itself is a great value. Why? Because the cheap moving co. i booked with did not bother to show up today. So I called around desperatly until I got gentle sounding gentleman on the line. Everything came out of this man was posetive; yes we can do it. No problem.. got the crew and movers for a simple all inclusive one flat hourly rate. What else was I going to ask for? I booked it. and Yes they came, did the job and left.. Am I in my house? you bet you. Did I save the day? Gentle Movers did that for me. Not only did they save the day, they saved my deposit of $4,500 i was about to loose to my x landlord. Yaah!! that's what I cal SUPER, EXCELLENT and FANTASTIC!! more


Gentle Movers damaged my furniture, my boyfriend's apartment, and charged me for 5 hours of service for what was actually 3. They haven't refunded my deposit after charging me the full amount ON TOP of my deposit. I've been calling for a full month now and I submitted the proper claim paperwork but the manager now is blatantly dodging my calls. I called twice and he was on the phone so I told the receptionist to call me before he left for the day. I called back at 6pm and he had left. DON'T USE GENTLE MOVERS. more

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Gentle Heroes 3/17/2012

I missed the whole show as I had to catch a plane to London. My sister phoned to tell me in every little detail of her move. According to her the movers were not only gentle they “were literally heroes”. I am sure she is exaggerating but the way they, she says, got the $10,000 gothic armoire out the window as if they were pulling the bow across the strings of a violin. Just this act alone surely deserves a good review. She was worried about that one piece of furniture more than anything. I must say if anyone can make my sister happy, they can make any one happy - that I know very well. Three cheers to “gentle heroes” who saved my sister (and me as I was the one who recommended them to her at the first place) more

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Great service for half the price 3/10/2012

Gentle Movers charged me almost half of what I paid previously. I found them on the internet by mistake and that was a mistake I am very greatful for. They sent a crew to NY just to pick up my items. I was moved in to my new place the very next day. Moving, packing and all packing materials included came out to be $2485. If I move again I know who to call this time. I recommend all others the same. They were true gentlemen from the sales staff to the movers. more

I highly recommend them. They are seven star service company 3/7/2012

I always heard of Gentle Movers, seen their trucks and buildings around almost all my life but I never had an occasion to use them until a friend of mine needed to be moved. He is outside the country in Germany on business that is going to keep him there for six more months. But his lease was up. When he called frantically I said yes, I would help but later I started panicking. I would need to find movers, then reserve space with a storage company to keep his furniture until he got back, then buy boxes to pack all that junk. That was a lot of work for somebody like me who has a very busy schedule. Well, guess what, the women who answered the phone at Gentle Movers said they can do all that. Everything.. And that is exactly what they did. All I had to do was unlock the apartment door and that was it. Three men showed up in uniform with smiles on their faces and 5 hours later they packed the two bedroom apartment and left with all including the trash, still with a smile and a great appreciation for the business. This was a life saver for me. I am glad that there are movers and I am glad that they are Gentle Movers. I recommend them to all the busy people who just want it get done. more

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.. 3/3/2012

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.. I am truly grateful for the fantastic service we have received yesterday. I know how stressful moving is and I was not looking forward to doing it again. If it were not for a friend I would have gone blindly and choose any company. Gentle Movers came highly recommended and now I know why. Salesman David made it so easy to schedule the move. Emailed a confirmation letter right away, everything we talked and agreed was stated on the letter. The movers were a few minutes late apparently due to the snow. I was not going to hold that against them as I knew how bad the morning traffic was due to snow and sleet. What a team work; one guy was wrapping furniture while the two other ones were moving right out of the house in to the truck. I tried to help and I was tired in no time. These guys kept going on and on.. I was especially impressed with the way they handled the baby grand. The last moving company spent hours trying to get the piano inside. These guys lifted it and just walked out and down the stairs with it. That was wow!!They put the piano all back together in our new living room and yes, it is still in tune. My wife and i are still recuperating from packing and unpacking part of the moving which we choose (unwisely) to do ourselves. We wanted to cut down on the cost but it would have worth the money. Next time (if ever will be a next time) I will have Gentle Movers do that too. Now I know them, I can trust with the pack and unpack portion of the move as well. I also want to thank Jane who recommended Gentle Movers to me. Thank you Jane. Thank you David and Thank you Gentle Movers crew, you guys were fantastic. more

bad 5/24/2011

they make up prices more

Would NEVER Recommend 5/24/2011

I will and can NEVER recommend Gentle Movers as a Reputable/Honest moving business. more

professionals who did extra 12/4/2010

Gentle Movers successfully moved our family member from the 4th floor floor of a Lynde St , Salem apartment ( with no elevator) to Beverly, MA. The tree hard working men were courteous, helpful, and 100% professional at all times. After the job was completed and we had paid them, we realized thatt there were 8other heavy boxes we had forgotten to tell them about. They cheerfully moved these things for free. We'd use this company again, for sure. Receptionist was polite, helpful, personable. more

