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Frisco Montessori Academy

8890 Meadow Hill Dr (at 1/2 Mile North Of Main St. Off Preston Rd.)
Frisco, TX 75034
(972) 712-7400
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Wow, after reading previous reviews I am baffled by what some parents have written about Frisco Montessori Academy. I, a mother of two currently enrolled students, have a very di...


Unless your child is perfectly behaved do not even think of sending your child to FMA. Both the teachers and the Administrators are unqualified to deal with any sort of behavior ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/1/2016

Parents please do not waste money at this school. Good reviews here are by the owners of FMA. They like to collect part of your paycheck. They truly do not care about children only care about money. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/3/2015

We enrolled our son in Frisco Montessori Academy (on 9/1/2015 )thinking this was the best choice for him. With all the reviews we got, we were confident that our son was in good hands. This was was his first time going to school and we were very nervous about this milestone like any other parent.\r \r On his second day to school, my husband dropped him in his classroom. Our little one was crying due to separation anxiety which was normal. My husband left him with teachers and walked away. They closed the door of the classroom, so my husband went back to watch him from the window to see if he would calm down. He saw that our son had vomited, and before he could walk in he saw the assistant teacher throwing her hands up in air out of frustration with the mess she had to clean. She pushed our 3 year old THREE times. She held him by his neck forcefully and shoved his face into the TRASHCAN!!! He was shocked and very mad. He immediately walked in and started screaming at the teacher. Lot of the other administrative staff walked in as well. The teacher accepted her mistake and mentioned that ""she usually does not treat kids like this"". We have been very disturbed by this incident. We have filed a police complaint against the teacher and also reported this on child abuse hotline. The licensing authorities have been informed about this incident and are now investigating into all this. \r \r We wanted to make sure we share this experience with you all so that your little one does not have to go through what our son went through right on his second day in school. He is now scared to go back to any school as he feels he will be treated like this in all schools. This has done lot of damage to our son psychologically.\r \r BEWARE!! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/15/2013

I would like to clarify some of the comments that were said in the below review. Yes, we are four owners who were Montessori teachers previously and wanted to make a difference in the lives of children. With this in mind, we opened Frisco Montessori Academy sixteen years ago. The children were then, and are still now, our primary focus. Most of our teachers have been at FMA for ten years or more. Each classroom has a Montessori certified teacher and an assistant teacher. We are a family together with our teachers, parents and children. The PTO meeting mentioned below was, in fact, a Parent Orientation in which our teachers presented the different works to our parents as well as discussed the classroom schedules and specialized classes we have here at FMA. We always encourage our parents to request a conference with their child's teacher to discuss any issues or concerns. Our teachers are always willing to set aside time to meet with parents. We firmly believe in communication between our staff and our families. We also have an open-door policy. Our parents are always welcome to come and view their children any time of the day. The Parent Orientation was not, in fact, the best platform for a parent to discuss his/her child's individual needs. We feel a conference would have been the best time and place to do so. We have tried to make FMA the best school and environment for our children. We have wonderful, caring teachers, fantastic parents, and happy children. We are proud of our school and our staff and will continue to strive to make it the best it can be for our children. Jody Rosen, Director more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/7/2013

The primary classes are filled with 24 kids. Many kids are being neglected this year from what i saw. Mostly 3 and 4 years old are the ones being neglected. \r They sit there for 30 minutes or more doing nothing. kids are very scared of their teachers, especially if they are 3 or 4. Kids are not able to tell the parents that they just sit there and do nothing. \r People who are writing good reviews must be the four owners.\r Even the teacher herself admitted she cannot handle all 24 kids' questions so she ignores the most little ones. Negligence issue was brought up last thursday during PTO meeting. As parents we have been told not to discuss this topic again during PTO meeting by director Jody Rosen and keep it private! more

Amazing & Authentic Montessori Teaching 9/12/2012

Wow, after reading previous reviews I am baffled by what some parents have written about Frisco Montessori Academy. I, a mother of two currently enrolled students, have a very different opinion and know that FMA is a wonderful school. \r Our family has experienced a wonderful outcome with Frisco Montessori Academy. My daughter has attended FMA since she was 2 years old. She has always had great teachers, who are Montessori accredited, working with her at her own academic pace. By age 3 she was reading and articulating the Pledge of Allegiance. She currently is enrolled in their elementary program, which is, by far, superior to any other elementary program within a 30 mile radius. She currently is proficient in basic math skills (+,-,x,/), fractions, chapter books, geography, science and much much more. She is very driven, outgoing and positive. This is what six years of great Montessori education have instilled in my daughter.\r My son, who is currently 4 (as of two days ago), more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/12/2012

