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Crazy Mama's Celestial Emporium - 40 partner Reviews - 26306 Preston Ave, Spring, TX - Jewelry Reviews - Phone (713) 409-3730

Crazy Mama's Celestial Emporium

26306 Preston Ave
Spring, TX 77373
(713) 409-3730
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Crazy Mama's Celestial Emporium - Spring, TX
Crazy Mama's Celestial Emporium - Spring, TX
Crazy Mama's Celestial Emporium - Spring, TX
Crazy Mama's Celestial Emporium - Spring, TX


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I find so many wonderful items when I shop here! I absolutely love the all natural skin care products. I've used the Hibiscus facial cleanser and moisturizer daily for 2 years a...


My mother and I had happened upon Crazy Mama's once before and when she had mentioned the pheromone perfume making session we thought it sounded great. We were planning to try to ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/13/2012

Amadeus Luna I am from Houston Texas when I came into Diana store I was referred by a friend of her pheromones in Old Town Spring. I felt I wasn't making enough money, I never had enough time to spend with my son, I was desperately looking for better work, how was always trying to figure out what I can do different. Diana and I discussed the changes that will be made and in two in a half weeks I was able to Astro Project from my dreams there was a vision of all the changes that will come to pass along with what troubles I will face and how to avoid them but certain to be on the alert and everything will be alright. after the fourth week of wearing the pheromones, I was tranferred to a new job site with more pay,enough time was made to spend with my son and have him Baptised,My aproach was more firm with confidence and spiritual understanding out of the many physics and curenderas that I have paid over 1,200 dollars to see results but none to help me until I came across you Diana I thank jesus for guiding me to someone who helps make a difference I would be more then honored to refer you to any and everybody I come across who seeks help Thank You truly Diana more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/8/2012

\r I love and appreciate the Celestial Emporium as a unique portal to acclimate, sublimate, harness and unleash your energetic frequencies to attain your highest good. Personal pheromones masterfully blended by the dictates of your inner knowing and direction capture your soul's purpose and intent. \r \r The owner Diana is very gifted intuitive and shares her many talents, gifts and love of gemology to add the value of the natural healing qualities of gemstones with the pheromone essences & pure essential oils to guide you to create your own unique personal fragrance qualities that appreciate and celebrate you, and guide your intent. Your personally blended pheromone is typed, named, energized just for you and works with your own body chemistry in a most favorable way. \r \r \r I have been happily using the personal blends for many years and with highest recommendations invite you to drive out to Olde Towne Spring for an in person experience but if you are too far away you now have the opportunity to have Diana create your own personal pheromone perfume from a distance. I tell you she is amazing! Near or far you will be phenomenally blessed with fragrance that actively energetically works for you. Try it. Peace, light and love.\r Sister Goddess more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/5/2012

While strolling through Old Town Spring, I came across this rather eccentric shop...\r \r If someone asked me.. ""What was your immediate thought, while standing in front of this Bright Fuchsia boutique?""\r \r I would have answered...\r \r ""Good God! This is where I belong! There is something totally cosmic, totally crazy, and absolutely cool about this place!"" \r \r Let me just add that there are no coincidences... and Crazy Mama's Celestial Emporium IS just about as Celestial as your gonna get without being 6 feet under!:) \r \r Walking up the steps, on to the porch, I felt an immediate surge of excitement that was somehow mixed with the serene feeling of being Divinely welcomed... (LOVE!)\r \r Once inside, I found my senses seduced by waves of color, aroma and a gossamer energy that, I believe, only surrounds and protects places where Divine creativity is taking place.\r \r Make sure you have a lil extra time because it could take days to truly admire each piece of ""art"", permeating every inch of space... Albeit, Jewelry, Perfumes, or Paintings, it seems as if, each has been skillfully created or collected with the loving intention and full faith that, one day... The soul it was created for would find It's way to claim it. <3\r \r Enter... Diana. The owner... aka ""Crazy Mama""!!\r \r Now, if I wasn't already blown away just by the shear awesomeness of my surroundings, I would have, most definitely, been blown away, upon meeting ""Crazy Mama"" herself! I am 99% sure this woman has the brain power of a Genius-Mad Scientist, the Charm and Grace of a Goddess and knowledge beyond your wildest dreams.\r \r In a matter of mere minutes, Diana, had my whole life story figured out and was off to create a ""perfume"" just for me, that smells, just like me! Ha... Seriously, this Chick is amazing!\r \r I can not recommend Crazy Mama's ENOUGH.... You truly have to see it to believe. I visit there as often as possible, and EVERY time I am in Old Town Spring, it is the first place I stop! \r \r So... if you are looking for a truly celestial ""scent"", authentic crystal/stone jewelry, incredible art pieces, antique & vintage items, metaphysical stuffs, or if you just wanna stand in the presence of a Divinely Gifted Goddess... CRAZY MAMA's is the place to GO!!\r \r I am constantly given complements on my ""Personal Perfume"", everyone asks what I wearing. (The added bonus, between you and me?)... More than a few times, I swear, I've had random and quite attractive dudes, literally stop and full on turn around, once they have passed me... IT IS THE PERFUME LADIES!! \r \r Crazy Mama KNOWS HER PHEROMONES!!!\r \r PERFECT FOR CHRISTMAS!! \r \r Also, make an appointment NOW, business is gonna skyrocket and who wants to be put on a waiting list? Yes, SHE is that incredible!!! :)\r \r Godspeed and LOVE and LIGHT to each who took time to read this long ol' review!!\r \r ~Namaste\r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/5/2012