SCAM!! 10/22/2010

WARNING! SCAM!!! DO NOT USE THIS DISHONES PEOPLE!!! NEVER GIVE OUT FINANCIAL INFORMATION (bank account number or credit card number) Owner should be in the jail!!! Karma more

Unprofessional, LATE, and Worst Customer Service I have ever Experienced 9/8/2010

? 2010-09-08 I write this review in hopes that, for your own sake, you will heed my advice to not use this moving company. I chose Gentle Movers to move my things from coast to coast. I chose them due to the rave reviews I read here and from their willingness to offer me a "Deal" on shipping. Not only was my shipment a month and a half late, they made excuses, never returned my phone calls, "lost" my shipment several times, and refused to offer me any compensation for their mistakes which cost me both time and money by not having my things on time. I was appalled by their manager, a gentleman by the name of "Abby". It was clear from my conversations with him that his only desire was to pretend to listen and get me off the phone as soon as possible. I have a bullet pointed list of the ways in which this company completely messed up my shipment. Not to mention that, when it finally did arrive, numerous items were broken. I did not even bother collecting on the insurance given the level of difficulty it takes to get a manager on the phone. This company has the WORST customer service I have ever come across. If you need further reason to not choose Gentle Movers, just go to the Better Business Bureau of New England and you will see a detailed review of my case, and I'll take a wild guess many others as well. It is an understatement to say that I regret having used this company. Research your options before you choose, and get EVERYTHING in writing. This company is not worth your time and energy more

Recommendation 2/11/2010

My experience with Gentle Movers were very satisfying. The team did a very good job. They were knowledgeable and professional in their job. They never complaint and did their best for a smooth and easy move. Their rates are very reasonable as well. In the past we used another well known mover company and we were shocked when we see the invoice with extras, Gentle Movers keep their word what they say at the begining. I do recommend Gentle Movers for those who are looking for a professional moving service. more

Great job 2/8/2010

We moved our furniture from Boston to NY with Gentle Movers. They even kept our furniture in their storage for a couple of months. Everybody we dealt were all very flexible and helpful. We had no problem at all. They packed everything with great care and nothing has been broken. They delivered all our furniture to NY even on the promised time that they said! If I need a moving service in future definitely I will go with Gentle Movers. J. Kelly more

Great job 2/4/2010

We moved with Gentle Movers on February 1st from Roxbury to Malden. The crew was very efficient and hard working. They did excellent job and never complaint. Their prices are very reasonable as well...For the first time I had a move with zero problem. I highly recommend Gentle Movers if you are looking for a problem free move.. G. Spencer more

Very satisfied move 2/3/2010

I was not quite sure to hire them after some bad reviews I have read however my friend highly recommended and said she moved with them two times in the past and always pleased with their service. So I hired them last week. They appeared on time, packed everything with great care. The foreman Tom was very experienced and informative. I am absolutely satisfied with their service and highly recommend them. more

the are thiefs 2/2/2010

well i know them too well cuz i worked 4 them the all theifs and crocks i tell what whatever u do don't hire them and one more thing the owner is the biggest thief ever and i will rate theme below below 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 more

Beware of this company... 2/2/2010

The positive reviewers must all be paid shills or relatives of Gentile Movers management. Either that or GM management finally cleaned up their act, sent half their staff to prison, following indictments by authorities. Scroll down to see my original review titled: "BEWARE! A Company of Criminals & Con Artists". That story is true and remains -- to this day -- the most shocking experience of dealing with a ruthless, corrupt organization that I've ever had the misfortune to encounter. Stay away... Seriously... more

THANK YOU! 2/2/2010

very professional, kind and nice crew...I highly recommend them more

THANK YOU! 2/2/2010

very professional, kind and nice crew...I highly recommend them more

Thanks to Gentle Movers 1/21/2010

First of all, thinking abt all my experinces with movers (i had to move a lot due to my job), i must say i was very satisfied with Gentle Movers. Moving is not easy and cheap, so i did not expect them to finish packing and moving me very fast, the movers were caring of each piece of my stuff. They did great job! Thanks a lot Gentle Movers! I now recomend Gentle Movers to all of my friends more
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