Fao Schwarz Inc


767 5th Ave
New York, NY 10153

(212) 644-9400
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This is one of the most famous toy stores in New York. It has a huge assortment of games, toys , books and collectibles. At the entrance, the toy soldier greets you into the color...


We visited F.A.O. Schwarz yesterday as part of our annual treck to go visit the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center. We haven't been here in years. I think they closed down...

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Editorial Review 10/28/2011

This is one of the most famous toy stores in New York. It has a huge assortment of games, toys , books and collectibles. At the entrance, the toy soldier greets you into the colorful world of toys. The stores also regularly features special events such as storytelling hours, performances etc. This two storied toy emporium is an experience. more

Best toy store 6/5/2010

After visiting their shop, I become a child again. I went there to buy some toys for my nephew and after looking their collection, I started playing with it. It was fun there and I didn't get bored. In my opinion, the best place for toys in NY. Also, owner is very polite and helping. more

F.A.O. Schwarz 12/17/2006

We visited F.A.O. Schwarz yesterday as part of our annual treck to go visit the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center. We haven't been here in years. I think they closed down a few years ago? I'm not sure, but it wasn't the same. The main floor has mostly stuffed animals. In the middle is a huge ice cream parlor type restaurant. My son wanted to go downstairs where the cars are. Do NOT do the Hot Wheels Factory because it's a huge ripoff. I think it cost $23 (or more, husband wouldn't tell me for fear I would get mad), and they claim that you "make" your own Hot Wheels car. You buy the activation code, and enter it in the computer. Then you pick a choice of 6 cars, 2 colors, 2 wheels and 2 engines. Then the computer pretends to "make" your car, which shoots out in a little case. Then out shoots a certificate with your kid's name on it, or in our case, was waving in the slot with someone on the other side yelling "take it" because my son wasn't paying attention. Over $23 for a $1.99 car in a little plastic case, and all they do is pick the one that matches what you specified out of the limited choices offered. After that, we left because I thought it was such a ripoff. Besides a few cute old fashioned toys on the first floor, I'll leave this place to the rich and the tourists. more

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More of A Historic Landmark . . . 9/8/2006

FAO Schwartz is huge. Its been around forever and my parents used to go when they were kids. Its usually very crowded. They have interactive areas for everybody to try things out. The many times I've been Ive never bought anything but I've played with all of it. Its just a fun place to visit in NYC. more

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amazing experience 5/21/2006

FAO Schwartz really is about the experience. The scale and selection is amazing, as is the opportunity to view rare and valuable toys like historic (and new) Stieffs. It is possible to get affordable things here (nice plushes under $30), but it's also easy to spend a fortune. Fun for adults and kids alike. more

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I loved this place 3/29/2006

When I was a kid, one of my favorite places in the world was FAO Schwartz. Not that we were rich, but it was such a fun place to visit. You could spend an afternoon amazing at all the beautiful dolls, cute stuffed animals, great games and then if I was lucky, convince my Mom to buy a toy for the ride home. The store has moved since I was younger, they're accross the street now. It's really a showplace now. The prices are outrageous and the place is always packed. It's really more of a tourist attraction now than a place to shop. more

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Big Toy Store 3/27/2006

Ah to be a kid again. If I knew then what I knew now and I had access to a credit card I would have been shopping! FAO Schwarz has everything. They have dolls. They have GI Joes. They have imported toys from Sweden and Bratz dolls that look like hookers to me but my niece loves them. They have a giant keyboard made famous by Tom Hanks in Big and that giant Ferris Wheel inside. Santa Claus eat your heart out. more

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FAO Schwarz 3/14/2006

Now I know you have had to hear about this historic toy store. It's only the greatest one of all time. Where not better than in New York City! This three story toy store offers fun for children and people of all ages. If you're buying a scooter or video games, it doesn't matter, they have it all. Play with all of the toys at the store if you want, they don't mind at all, which makes this an awesome place to shop. more