Diana is a fun loving personality who always gives from her heart. Not only will she tell you everything you need to know about pheromone oils but will also advise on a spiritual level in association with them. I highly recommend taking a trip to her shop and I can't wait to pay another visit myself. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/4/2012

If you are looking for a REAL change in your life, not just a new hairstyle, you MUST visit Diana's shop and have a custom made pheromone created. Diana is extremely knowledgeable and a wonderful soul. Just being around Diana makes one happy and positive and alive. Not only are her custom pheromones fantastic but the rest of her merchandise is great too.\r \r I recommend Crazy Mama 200%. You will not be disappointed. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/10/2012

Diana changed my life not only did i leave with a beautiful fragrance feeling great and now i'm ready to take on the world starting with getting rid of ALL NEGATIVITY around me more

Life-Changing Experience! Worth the time and money! 8/3/2012

This week I went in and purchased The Pink Lotus 24 KT Gold Pheromone Perfume from Diana. It smells so amazing, but even better than that, is the way I feel when I wear it. I feel uplifted and optomistic. It is such an affordable luxury. Visiting Crazy Mama's truly is an experience that awakened my senses and opened my eyes to the wonderful possibilities for my life. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/31/2012

Want a Great Time and Great Experience? Check Out Crazy Mama's. Diana is VERY knowledgeable. She kind of blew me away in how much she knew of her craft AND about people. She understands the concept of everything working together for the GOOD of You. Very discerning woman who wants the best for you. Physically...mentally...spiritually...and Fragrantly. I'm a Man so I had a lot of jokes with Diana concerning ""making perfume"" and the womanly connotations. I was not the first man and will not be the last. I made a fragrance for myself - not She even joked with me because my hands were My wife and I went and had a blast. Keep your schedule open because time will fly - but you will enjoy it. Running low on that bottle of cologne (I guess or perfume) and want a Great Experience and a True Scent for yourself? Have the Doctor evaluate you to find a scent that matches YOU along with pheromones that will give you & enhance you and those around you. It hasn't even been a week for me since our visit yet I can tell you the EXPERIENCE IS Great. I WILL be back... First time but not last. Thanks Diana and to your Husband and team also.. more

A great place to go for your spiritual/metaphysical items... 7/28/2012

Its a great store...lots of cool vintage items....and the custom perfume making is amazing and wonderful.... more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/21/2012

Diana is an amazing, intuitive woman with a gift for blending the perfect scent you never knew you wanted! \r I had seen the Groupon several times and finally decided to take advantage of it. And now I wonder why I didn't do it sooner! Everyone who has inhaled the amazing scent wafting around me has complimented me on it, and my husband tells me every day how wonderful I smell.\r When you go (not if!) open yourself up to the entire experience and listen closely to Diana . . .you never know when she'll speak some gem of wisdom you need to hear. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/23/2012

