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G-Man Automotive & Body Shop

9414 Westpark Dr
Houston, TX 77063
(713) 978-6272
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G-Man Automotive & Body Shop - Houston, TX
G-Man Automotive & Body Shop - Houston, TX
G-Man Automotive & Body Shop - Houston, TX
G-Man Automotive & Body Shop - Houston, TX
G-Man Automotive & Body Shop - Houston, TX
G-Man Automotive & Body Shop - Houston, TX
G-Man Automotive & Body Shop - Houston, TX
G-Man Automotive & Body Shop - Houston, TX
G-Man Automotive & Body Shop - Houston, TX
G-Man Automotive & Body Shop - Houston, TX
G-Man Automotive & Body Shop - Houston, TX
G-Man Automotive & Body Shop - Houston, TX
G-Man Automotive & Body Shop - Houston, TX
G-Man Automotive & Body Shop - Houston, TX
G-Man Automotive & Body Shop - Houston, TX
G-Man Automotive & Body Shop - Houston, TX



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I went to Gman automative based on the google review and the review are dead right on who these guys are! I shop around to have my transmission fixed for my 2001 BMW coupe and ot...


If there were a grade in which i can give ZERO stars i would happily do so. The most important thing i would like to mention is one strong word, CROOKS CROOKS CROOKS CROOKS. Pleas...

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/17/2013

I originally came to this shop through a Living Social deal for an oil change. After the first time I came in Jonathan (the service writer) remembered my name, my car, and any services that have been completed. Every employee of this shop is very knowledgeable and willing to explain every detail of the needed repair. They are very prompt and up-front with their automotive services. There prices are very fair as well, and all their major repairs come with a one-year warranty. This is an automotive shop that is very honest and provide quality work that you know will be worth your money! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/16/2013

Many automotive repair shops do not look out for your best interest and end up charging you for extra services your car may not need. G-Man Automotive & Body Shop is filled with nothing less than honest people. Quick services, honest suggestions, and friendly workers, there's nothing else you can ask for. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/7/2012

You cannot imagine how different the experience in a mechanic shop can be until you have visited G-Man automotive; I cannot imagine having a bad experience at a mechanic shop because they are the only business I have ever trusted to touch my vehicles in my life. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/10/2012

Reliable and Trusting people. In the past always had trouble sticking to one mechanic who would be honest about the work and what needed to be done. I've been bouncing from shop to shop over the past years because never satisfied with the service the former shops provided. Then I came across G-Man Auto, after having some issues with an suspension noise that other mechanics said would be fix but never was. After they pulled my car in for a diagnostics to search for the problem, They quickly found the source of the problem. The sub-frame bushing were shot, they explain to me the different options I could take that is within my budget. After deciding on a plan, the guys had my car back to me the very next day, the noise was gone. I'm very satisfied with the work they provided. I'm really impressed how honest they were about the repairs after it was found, something that is hard to find with most mechanic shops these days, Since then I always take all my cars to them for maintenance big or small. I'm glad I came across these guys, never have to bounce from mechanic to mechanic ever again. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/1/2012

Be Cautious - Waste of Money. I'm quite knowledgeable about cars and do majority of repairs on my own given if I have time away from work. I always bring my car in to shops if it requires needing major work that requires hours if not days. I came here to have my car's transmission repaired and initial impression seemed positive. They were nice and helpful and seem knowledgeable. The time required to repair my transmission little was over two weeks which I already was not too happy about. Granted a week or week couple of days but I had to rent my own car. They offer to get a deal from a local rental car place but I told them that i had my own place i go to. Picked up my car paid a fair amount of money (2.5 Gs). After several weeks while driving home, the transmission blew out again on 59 I quickly put on my hazards and watch cars blaze pass me which I could only do 30 mph to the closet exit hugging the shoulder of the fwy. I was devastated, pissed, and happy I made it alive from that situation. I parked my car at a local shopping strip for the night and had someone pick me up. Early next morning I was dropped at my car and began crawling at 30 mph to drop off the car to get them to check it. Again, nice and friendly which too me began to sound like a whole bunch of BS. I ended up paying another g , I was about to flip. Their previous work was already under warranty! They claim that another part of the car was the reason why the transmission went out. At this point I just wanted my car to be fix. Fast forward 4-5 months. I had already planned to buy new car which I did and been letting my siblings borrow the car to drive to work. All was fine and you know what the transmission blew out again!! I read another review stating crooks. After looking behind on this I would completely agree. Sold the car and know think I would had been better purchasing a refurbish transmission and had another shop installed it. Would not recommend any major work that requires a professional mechanic. They are only good for oil changes and maintenance which most people can just do at home if able, automotive shop not even close. Save your money and head else where. more

