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Econo Air Heating & A/C

3101 Enterprise St
Brea, CA 92821
(714) 720-6886
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Econo Air Heating & A/C - Brea, CA


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Econo Air provided us with outstanding service. First their sales rep was honest, straight forward and explained the scope of the entire project. He even showed us photographs o...


I gave two stars for at least showing up. Sales rep gave an estimate -- highest estimate we had to replace furnace and ac/heat plus some duct work. All others came in at 6-7k -- a...

The worst ever! 12/6/2010

Their employees trashed my house, one fell through the ceiling. Bags of screws all over the front lawn, Tar on the carpet, and more. And the Worst part is twice a year they still call wanting to come out and service the A C unit even though I've told them they will Never set foot in my home again. Don't use them!!! more

Appreciation of a job well done 7/26/2010

We had Econo-Air install a furnace and air conditioner for us. We truly appreciate the crew and their work under "less than ideal" conditions. They were all extremely nice and knowledgeable. Pros: Good work, nice attitude, knowledgeable more

Econo Air 7/8/2010

***WARNING**** DO NOT TRUST THE 5 STAR RATINGS! My appraisal of Econ Air still stands at 3 stars but I should lower it to 1 STAR. Why? Well, I was sent an email by Sylvia from Econ Air to give a rating on this site and in doing so I would receive a $5 Starbucks card. So I did and when the card never showed up I emailed her. This was her reply, "I am so sorry. We need a five star rating and you gave us a three star. If you can change it or do another one for five star and let me know when you do it I will send your star bucks gift card." That is VERY SHADY!!! See below for my original rating. My experience with the salesman was superb. He did his job, he sold me a really expensive AC/Heating unit. The install ran smoothly. The roof repair was a little different. Not even close to the quality of the install. It was like really poorly trained day laborers were handling the roof repair. It took three serious calls to get the shotty roof repair finally fixed. There was a language barrier without a translator to help and that really put a damper on my experience up to that point. As far as my experience since the roof repair, over three years ago, I give it three stars. It would be a five star rating but they try to sell me something every time they come out for the checkup. It was a 12K unit and install and the items that are being suggested should have been included from the get go. To end on a high note, all the technicians were fantastic, especially the last technician! He was educated and very thorough!!! Pros: The last technician was excellent and very thorough. Cons: Every visit they try to sell me more stuff. more

On Time, Efficient, and great workmanship 5/31/2010

Econo Air provided us with outstanding service. First their sales rep was honest, straight forward and explained the scope of the entire project. He even showed us photographs of past installs. That really helped us understand what to expect. I also want to mention that the install crew were a first class team of professionals. They were on time, effeicient, and did great workmanship. Not to mention they did not leave a single item out of place. A crewman even went around the house vacuuming any dirt or debris that was left behind. Overall my wife and I were so impressed with their service we are already telling our friends and family about Econo Air. Pros: Outstanding Service, On Time, Great Workmanship Cons: None more

Superb customer service 5/9/2010

I've gone from butting heads with Econo Air a bit when they first installed my system four years ago to being a big fan. Their technicians are very friendly and good at explaining their recommendations. We work out of our home and have been very pleased to have their bi-annual service contract to keep our a/c and heating going well year-round. Pros: Thorough, very courteous, professional more

great experience 5/9/2010

We were very pleased with the service that we received from the technician that visited our home. Not only was he very courteous and clean, he went out of his way to suggest what could wait in terms of servicing since I am currently unemployed. He checked out our whole house and made many suggestions for ways in which we could drastically cut down our heating and air conditioning costs. He checked the duct work and suggested the need for maintenance that would also greatly increase the efficiency of our air system. Lastly, he was very nice and left me with some good feelings about finding work and how I would be back on the job in no time. We liked the experience and will go with Econo Air when we are able to make the fixes that were suggested. Pros: friendly knowledgable technician more

City inspector rarely seen such a great job 5/6/2010

We just had our inspection of the installation which Econo did on our Encino home last week. The home is 38 years old and this is the first time a new heating & air cond. unit has been put in. Our sales rep spent several hours with us, showing where the old system lacked proper ducts, vents and insulatoin. The team arrived on time and what was supposed to take one day took 2 days because the work was so extensive. They even put heating vents in the four bathrooms which we have never had before! On the 2nd day they remained until after mindnight to complete the job right and clean up. They had all the right equipment and did a superb job. Today the city inspector arrived and said he has rarely seen such a great job, going above and beyond the usual installation of this type. He said they could have gotten by with lest detail and craftsmanship, but they did the maximum. I want to commend Econo Air team for such a great job. We will certianly be recommending them to friends and neighbors. Pros: Detailed Analysis, On Time, Beyond Expectations Cons: None more