I love this place! It's so much more than just a store. Diana is such a warm, open, positive personality :) A visit to Crazy Mama's is like visiting a friend. She has an awesome selection of jewelry (and will custom-make it as well)...but the reason I keep coming back is for the perfume blends that she makes for me. Even though we've concocted several different combinations over the years...I always gets loads of compliments on it. I won't wear anything else! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/18/2012

This was my very first time in Old Town Spring I was delightful surprised. Everyone was wonderful (Crazy Mama you ROCK!) She was very open about the 1 negative review and although it was unfortunate it will sometimes happen. All I can say is my experience was wonderful, enlightening, emotional (in a good way) and I LOVED IT. I meet 2 very nice ladies ladies who were there for the same experience - we spent 5 meaningful hours together learing about each other and ourselves. The custom perfume was fantastic although I think it's working too well - - my financee keeps pestering me EVERY TIME I WALK BY HIM!!! He has thrown away all my other perfumes and in all of his chest beating glory demanded that I only use what was made for me at Crazy Mama's. Thank you Crazy Mama's!!!!!! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/18/2012

I have been going to Crazy Mama's for a long time now. I absolutely love the perfume I make while I am there. I wished I could spend a Million in there. Diana is great !!! I now refer to her as My Fairy Godmother.\r She is brilliant, crazy as the name of her shop says. I always have a great time. I receive so many compliments when I wear my personal perfume that is made from her essential oils. Diana is very knowledgeable woman. I learn something new everytime I go in there. She has such great energy. She is a very unique lady. She is the real deal, I feel sorry for all ladies who wear mall perfume.\r Make an appointment and see for yourself you won't regret it !!!!! more

An Interesting Experience 4/29/2012

I had fun at Crazy Mama's. Diana is really nice she really tries to get to know you so she can make your experience a unique one. more

Worst Experience Ever 4/1/2012

My mother and I had happened upon Crazy Mama's once before and when she had mentioned the pheromone perfume making session we thought it sounded great. We were planning to try to get a group together to do it, but when we saw the Groupon we jumped. We made an appointment and found a babysitter. On the day of our appointment we got there a little early and said we were there for our groupon experience. She very rudely stated that we needed to make an appointment to use them. I told her that we had and once she confirmed that we did in fact have an appointment she set us up at the table by the entrance. She then handed us the interview papers and stated that she normally had someone at the shop helping her when she did these. From that point on the shop door kept continually opening with her friends and people coming in from the Old Town Spring Wine Festival. She would constantly stop our paid for session to shoot the breeze, offer advice, and sell items. She kept telling us that she was going to lock it so she could focus but she never actually followed through. Now I understand this is her business but we were customers and at least deserved a modicum of customer service. The in shop interruptions were not the only pauses during our session. Her husband called twice and she paused with us to chat with him. We finally had had enough when during our second hour there this one family interrupted our session and they were receiving phenomenal customer service for thirty minutes of our paid for time while we were left twiddling our thumbs. We requested our groupon back and left without what we had come for. It was absolutely horrible! She may normally have great reviews but when she is running that shop alone I would avoid it at all costs. I will never visit her shop again even though I am in Old Town Spring at least once every two weeks. more

