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Fung's Kitchen - 37 Reviews - 7320 Southwest Fwy Ste 115, Houston, TX 77074, Houston, TX - Local Favorite Reviews - Phone (713) 779-2288

Fung's Kitchen

7320 Southwest Fwy Ste 115, Houston, TX 77074
Houston, TX 77074
(713) 779-2288
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Fung's Kitchen - Houston, TX
Fung's Kitchen - Houston, TX
Fung's Kitchen - Houston, TX
Fung's Kitchen - Houston, TX


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Fung's Kitchen is amazing. I first came here in a group of about 8 people, we got probably 5 meals and just shared, it was incredible. Everyone has plenty to eat as the plate si...


used to be a great restaurant. for some reason, just don't feel it anymore now. don't know if they changed chefs or what. Pros: old times were good Cons: not so hot now

Better but not the Best 12/30/2012

I came to Fung's Kitchen to have dim sum. The setup is your general cart dim sum restaurant. The food is... more

Better but not the Best 12/30/2012

LaughAttack001 Provided by Partner
I came to Fung's Kitchen to have dim sum. The setup is your general cart dim sum restaurant. The food is really good, tastes fresh, and the servi... more

The menu is huge, so ask a server for 4/23/2012

The menu is huge, so ask a server for suggestions if you're unsure. Weekend dim sum gets packed, and for great reason, it's awesome. more

I want this food all the time 10/5/2011

Fung's Kitchen is amazing. I first came here in a group of about 8 people, we got probably 5 meals and just shared, it was incredible. Everyone has plenty to eat as the plate sizes are fairly large and the food is so good! As soon as you think you've tasted the best Chinese food ever you taste another dish and your mind is changed! I cannot even eat hot and sour soup anywhere else anymore, I just can't enjoy it. more

I Hate Fung's 4/17/2011

This restaurant has decent food, but everything is overpriced. Even worse, service was ridiculously terrible. My fiancée and I had our families do a meet-and-greet in one of the private rooms at Fung's, and we could not regret it more. The staff at Fung's was incredibly rude and extremely persistent in pushing food down our throats. Apparently a private room is only allowed to customers who spend at least $250 on their meal. While we were putting in the first half of our order, our waitress kept pushing us to put in multiple orders of the same dish to meet their limit. Her English was bad enough to begin with, but her constant mention of the low spending limit worked my last nerve. Not only that, but she kept rubbing her butt up against my arm and shoulder as she was reaching across the table..lucky me. As we finished our meal, a waiter was sent in to sell us desserts. We all politely declined, but he insisted on for about five minutes. He even leaves and returns wielding a cart of Asian deserts. Although we had spent the amount required, the staff at Fung's continued to be rude and pestered us to order more. I am extremely disappointed by both the level of food quality and service for the amount of money we spent. This may have been the worst Chinese restaurant experience I have ever faced. Thank you Fung's for making our families' meeting infamously memorable. more

used to be better 4/16/2010

used to be a great restaurant. for some reason, just don't feel it anymore now. don't know if they changed chefs or what. Pros: old times were good Cons: not so hot now more

Do Not Book Wedding Reception Here!!! 11/9/2009

I reserved my wedding reception 1 yr in advance. 1 week prior to my reception, they confirmed 2 times with me regarding the wedding menu I picked. On the day of my reception, the manager had turned in the WRONG menu. I chose the next to the most expensive menu, but he put in the cheapest menu out of all. I was so embarrassed at the food they brought out for my guests. Although they charge me the cost for what they served, my guests said their food taste like S**T! I would NEVER pick this kind of food for my guest at my wedding! Know how they reimbursed me for their mistake besides saying sorry? Gave me $100 gift certificate to their damn restaurant. Can't believe they want me to go back there again after they ruined the most special day of my life. I had to take my friends & family out to eat after my reception to make up for the lousy food they served. Never book wedding reception with them, espcially don't believe all the crap their manager, Minh, said! I wouldn't rate their restaurant any star........Too bad I HAVE to give them 1 star to post my message! Piece of crap for such a well-known Chinese restaurant!!! Pros: Large, fancy establishment Cons: Horrible Manager more