Wow, after reading previous reviews I am baffled by what some parents have written about Frisco Montessori Academy. I, a mother of two currently enrolled students, have a very different opinion and know that FMA is a wonderful school. more

The Wonders of FMA- Hands down the BEST Montessori 3/29/2012

We have had a wonderful experience with FMA. My daughter attended for three years in Ms. Sorensen's class and my son is in her class now.\r \r My daughter, a very strong-willed, independent, determined little girl, was taught firmly but lovingly how to focus her strengths to excel in her work and as a leader in the classroom. Now in public school, my daughter is not afraid to stand up for herself and/or others and is above her grade level in reading, writing and math. This is all thanks to Ms. Sorensen and her assistant for their dedication to her work and personal skills.\r \r My son is now in Ms. Sorensen's class per my request and at four he is already reading, writing and completing math problems. A mischievous, fun-loving boy, my son is welcomed to be his self while still being expected to perform in the classroom with respect for his teachers and peers- what a valuable lesson for life!\r \r I would highly recommend FMA if you are looking for a school that will help your child grow more

Cream of the Crop! 3/29/2012

Frisco Montessori Academy is certainly one of the best Montessori schools around Frisco. \r I have been affiliated with the school since 2007 and have been nothing but delighted with the school of my choice. \r My daughter started here 5 years ago, and is now an elementary student. The elementary program at the school is just outstanding! \r My son has been here for the past two years, and I just cannot say enough good things about the school and the teachers here.\r My son is in Ms. Sorensen's class and within the first year of being with her, he has not only made great advances academically, but has also matured an individual. The students in a Montessori setting are expected to finish a task at hand before moving on to the next, this in turn helps build their concentration and sense of accomplishment. I have seen how this has helped my son become an advanced learner, and not to mention the sense of pride he feels after finishing his works! For all of this to happen, Ms. Sorensen and her more

Truly A Great School 3/27/2012

My children have attended FMA since 2006 and I can not say enough good things about each of their experiences there. Not only are they AMS and IMS certified, the owners are previous teachers themselves. This is one of the main factors that go into making this school as great as it is. I have seen, first hand, where each of the owners have gone out of their way to help another child or family. \r \r One of my children is a former student of Mrs. Sorenson's. He was by no means a model child and had his own behavioral issues. This being the case he still flourished in her classroom and continues to benefit from the loving care and education he received from both her and her assistant. \r \r My other 2 children have also had wonderful experiences with their teachers. My youngest is currently with Mrs. Kessel and I am amazed every day with what she has learned. My oldest, who is now in upper elementary, continues to benefit from his experiences there.\r \r FMA has a very strict policy more

FMA: The Best 3/23/2012

I STRONGLY disagree that Frisco Montessori Academy is not a true Montessori school! My children have been part of FMA?s ?family? of students for the past 5 years. My daughter, who is now in FMA?s elementary, was in Ms. Sorensen?s class for 3 years. My daughter, and now my son who is in Ms. Sorensen?s class for his first year, have both thrived academically and socially due to the structured, yet loving environment she provides. She is extremely encouraging, patient, and caring. I also feel that there is no other Montessori school around that has such involved owners along with its teachers. FMA?s four owners are at the school daily and truly know each child enrolled. They are constantly involved with their school, and you always see them helping in any way possible day in and day out. That is pretty hard to find these days; a private school where its owners are truly in it for the benefit of their students! I wouldn?t trade the experiences and growth my children more

Terrible school 3/7/2012

This is a school where the directors only care for money and the teachers only care for when they can finish their day without any concern on the students' real interests and learning. They put 25 students in one class!!\r \r My girl was in the class with the lead teacher Ms Sorensen who claim to have many years of experience and good reputation in the school. Turn out she herself does not even know how to hold the pencil right and teach my daughter the wrong way of holding the pencil. She does not want you to ask any question. If you ever talks to her, she will keep reminding you she finish school at 3pm and will not talk to anyone after that. She refuses to give out any email or contact information as she never want any parent or student to contact her.\r \r This school does NOT use the real montessori method. Ms Sorensen herself focus a lot on academy and if your kid does not finish her work, she will NOT be allowed to pick any other work she likes, but stuck with the work she does not more