Honest and Thorough 5/27/2012

I went to Gman automative based on the google review and the review are dead right on who these guys are! I shop around to have my transmission fixed for my 2001 BMW coupe and other places such as transmission shop near Dunvale have quoted me 1800-2200 dollars to have my transmission fixed. I took it to g-man automotive based on google review and called them to drop it off. First off these guys were up front on what they were going to do which was charge 75.00 for a diagnostic fee which was fine for them to look at the transmission. After they asset the problem they said all I they needed to do is reset the computer. In the end I ended paying 165.00 dollars for my BMW to work fine. These guys were honest and didn't gouge me for money like most transmission places wanted to just because I drove a BMW! Gman also went out of their way to find problem which i new about like my window regulator going out and other minor things. These guys are very detailed in what they do and suggest that ANYONE that needs transmission help come to these guys. I wanted to say this because I appreciate what they did and they saved me alot and most important they were truthful! more

G-Man Rocks 2/28/2012

G-Man has taken care of many of my vehicles--they always do a great job and get the car back to me asap. They are very reliable and you don't have to worry about quality. Always top notch service and competitive pricing!!!! I will recommend them to as many people as I can! more

Reliable & Trust Worthy 1/31/2012

The scariest thing that could ever happen to a woman is to have car troubles. I had just purchased my Nissan Sentra when I heard a weird sound. My car literally sounded like a cartoon spacecraft. Obviously, by my description of the sound, I know noting about diagnosing a car. When I took it to G-man, they explained to me that it was a broken motor mount that was causing the entire ruckus. They were kind enough to show me the broken piece and what they were going to replace it with. I was very happy and pleased to have found such honest people that didn?t take advantage at the fact that I know absolutely NOTHING about cars. I left the shop very satisfied with their work and without the animated spacecraft noise. more

BEWARE-- CROOKS 12/28/2011

If there were a grade in which i can give ZERO stars i would happily do so. The most important thing i would like to mention is one strong word, CROOKS CROOKS CROOKS CROOKS. Please read the first blog and understand that i had the same problem as she. This place is an absolute rip off. I will be sure to put this same review on many many other websites ,facebook twitter etc. This is one place that does not understand the value of loyal customers. This is the only Mechanic that has touched any parts under my hood yet they will not stand by their work. I took my car in with one problem and HONEST truth after i got my car back i had about 5 other things that now need to be fixed. After i took it to them and told them about the other problems they gave suggestions on what would fix it nevertheless NONE OF IT WORKED. They only took more money from me. The Dad is a down right con artist and the service is ridiculously bad. Johnathan (the son) understands to just fixed the problem and keep a loyal customer rather than lose someone that continues to help bring u business. The Dad (Gonzalo) is MONEY HUNGRY. He is only out to make money. If you go to this place you will be sorry in the long run. This post will be placed on many other Autho Mechanic website that are heavily used so i recommend that anyone reading this to research before u spend ur money. There are tons of BAD BAD BAD BAD REVIEWS on this company however they just changed their names so u only see good for now. The old name was Transmission Plus on westpark. You will regret it if u decide to do business here. God Bless and Good Luck more

Not Happy at all!!! 12/22/2011

This is a very lengthy but true post! I'm not sure what happened to customer service when it came to me but against my better jugdement I let my husband give them the go ahead and ""fix"" the so called problem. First red flag was when in the same conversation it went from one price to a higher price, and of course an excuse was given for that but my husband was so sure they provided excellent work because he had taken another one of our vehicles there that we were getting a deal. So after taking it there for one thing they told us maybe if we do this and that it would fix the problem. So after several hundred dollars my husband picks up the car and it starts out with a soft but noticeable vibration and we call about our concern but noone answers and by day two my car was shaking and vibrating uncontrollably! Now my car was known for its smooth ride and was riding smoothly before I took it in so why in the h@#l would they send it back even with a slight vibration. Of course we called and the son told my husband he had noticed it but basically it was not that bad, and that it could be one thing. Of course I already had my reservations and I want an explanation so when I called the dad/owner was so sure it was due something else that needed to be fixed because their ol trusty machine told them so with its ""codes"" and that this issue had been communicated to my husband, but my car wasnt doing this before I brought it in. Mind you, this would cost us another several hundred dollars to fix. So we take the car in and they put it on their handy dandy machine and wouldn't ya know it gave them another code saying something else was wrong and would cost us another hundred dollars to fix. I see red flags all over the place now! I feel hussled and am disgusted, but I guess we got the good ol bait and switch or people just do crazy things during the holidays to try and get some extra cash.Makes you wonder why they changed their name. Needless to say I will never waste my time or money going here every again nor would I recommend this place to anyone! I wanted to give no stars but it wouldn't let me change it! more

Dare you to find someone better 11/15/2011

i am writing this to inform, and not cause im being influenced or paid for it. Nor do i work for the company. I am a regular customer, who has taken my subaru 05 in several times, as well as today (11/15). These guys have never tried to upsell anything not needed, nor do they overprice their work. more

Never try to talk you into something you don't need!! 7/7/2011

These days, service at any kind of establishment has become all but obsolete, but at Transmission Plus Quality Auto Repair & Body Shop it's the core of the business. It's what keeps me--and many, many others, it seems--coming back. The folks at Transmission Plus Quality Auto Repair & Body Shop will always help you out in a pinch. Losing air in a tire? Minutes before closing they'll gladly run it through water, discover it's a nail hole, patch it, charge you a few bucks, and send you on your merry way. They'll never rip you off, never try to talk you into something you don't need. And when it comes to big-ticket work, they're sympathetic and offer up different options and sound advice. Need a new clutch but don't have the cash? They'll tell you how much longer you can go on the old one, how much you can get for your car if you bail and sell it now, and which option they think best fits your special needs. The bottom line: Giving Transmission Plus Quality Auto Repair & Body Shop business feels good. And I don't often say that when it comes to parting with money. I have had two major jobs done here and can't imagine feeling better about it! more