Terrible service; Glass in food 8/28/2009

What made it unique or special?I am Asian and would never EVER recommend this restaurant to anyone. The service is utterly atrocious. The first time I went to this restaurant was for weekend Dim Sum. The service was terrible then, but I thought that maybe it was just that particular day. It took months before I was willing to try the place again. When I did, it was even worse than the first time. Besides the fact that the food is only mediocre at best compared with other dim sum spots in Houston, the servers were all EXTREMELY rude. I placed my dim sum order and only ever received 1 dish in the one and a half hours I sat at my table with my husband. The hostess came out and showed me my order and stated that they brought everything that I ordered out already, but the order sheet clearly showed someone had scribbled over my other orders. She asked me what I wanted and I told her that the items she scribbled out was what I wanted. At this point, I had to leave because it took so long to get my food that I told her never mind. She brought a different dish out for me to eat right away as an apology that they didn't give me what I wanted. I bit into a dumpling where there were bits of GLASS. I immediately asked to speak with a manager but the manager refused to see me. I asked to get my check and they charged me for the full price of everything I did not even receive. I was furious and every server, hostess, manager -- you name it -- avoided coming out to talk to me. I decided it was not worth my time to argue at that time since I had to get to a business meeting and so I paid the exact amount on the check on the counter and left. Pros: Large establishment Cons: Food quality, food safety, worst service in Houston more

Service Needs Improvement 4/30/2009

Felt like I was being ignored where the two tables around me had lots of attention. No one checked back to see if I needed anything. I had to waive to waitress or waiter to get anything. Had to go to front counter to request my check. Second time this happenned. Pros: Food was hot and good Cons: Poor Service more

Worst place ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3/14/2009

They were hosting 2-3 wedding parties, which made them short on staff. I had a big group of 20, but they were fast with drinks....caution the cups were very small, no free refills on soda nor tea, (they didn't mention that). Food was way to pricey for the food they served. Food was not great at all. I agree about the specialty rice was horrible. I had shrimp with cashews and it had no flavor at all, the cashews tasted old. Husband had sizzling beef taste was ok but portion was very small only had a few beef strips and tons of onions. Everyone ordered different plates and the only ones happy were my kids they ordered sweet and sour chicken, but they didn't like the rice:(. The waitress was very rude and could hardly understand her when she was explaining some of the dishes. There are a lot of chinese restaurants 100 times better. Will never go again, nor will I ever recommend this place to anyone. Save your money and time. Pros: nothing good Cons: everything wrong more

Service is horroible!!!!!! 1/30/2009

I went to Fung's at 1/26/09, i was sitting at the corner table, first of all i think the restaurant is pretty, but then i had been wait for like 15 mins, finally there's a chinese lady with a tail on her hair show up to had my drinks, then i tried to ask her something about the veggies dish, and she was so rude to answer my question, after we finish my dinner, then i trid to get my bills but she was disappear, i had to walked up to to front desk to ask the hostess to see where is my waitress. Well, the food is taste great, so i will come back and try again, but for sure i wont let her to serve me again!!\r \r KL more

terrible restaurant 12/27/2008

Never ever go back to this restaurant ... they serve a terribe fried rice. I guess the worst in the country ... watch food lover ... whaTCH out open YOUR EYES ... THE MANAGER ALSO IS TERRIBLE more


I will never ever recommended this restaurant. Specially for people who is getting married never ever try this restaurant out. Last october our good friend was hosted in Fung's Kitchen raestaurant. They pay almost 500$ each table and they deserve a nice wedding dinner. What Fung's did last time. They serve in a horrible way. The food served like 2 hours. Food came very late that caused some guest went home early.\r they only put 4 person to help for that party. can u imagine that? a dinner wedding party were served by 4 small guys?\r \r Even you complain to this owner they will never listen. That's the way of Chinese owner reacted to their customer\r \r once again \r BE AWARE OF THIS RESTAURANT ... SPECIALLY IF U WANT TO HOLD A BIG PARTY ... BETTER NOT TO CONTACT CHINESE RESTAURANT IF U WANT TO HAVE A PEACE IN MIND.\r more

Who Makes Chicken Kew, or Hon Shoo Gai Kew? 12/1/2008

I have heard a lot about Fung's Kitchen, mostly all positive comments. But I have not yet tried it myself, since it's quite a distance from where we live. But can anyone in Houston tell me who makes Hon Shoo Gai Kew, also known as Hai Shue Gai Kew, or simply Chicken Kew? ......The only two places I have found that make this wonderful chicken dish in Houston are Kim Son's in Downtown Houston, and Hong Kong Chef in Bellaire, the latter of which I frequented as a child growing up in Bellaire. But now that I live South of Houston, I keep searching for other chinese restaurants who may make this dish. I can be reached at Wadester4u at AOL dot com. more

CHINESE FOOD 1/14/2008

Help! I just read the disappointing, luke-warm reviews of Fung's Kitchen. I have never been there, but I had read that it was the best Chinese restaurant in town. I was planning to take some out-of-town guests who are Chinese food aficienados! One of the reviewers said to go ""farther down Bellaire"" for the best Chinese food, but didn't mention the specific names of any restaurants. Come on, fellow Houstonians, let me know the real story on Chinese food in Houston. Ambience is not a priority; quality of food is. My email is UHCLC at yahoo dot com\r more