Extremely pleasant experience! 5/3/2010

We had an extremely pleasant experience with our sales rep. We recently decided to replace our air condition system and interview five individuals. Econo Air salesman had the unique quality of being a knowledgeable technician as well as personable and proactive. He was very thorough, patient and prompt in his follow-up efforts. Despite the fact that Econo is not the lowest bidder, we have selected them anyway mainly becuase of the salesman. We are looking forward to an equally pleasant experience with their installation crew and a long-term relationship with their company. Pros: Knowledge of sales team, patient, thorough Cons: Not the lowest price more

Certainly Econo Air is The Very Best 4/29/2010

It was a please working with Econo Air's techniciain - his heavy workload precluded him keeping his 2-3pm appt but kept his 7pm appt on a cold winter night. He worked till 8pm tyring to start our 25 year-old Coleman Heater but he could not get it working. I was completely satsified so far with the professional quality and sincer work ethic we decided to replace both the heater and air conditioner with Econo Air. The next day one of your employees came to our home and analyzed my equipment needs and left a space heater for my bedroom and arranged to install top of the line Lennox and Coleman units. From our first phone call to equipment installation in the dead of the winter it took 5 Days! - Certainly Econo-Air is THE VERY BEST! Pros: Consistent, Take Care of you, Understand your needs Cons: None more

Complete and Resolved. 8/30/2009

Problem Resolved. Thank You more

Avoid this contractor 8/20/2009

After spending nearly $10,000, I would expect the "one of our best" technicians to at least be able to hook the furnace / AC unit up to my ductwork. I paid for cooling my attic for nearly 2 weeks of the hottest part of the summer. This was one of many problems; still not resolved. Do not waste your money and become frustrated. Find anyone else to do your work. Pros: None Cons: terrible and dangerous workmanship more

Stay away from econo air 8/11/2009

EconoAir is an appalling company. Their technicians have absolutely no expertise in A/C maintenance. They understand how to install an A/C system, albeit imperfectly, but that's where the pseudo-proficiency ends. Beware; the people that come to your house to do an install or administer repairs are actually sales representatives. They push and suggest useless equipment and products that aren't needed, which can cause damage to an otherwise functioning system. Their customer service is horrendous. Making a simple appointment can become an excruciating exercise in futility and if successful, there is a good chance no sales representative will even show up to your house. Stay away from this company at all costs. Pros: Non-existent Cons: Unknowledgeable “technicians”, atrocious customer service more

Worst Company Ever 7/15/2009

This is quite possibly the worst company that we've ever done business with. We do a lot of home rehabbing and have worked with many companies, but Econo Air has been nothing short of a nightmare. They installed our solar pool system incorrectly from the start and of the many (and I mean tons) of visits required to fix all the problems due to completely shoddy and incorrect installation, every visit has also been a nightmare of customer service, poor scheduling, rude employees and the biggest blowhard of an owner of a company that we have ever come in contact with. Now, after only 3 years, our 3rd pool pump is needing to be installed. The company who manufactures the pumps says they should last over 10 yrs and that Econo Air has installed the wrong pump for our system each time. 3 weeks, no pump and tenants who are threatening to quit paying rent until this is fixed. Thanks Econo Air for the nightmare headache of having to deal with your terrible company when we should be enjoying our summer and our tenants should be having the pool parties they are paying to enjoy not listening to a horrible high pitched noise and a dirty pool for 3 weeks while we battle with your despicable company to fix what has been installed wrong from the start. Econo Air even had to go back to the manufacturer of the solar panels to find out how to install the system as they had done it all wrong. We cannot stress enough to run for the hills if you ever have them offer to do work for you. They can't even schedule an appointment, call you back when you call, be pleasant on the phone or take care of work done wrong. They are a hot mess and we wish we'd never heard of them. Pros: No pros whatsoever Cons: Incorrect Installation, no correction repair, bad cust sve more

Econo Air are unethical and don't honor their own warranty! 5/25/2009

There's not much more to say after reading the reviews here... Wish I had read these before going with them. EconoAir is just the pits... they are the worst. I have never had a company not honor their own 10-year warranty before... use them at your own risk !!! Pros: Great at selling you at first (and over charging you) Cons: Poor installation, no follow up, doesn't honor warranty more

