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Crema Coffee


1983 High House Rd
Cary, NC 27519

(919) 380-1840
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Kevin and Regina run a really great place. There are *occasionally* people who use these forums to try and paint a negative image of an otherwise perfectly fine establishment, but...


Crema has both benefits and drawbacks. One of the drawbacks is that the store can be loud when the grinder is going. If you're looking for a relatively quiet place for work or a...

Regarding the Below Review 2/13/2013

As the owner of Crema Coffee, I would like to defend myself against two unwarranted and slanderous reviews.\r \r ""Reviewer7642"" was so incredibly condescending, shockingly rude, and had such an attitude of entitlement that her own husband made her apologize to me.\r \r In regards to Zeke30318; several other reviewers, of varying ethnicities, have also mentioned our $10 credit card minimum. So Zeke30318, maybe the next time you reminisce on those sad and unfortunate stories your mama told you, ponder this: Maybe YOU are making ignorant judgements about people you don't know solely based on THEIR skin color...\r \r Lastly, in regards to our $10 minimum credit card policy; our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause our customers. We are simply trying to stay in business during these tough economic times. Please understand that the fees we incur per credit card transaction are cost-prohibitive on purchases under $10.\r \r Thank you for taking the time to read this.\r Cheers to you & I hope you have a great day!\r \r more

Sorta Good 5/4/2012

Crema has both benefits and drawbacks. One of the drawbacks is that the store can be loud when the grinder is going. If you're looking for a relatively quiet place for work or a conversation, you might want to take this into account. Some would say that a benefit of the grinder is, of course, that a higher quality coffee product is produced. There are credit card restrictions; it helps to just skirt all issues by bringing cash or buying a Crema card. It helps to know this when going into Crema to make sure that you have the best experience possible. The espresso drinks are good and well made. The food selection tends to vary quite a bit in quality and quantity - probably depending on the day and the time of day that you come into the establishment. I did not notice any particularly friendly atmosphere. The opinions of others seem to differ so this is probably left up to personal experience. more

Worth the visit, worth the price 3/14/2012

Kevin and Regina run a really great place. There are *occasionally* people who use these forums to try and paint a negative image of an otherwise perfectly fine establishment, but usually they have an axe to grind. I've been going to Crema for about as long as they've been open and many of my friends and colleagues have started coming also. We come because we like the coffee, and because they are generous people who care about their product and their customers. more

Excellent Coffee, Great Owners, Fun Atmosphere 3/14/2012

Regina and Kevin take deserved pride in serving customers with a smile. The luscious smell of roasting beans greets you when you walk in. Kevin makes the coolest hearts and pumpkins as a flourish on top of my daughter's and my lattes! We hosted a party at their cafe, and it was amazing, with all the masks and interesting artifacts they've collected on the walls, the lighting, the lovely feeling of the cafe in general. I have found the owners to be flexible, thoughtful and quite kind - the type of people we small business owners cheer! R. Heiko more

Great Coffee / Bad Attitude 5/15/2011

I forgot this review and that horrible day for a year. I can't figure out how to delete this whole thing or I would. You are mean and you have mean friends. After you denied me service, I gave my Crema Card which I was going to use yesterday to my mom. She'll enjoy it. more

Excellent Coffee Excellent Service Excellent Staff 2/5/2010

Kevin, Regina and Maureen are truly wonderful people! I have known them for more than a decade. I consider Maureen to be my sister and introduce her as such even though are skin tones are different. They are very special people. Kevin is beyond talented and has worked in the best shops in New York city. His knowledge of the industry is unsurpassed in the area. He is a master roaster and is well know in the north and south. Regina is a sweet heart and the marketing specialist. Maureen is the visionary. What a team! My husband and I have followed them for years. They go beyond the call of duty for their customers. There are endless stories of their selflessness to their customers so much so that the testimonials go on and on. 3 star and 5 star reviewers return again and again. They must be doing it right. True coffee connoisseurs know the difference between Starbucks, McDonalds and Crema. Starbucks is ok, McDonalds is good but Crema is superb! The atmosphere is sophisticated and elegant but still comfortable. Their prices do not fluctuate from week to week. It is their generosity that gets taken advantage of! Try Crema! I guarantee you will fall in love with them regardless of where you are from! Pros: Staff is awesome, knowledgable and gracious Cons: I have to travel from Durham. Open one here please! more