Worst Dim Sum any where; avoid 1/13/2008

We had dined at Fung Kitchen for dinner the last 5 years and it has been great. Today we went for Dim Sum Sunday lunch. Lots of people and we thought it would be the usual good. THE WORST DIM SUM WE EVER HAD. The food came rarely and when it came it was on an over stuffed cart that had been going around for a while. It was not hot and barely hot. The food was old. They had a buffet steam table as part of Dim Sum, which is totally stupid. Dim Sum should be made hot and served, there should be lots of it coming all the time.\r I have had Dim Sum many places including San Francisco and Hong Kong, this was not even rateable with the others. It was terrible. I don't think we go there for dinner any more. Probably new owner or some thing. We were shocked how bad it was. Pros: Ambience Cons: Dim Sum more

Still good, service & food declined - uneven 8/6/2007

Fung's been our place for best Peking Duck x 10+ yrs; other dishes outstanding, a bit pricy. Twice/ past wk (last Aug 4, 07): size almost doubled, alas svc & quality down. Some still shine (originality & taste), execution bad w/others. Prices up with decor, delivery no match now\r ? Service:\r - Only recommended pricier dishes, many; not interested in our trying for no take-home. No water 'til asked x2, then asked again to get enough glasses for all\r - Inattentive. Refills: ignored kid in back. Ice tea never refilled ?\r - At end, kitchen had put away special dessert treat that waiter assured us they had tonight when seated. Know us by name from visits over the years ? no special saved. YMMV\r - Check bill for wrong amts, experienced at times\r ? Quality now uneven. Last night:\r ? Peking Duck\r - Long wait despite pre-order, only sliced skin & meat served, all fat still in. Some tough, chewy; 1/2 to 2/3 of skin pcs greasy not crisp\r - Carcass remains in very good soup ($15 add'l /ea. for other dish). Drumsticks: in soup, not with order\r - Extra buns cold, sent back to rewarm, took a while then\r ? Whole tilapia fish with scallions & ginger: Pretty good, a bit salty. Came undercooked, meat bloody. After recooked, only then carved bones away\r ? Prawns, fried, in mayonnaise with walnuts: heavenly\r ? Bok choy in garlic sauce: texture good, garlic definitely not lacking - bit over balance\r ? Yang Chow fried rice - Very good, yet: ham slices like from pkg, no chinese sausage, oily\r ? Tofu stuffed with shrimp: OK, average\r ? Fried tofu: great, delicately fried skin/warm soft inside\r ? Beef with chinese broccoli: excellent, beef texture like treated w/ tenderizer. Chinese broccoli stems old, bitter\r ? Bird?s nest with scallops and shrimp: overall OK, potato unusual flavor, did not do much for me\r \r Net: hope, wish uneven service, quality back up to match new decor & prices. For better chinese at lower $$ in Houston, go west more on Bellaire Blvd Pros: Beautiful dining rooms, private rooms, fresh seafood in aquaria, ambitious menu Cons: Formerly outstanding food now uneven, same with service troubles, parking tight more

Bad Service 7/14/2007

I went to Fung's kitchen for dimsum yesterday morning. My first time but willl be my last. The service was the worst. It took them over 10 minutes to greet the table (Not even greeting....the server just say...""drinks?""...not even a smile but an angry look.) If the restaurant is busy, I understand but the restaurant has no other guest but me and my family. After the server deliver the drinks, my dad was still holding and looking at the menu. The server just snatched the menu off my father's hand and walk off. That was very rude. I still insist on going through the whole entire breakfast because people have told me about their great food. The food is average. \r I was insulted when I hear the server greet the next table with a word ""hello"" Why not my table despite that we actually greeted him but he has no response in return. Then as lunch time nears, there are more Americans dine at the restaurant. My whole family realize that they provide a better service to Americans than chinese. I also overheard a few other tables complaining about the servers attitude and service. The manager does not even seem to care less.\r Don't go there. Pros: Food? Cons: Service more

Cold Dim Sum, Slow Service 4/12/2007

Dim sum are cold inside or undercook. Slow Refill and bussing. Dim Sum Cart always stay in the same section Pros: Location Cons: Food, Service more

Best Dim Sum in Houston 12/15/2006

I feel like home in Hong Kong everytime I eat in this restaurant (Esp Weekends), it's crowded, busy, noisy, and you will be in and out in less than 45 mins. The food is good but not extraordinary. I went for dinner once and it was disappointing and didn't go back again Pros: Dim Sum more
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  • The Scene
    Located in an Asian-designed building near a busy Sharpstown intersection, Fung's has a spacious main dining space surrounded by several private rooms. Dim sum is served every...

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    Sunday To Thursday From 11:00 AM To 10:00 PM Friday To Saturday From 11:00 AM To 11:00 PM
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    Diner's Club, Master Card, American Express, Visa, Discover
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    Sharpstown, Westside