Toys Toys Toys 10/30/2005

One of the biggest and bestest toy stores in New York if not in the world. If Santa set up a toy store in New York it would look just like Fao Schwarz. They have floors of every toy on your kids Christmas list. Theres a working carousel inside the store. They even have that giant piano Tom Hanks danced on in Big. Plus you can even play with some of the toys. Great place to take a date. Or a kid. more

Nice to tour, expensive to buy 10/10/2005

FAO has turned into a tourist attraction in New York City. It is one of the biggest toy stores that I have been to and is definitely a fun place to tour. There are a lot of activities and sights inside that will entertain kids. However, when it comes to actually purchasing things, FAO Schwarz is not the place to go. The merchandise there is heavily overpriced and most items are a rip off. You can get most of the things at other places for much cheaper and are probably better off doing so. If you are in the area and have some spare time, it's definitely a fun place to walk through, but leave your wallets at home. more

Where to go to see toys 9/18/2005

You do not go to FAO without expecting crowds and high prices but you know you will have a blast with the amazing items they have including the always large teddy bears/other animals. This is really such a great place to have a good time being a kid or taking your kids. Overall, a must see whether you are a tourist or a New York native. Have fun and splurge a little bit because that is the wonderful experience of going there. more

Fifth Avenue Toy Emporium 9/16/2005

Fun to browse for adults as well as children, this famous toy store has lots of what else? toys to play with. Everywhere you look, there are fun and enticing toys beckoning you. A great place to go on a rainy day to spend a couple of hours. Great displays of Legos and Playmobil, there is even a small Lego area for kids to build their own creations. Lots and lots of beautiful dolls with all their accessories, giant stuffed animals. No bargains here but what do you expect from a Fifth Avenue toy store? more

Best place for TOYS! 9/13/2005

This is one of my favorite places to go buy toys. They have almost about anything you can think of. They have alot of stuff for display. more

Wonderful 8/23/2005

There is no way you can go in to this store and not feel like a kid again. They have so many things from candy to toys it is a child's dream. Just good luck trying to get your kids out of the store. They will want everything in the store and not want to leave. more

FAO Schwarz is still FUN! 8/21/2005

I went to FAO 2 days ago with my 2 year old niece, and I think I had more fun than she did. They have that piano that people dance on (the one form the movie "Big"), and the staff performs on it. They have everything from candy to suffed animals (some that move) to every toy and gadget under the sun. If you have never been there, or at least recently, go now. It is too much fun to pass up. more

Toy wonderland for kids 8/19/2005

The toy selection is amazing - it is a treat just to take your kids there and see their faces light up when they see all of the toys. It is especially amazing to go at Christmastime when the store is elaborately decorated. They also have the famous piano that you play with your feet from the movie "Big". At certain times during the day, dancers come out and perform on the piano. more

Fun for adults and kids of all ages 8/18/2005

This is a fun store to go to and play around in. I had a really great time looking around, the only problem I had were the prices. This is on 5th avenue, but I have a hard time justifying to myself spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on a toy for a child (or an adult for that matter). There are many items that are reasonably priced. though. I purchased some awesome stuffed animals as gifts and they were a big hit! more

Toy Central 8/18/2005

The ne plus ultra of toy stores, the one from "Big", the one where the line outside for a month before Christmas makes you cringe. And the one that makes you feel like a kid again, makes you want to buy a toy even if you don't have a kid to buy one for. It's a landmark. more

Paradise 8/17/2005

This store is like a little kid's best dream come true. There are som many fantastic and creative toys in this store that it literally blows your mind. If you bring your kid here, be ready to spend a lot of money because one, the store is pretty darn expensive and two, your kid will want everything and there's no way you're leaving emptyhanded. This place is truly a landmark. more

A Kids Dream Toy Store 8/16/2005

The most famous toy store in the world and a kids dream. Did you know that the store was featured in the movie Home Alone Two? Theres thousands of toys to choose from It. I never seen so many toys in one store. IT's the perfect place and a dream come true. If you are looking to go to New York City you have to come to Fao Schwarz toy store. more
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  • In Short
    Everything is larger than life at this 50,000-square-foot store. Expect to meet storybook characters and watch performances by magicians, storytellers and professional dancers...

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