Take cash and beware of getting over charged. 9/26/2009

I truly love the coffee selection at Crema Coffee Roaster located at 1983 High House Road in Cary but today I had an unpleasant. I went in around 10am as I have for the last 3 weeks to fill my own cup which according to their sign is allowed. However, today the owner stated that TODAY it would no be $1.75 as posted to fill my cup but $3.00, because my cup (20 oz) was larger than their 16 oz cups. OK, I thought but I?ve seen people in their filling what looked like a 10 cup MUG and I?ve used the same cup for a week now and she never mentioned that it was ?over sized?. I looked around to see if the signs had changed and I missed it but they had not. That was ?1?! Then I thought to myself well, I do love their coffee, so I won?t complain, but for that price, I?d rather have Starbucks. I mentioned that I?m watching every dollar and she responded ?Well, I?m working 80 hours a week with out a paycheck, so I know about watching every dollar?. That caught me as being a bit rude but ok. After deciding to treat my self to something nicer that the house coffee, I pulled out my debit card as I didn?t have any cash. They to my surprise the owner then said ?For all transactions under $10, there will be an additional .50 cent service charge?. WOW, I thought, I?ve paid on my debit card before and there had NEVER been an addition charge nor had I heard mention that to any other customer before again as I?m there most week days for at least for a few hours and since it?s a small place its easy to hear the conversations of others. Was that a polite way of kicking me out and telling me that they don?t want or need my business? Was I wearing the wrong color shirt? Or had I just irritated the boss in some way? My Mother and Father told me about the days in Atlanta when they walked in to certain placed that they were asked to leave or worse. I wonder if?? No way? right?????? Pros: Incredible selections and flavor! Beans roasted in house. Cons: Increa more

crema coffee 7/2/2007

Best coffee & people in the triangle and Carolina's, Geat service! Great environment! Best kept secret in the triangle.... i highly recommend Crema Coffee and the service great family operated establishment ""Keep up the great work guys"" - Your lifetime customer & friend, Matt .... Also let me add delicous Frapp's!! more

best coffee in the Triangle 5/14/2007

Owners Regina and Kevin are tops, and make the best coffee in the area. Beans roasted on site, great atmosphere, truly a local gem. more

Best Coffee in Cary 5/2/2007

Crema Coffee easily has the best coffee and espresso drinks in Cary, and is on par with the very best in the Triangle. The owners are very friendly, are excellent baristas and also roast their beans on site -- so the beans are always fresh roasted and the place smells fantastic! There is also lots of comfortable seating, a small outdoor patio and free wifi. Worth the drive. Pros: Espresso drinks Cons: No evening hours more

Awesome coffee 4/19/2007

Best coffee ever! Well, seriously, they make an excellent cup of coffee, the owners are friendly, the decor is nice and comfortable. You should definitely do yourself a favor and go to Crema- you won't regret it. more

Best coffee in the Triangle 4/19/2007

I'm not a coffee drinker. So, I've pretty much stuck to the run of the mill when I do. Then, a friend to me to Crema. For the first time in my life, I drank a cup of coffee. The flavor was deep, dark, and rich. The owners add to the experience being friendly, intelligent, and with an obvious passion for what they do. Four thumbs up. more

Freshest coffee, best espresso and cappuccino, and the most friendly owners! 4/16/2007

When I returned from living in Italy, I was left desperately wanting for a REAL espresso. Starbucks or Caribou? Please, they can't even make a good cup of coffee to save their life. An espresso? Forget it. To make matters worse, most local independent places may have better coffee than mass-service places, but still can't do good espresso based drinks such as cappuccino. Pros: Fresh superior coffee, wide assortment of coffee (including rare beans), excellent drinks, and Customer Service Cons: Not able to serve food such as panini. Only open until 6:00 pm right now. more

Absolutely the best coffee and espresso in town and a great place to hang out. 3/22/2007

My quest for coffee perfection started a few years ago. After reading that coffee begins losing its flavors almost immediately after grinding, I bought a home grinder. I learned that the water should be between 195 and 205 degrees for as long as possible during the extraction and that typical home coffee brewers overheat or under heat. If you do not brew a full carafe, water is not in contact with the grounds long enough to extract the full range of flavor. I bought a thermometer and a french press to solve these problems. Grinding, measuring my water temperature and timing the brew with a french press? What next? A bit more research revealed that green coffee is good for 1-2 years but once roasted it is stale after 2-4 weeks! The final step in my quest for the perfect cup was to acquire a home roaster and purchase green coffee. Pros: The best coffee and espresso drinks in town. Great place to hang out. Cons: Could sell more home equipment such as grinders. more
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