I just picked up my car today and I am more then satisfyied. The first place i went to to try and fix my bumper tried to charge me 500 dollars, here they charged me 375 not only for the bumper but also for a dent that they took out. I turned my car in on a monday and got it back early thursday. IF YOU WANT GET WORK AND SERVICE FOR A GREAT PRICE TAKE YOUR CAR HERE!!!!!!!!!!! more

Great People, Great Service, Great Experience!! 6/2/2011

I have been going to Transmission Plus Quality Auto Repair & Body Shop for years now, and I will continue to go to them for any repairs to my car. I trust them to do an exceptional job quickly and for a great price. Recently, I was quoted a price for lower control arm from another shop to be twice as much as from Transmission Plus! Thank goodness for the great people at Transmission Plus! Not only do they do save me money but they treat me like family. This family owned shop is the greatest I have ever had, and I urge anyone looking for an honest, trustworthy repair shop to trust Transmission Plus with their car. more

It's like having a family member work on your car. 2/24/2011

I've been around this area of Houston all my life. Years ago the only place I trusted shut down and for 10 years I've bounced around from place to place. I do much of the work on my car so I know product prices and/or most 'decent' mechanic shop repair prices for common repairs. I've done my fair share of 'shopping around' and Gonzalo's prices are extremely competitive. EXAMPLE: My mother needed a lower control arm for her volvo. The 'volvo' shop on richmond wanted almost 3 times what Ganzalo wanted. And on top of that they washed her car for her. AND on top of that, took her home, and picked her up. Jonathen (Gonzalo's son) is extremely nice (like his father) and I feel like I don't have to supervise her car repairs because of the family values this pair have. You want an example of his ETHICS? When I first took my car there I complained about a problem and asked him if he could fix it. He said, well... I want to drive it around some and see what you're talking about. It might not be something I can do. That should speak volumes and when you meet this father/son dynamic duo you will see that I'm not exaggerating this post. They are money in the bank. -Tony My car my car for 2 years. Painted it myself, done ALL the suspension work myself, and it's like my baby. I trust it with these guys. more

Great Service!! Great Price!! 1/31/2011

Its good to know that honest repair shops still exist. I was blown away by how good the customer service was. I had lots of work done on my truck and the prices were very good, they even showed me the old parts they replaced and made sure I understood everything that was done. They're the best I'm telling all my friends!!! I never take time to write reviews, but they really earned this one. more

Great work at a Great Price! 10/11/2010

If you are looking for a reliable mechanic shop this is it! I have taken all my cars to this family owned business and have never been disappointed. They have done everything from a simple oil change to a major accident claim. If you want an honest quote Mr Hurtado and son will give it to you. You will never pay Dealer prices and they will work with you on payment methods, "" can't get that at a dealership"". Transmission Plus Quality Auto Repair is the place for me. more

Superior and affordable services 8/7/2010

Excellent auto repair services! more

Quality Service that Keeps Me Coming Back! 11/29/2009

I have taken my car to Transmission Plus for everything from oil changes to tuneups to brake jobs, and I have to say that every experience has been a great one. Sure there are are tons of places around Houston where I could get this work done, but no repair shop can match the customer service of Transmission Plus. Everyone has always been friendly and ready to help every time I stop in, and they always make sure I understand the reasons for the work before it is done on my vehicle. The work at Transmission Plus is top notch, and they always try to find ways they can save me money (unlike many repair shops). I have come to realize that this family-owned business prides itself in honesty, quality, and customer service, which can be hard to find when you are dealing with auto repair. I will continue to bring my vehicle here for service, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable, honest, quality mechanic. Pros: Friendly, Helpful, Fast more


6 years ago, after moving to Houston, my former roomate referred me to Transmission + and I couldn't be more thankful. Pros: Customer Service, Honesty, Quality & Expertise more
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  • Formerly Transmission Plus Quality Auto Repair & Body Shop. New name and look, same owners! G-Man Automotive & Body Shop has over 25 years of combined experience in foreign/domestic auto repair and bodywork. We offer Quality Work At Reasonable Prices. G-Man Automotive & Body Shop is your ONE-STOP auto repair shop. We check every fluid and tire pressure before the vehicle leaves the shop and after repairs, Jonathan and/or Gonzalo personally check that you car is clean and ready to go. We use quality parts on our vehicles to assure us that we can guarantee our work.\nG-Man Automotive & Body Shop services include the following:\n- Brake Repair & Service\n- Suspension \n- Air conditioning\n- Check Engine Light Diagnosis\n- Coolant System & Radiator Services\n- Alignment Issues\n- Engine Diagnosis & Service\n- Body Work\n\nCheck our offers and call us at 832-271-6808 to schedule your repair!

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