Avoid Econo Air! 10/22/2008

Ok, the sales guy was great, gave a great pitch for the product and we were excited about getting a new A/C system in. The guys come to the house in Fall '07 and do a great job getting the system in and all set up in one day. Now the problems begin. Econo Air forgot to add a vent; a really simple procedure I thought. After THREE or FOUR visits, they finally get it right...after I took time off to wait for them. Once they didn't have the part, another time it wasn't the right part, and another time they just didn't come. Then comes the fencing around the unit on the roof. HOA requires it, so they plan to come out. About another FOUR or FIVE times trying to coordinate this. First time they come, they didn't know it was on the roof of a two story condo. Next time they didn't coordinate with the roofer, so can't do anything. On and on...then it's finally done. THEN comes the City inspection. City comes by and says it's not finished. Econo Air comes, makes changes and I don't hear anything for months. Then the city says the permit is up and we need to get it approved. So once again, take off time from work and wait. FINALLY DONE...after a year and a month. The service is unreal. I can't believe they can do all this and stay in business. It was a long, drawn out experience; NEVER again. Pros: Nice system, works great Cons: SERVICE was horrible. Nice people, just unreliable more

Excellent Work Performance 8/26/2008

I was in need of a central air and heat system. My old unit had served its purpose and it was time to remove it and replace it with a new one. I had a few things that I needed to be sure of before committing to a company: The reputation of the company, it's work performance, quality and guarantee of work, and length of time to complete the job. I called around and contacted around 4 different companies and had them provide me with a price I could afford and give me the feeling that I could depend on them to do the work. I contacted Econo Air and met with a sales agent. He was very informative and I was very impressed with the explanation he gave us on the whole system and its time of completion. He was very nice and professional and answered all of my questions without hesitation. I recieved all items as he promised and the work was completed by your people in a very professional manner and to my expectations. I am very pleased to have done business with Econo Air. Pros: Excellent Work Performance Cons: N/A more

Fast and Easy To understand. 8/14/2008

We had a problem develop with our A/C this week (the third time this month) and could not get anyone out to see us. We called Econo Air this Thurday and Friday they sent out one of thier guys by the name of Wayne . We knew when we called any company that since our A/C was an older model that we were probably going to be pushed into buying a new one. When Econo's guy came out he explained the pricing between repairing our existing old A/C unit versus a new one. We were very happy with his explanation of the two pricing structures, and because he tried so hard to discount the prices to repair it AND DID NOT TRY TO SELL US A NEW ONE we felt even more comfortable and we ended up buying a new unit! I just want to say that my experiance was a very positive one. Pros: I like the frienly personality of the service man. Cons: None. more

Hmmm Estimate was a joke 8/14/2008

I gave two stars for at least showing up. Sales rep gave an estimate -- highest estimate we had to replace furnace and ac/heat plus some duct work. All others came in at 6-7k -- and the sales rep put the cheaper unit on the estimate! Not sure where his numbers came from... more

Big ticket price and short warranty 8/10/2008

I will not recommend this company. During the first and second year after installation of the heating and air condition systems we had major problems with the taping of the products. They used a lot of tape that separated apart from the connections and on the walls, allowing air leakage. We had areas behind wall that are not connected so the air is escaping behind wall and not through the vents. The sales person was very good and made me very aware that the company was the largest service company in Orange County and in business for a long time. I was verbally assured that the company knew how to do a job worth the large price. Additional warning, the convenient delayed payment schedule meant watch the ending date and pay the entire amount by that day or a very hefty interest rate will be instantly added. Second warning, at the time of the sale, the sales person did not strongly recommend a permit to be pulled and noted that it is was not required. I highly recommend it. I now have had the work inspected by several professionals to repair the work properly. This company offers a one year warranty for a product used one short season a year. Customer service listed that extended warranties, permits, inspection by the city, and a service call within a year was required in order for this company to help me after a year. Pros: QUICK initial service and work appears correct at first Cons: Big ticket price, faulty work and very limited guarantee more

friendly and curtious 7/23/2008

This is in regards to our sales agent/comfort specialist. He was very contours and very professional. He explained everything to us in detail as to what we should expect. He worked with us to get the best deal possible and worked with our credit reports. When he told us the process of how they will be putting on our unit, I could not believe that it was only going to take one day. We did run into some bumps in the road but every time we needed to talk to him, he was always there for us. Now the day the crew came in to put the unit in, I have never seen such organization as this team. They came in got right to the job and never stopped, only for lunch and never made a mess. The work that this crew did was unbelievable when they left you wouldn't even think that someone was here. Your crew made this a very pleasant experience for us and I would highly recommend this company to everyone. You have a great team working for you and I would definately do business with your company again. Thank you from a very happy family of six! Pros: neat, responsible, professional, reliable, friendly more
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