Very disappointed 11/11/2011

My son attended briefly; he was in the primary program despite being bored with push-pin work and being ready to be challenged academically. He began getting into trouble and the inexperienced, yet sweet, teacher he had began to complain about him. The administrators all made small attempts to help, but in the end sided completely with the inexperienced teacher and refused to move him to a different class/level. We transferred him to Starwood Montessori where he went into the Elementary curriculum and blossomed immediately. Gone were the behavior issues. He then went into FISD where he went straight into the GT program and has gotten straight A's ever since. I fault this school for the lack of ability to better manage a gifted child's needs. more

Frisco Montessori Academy is an excellent school. 2/13/2011

If you're looking for a wonderful Montessori school or private school, this is the one. The teachers are certified AMS and IMS. The owners and teachers are very kind and loving towards all the children. This is a year round school which works for my busy schedule. Both my children attend this school and they abosolutely enjoy it which makes me very happy. I am astounded by the level of education they are receiving. The tuition is about the same as other private schools in the area. I highly recommend this school. more

Think Twice 1/14/2011

Unless your child is perfectly behaved do not even think of sending your child to FMA. Both the teachers and the Administrators are unqualified to deal with any sort of behavior issues no matter how small. Children are removed from the class, sent to the "office" where the Directors make your child feel bad and actually call you at work to have you speak to your child on the phone. Look around for another school that doesn't require perfectionism from small children. more

Great school 11/18/2010

My daughter attends FMA and I love it. I plan to keep her there through 6th grade. It is a very caring environment. My daughter is very sensitive and has never once complainted. She is learning at her own pace and each week brings a folder home full of compliments and never anything negative. If she demonstrates a weakness, they work on it and grow the childs self confidence at the same time. I can get "free" public school now and hope she makes it through high school or I can pay for a solid education now and get "free" college later with scholarships. I have 4 kids - one in college and I know a great school when I see one. more

Frisco Montessori Academy is OK, as long as you have money. 8/18/2009

Let me begin by saying that most of the teachers and the front office people are so loving, kind and truly seem to love what they do. However, the same cannot be said about the Director and all FOUR co-Owners of the school. It is obvious that these ladies are more concerned about their money than staff. The PTO is barely functioning but I think that is due to parents who don't care to get involved and rely on the Teachers to come up with fund raising ideas. Would I send my child there? In a heart beat because I know 95% of the staff is loving, hardworking, responsible and qualified. It's just the Administrative Staff I have a hard time with. more

Regret it 1/7/2008

My son was at Frisco Montessori Academy for a year and up til today I still regret sending him there and the money is definitely not worth it. If you are thinking about sending your child there, be careful on the non-refund policy they have. They still have $800 of mine. more

Terrific School & Loving Teachers! 9/12/2006

I currently have a preschooler attending her 2nd year at FMA, and a 2nd grader who attended in preschool 3 years ago. \r Let me preface this review by saying I was a "Montessori Kid" until 5th grade, so I know that this type of education is a fabulous way of learning. I guess it is a rule in Montessori that all teachers must be very quiet and stoic-looking, because that is how I remember school, and that is how FMA seemed to me the 1st time I observed! However, very much like my own school experiences, my children have had the most loving, caring teachers of which I could ever dream!\r As a matter of fact, the other day I was telling my daughter's teacher that she would be out of town for a couple of days to visit her grandparents (who she absolutely LOVES), and my daughter started crying. When I asked her what was wrong, she told me she didn't want to go to see them because she didn't want to miss school. Now if that is not reassuring, I don't know what is! \r My children feel safe and s more

Observation and placement 1/23/2006

I liked the tour of the school but beware of the costs and one month tuition worth of security deposit and other costs that are non-refundable. The school does not have an open door policy. They show you the classrooms up front but your child may be placed in a class you did not get to observe. So one must ask which class has a placement available and why least observe the class through the window since they don't allow the in-class-observation. The teachers do not seem very friendly although the front staff are helpful and kind. The several teachers I met seem very stern and not very happy. more

Good school 11/14/2005

Montessori is a new concept to me, but I found this place wonderful. The teachers are loving and supportive, and the children all look very happy. My only complaint is that when I call in, the woman who answered the phone barely spoke english. She could not answer my questions, and had to ask me to come in and speak to another employee. more
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