Diana is CRAZY beautiful- in spirit as well as in person! 3/7/2012

Well, my mother and I stopped by Old Town Spring and I could smell something sweet calling me from Crazy Momma's. When we entered, I smelled heaven- peace, love, and adventure! Diana was meeting with someone and while her attention never actually left her client, her beautiful gaze, told me without saying a word, ""it's here"". It just felt so right, despite the fact that neither my mother nor I had a clue what we would find in this quiant cottage. Being pulled towards the magical scents, we wondered from scent to scent, I had no idea how I would ever choose- I wanted them all. Once Diana came over, it's a thing of beauty to meet a shop owner who has a geniune connection with her patrons, the wait did not bother us in the least. It was like waiting for your turn to enter the Cinderella's castle, and who better to welcome and guide you then Cinderella her self! Imagine, my pure delight and enchantment to find that Diana IS the Fairy GodMother & the creator of this pheromone scent that awakened a hope, a joy, an enchantment like no other in me! This scent is magical and cause such confidence and attracted so many wonderful people to my life, I used a 3 month supply bottle in one! When I returned for my refill of Fairy GodMother, I also picked up a smaller bottle of ""Bliss"" that was lovingly ""suped"" up by Diana and semi-custom blended to include gems. This sweet scent always makes me feel adorable, cute, and cherished. Amazingly application of Bliss is always followed by sweet treatment from others, be it strangers or friends alike. These pheromones together with believing (as featured on Diana's website) are truly magical. To quote Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, ""magic is believing in yourself. If you can do that, you make anything happen."" My Fairy GodMother gave me the key in her magical pheromones to unlock my dreams- to dare to believe! Upon my 3rd and last visit, by the way a revisit is sorely needed, I also happened upon a scent that called to me, a bit frightening yet promising adventure, protection? and my true home?- imagine my pleasure at discovering this pale indigo potion named ""Atlantis"". The place of my dreams, the place that has held magical promise for me, a place I have longed to visit! This scent has outlasted my others as I use it so sparingly, just a one whiff and I am able to handle the most challenging days, circumstances, and trials. It bring to mind protection and a strong male presence. Imagine what this will bring when I go in for a refill with gems! It is not the right time for this to be used ""full throttle"", but I sense the time is coming and the adventures and changes it will bring are sure to follow. I have no idea what it means, but I believe in the possibilities this and all of the pheromones I have used! Hope to see you soon Diana, My Fairy GodMother, who is full of hope, love, joy, and SUNSHINE! There is no other way to say it! Fall in love with yourself! Fall in love with My Fairy GodMother! It will be the best adventure you can take yourself on! Visit Diana at Old Town Spring and believe in yourself, let yourself be lavished in sunshine and joy! Believe! Susan - Teacher with a Masters in Administration. more

Diana is such a delight to work 2/25/2012

Diana is such a delight to work with-She says it like it is & really spends the time to get to know who you are-I'll be back & do recommend! more

Wonderful adventure! 2/22/2012

Booking a session at Crazy Mama's is an adventure you shouldn't miss! Diana brings you in and welcomes you into her life by telling stories to get you to open up yourself. Once she knows a bit more about you, she helps you to craft a custom perfume blend to suit who you REALLY are, not who you pretend to be. If you can, try to be part of a group class, because you'll see the change in all the participants as everyone becomes more open during the adventure. It's quite awe-inspiring to be a part of the process, and it's also great fun. And then, you leave with a calmer, more focused state of mind, and a lovely perfume that turns more than a few heads when you walk by! Go to Crazy Mama's, have big fun! more

Another great choice 2/22/2012

I had wanted to go some time before, and it wasn't until I saw it on groupon that I decided to take advantage of the opportunity (or the window as she called it). After talking with her for some time about the process and what the website kinda said about what goes on, I had asked if there would be muscle testing done. She told me (something, I forget. But I think cus it takes a LONG time with a big group), but for me that she would do it in the class. I was ecstatic, and very glad she was going to be doing it. I told her thanks and that I really appreciated it.\r On the day of the class I didn’t know what to expect, but from what she said it was a small group. Me and 4 other people, where there from 10am-7pm (super bowl sunday). Originally it was suppose to be to 3 or 4pm but because of all that was involved; what she did besides the perfume and me asking questions, well it took a while longer. Also as a Very Nice gesture that I wasn’t expecting she had brought us donuts and kolaches for breakfast.\r First off she starts to ask you questions to build your custom scent, like 3 things you want to happen, then where you are, who you’re with and what you’re doing. She then goes into some other things and questions and begins to help you out as a spiritual life coach (not religious). Let me tell you this I wasn’t expecting but I knew it was very valuable and helpful to other people in the group I was in as well as for what she does as a profession. So this impressed me and gave me a better understanding of where things were going. As far as I was concerned I already knew myself so this really didn’t help out but some other observations that she told me, really stood out to me. When I looked at others she was very helpful in giving them advice and this lent to gaining some understanding on how to create their own perfume. This also served them/me as to what they/I want to manifest or change in our lives.\r Anyways I really loved the class as it was Very insightful, not only for the person but for me as well. I figured out why I liked certain ingredients in my colognes and it gave me more tidbits of knowledge about myself. Over all she was Very helpful, nice, kind and patient (with me). I would definitely recommend her more

Life changing Experience 2/22/2012

I purchased the groupon for the phermone perfume making session just because I wanted a unique scent to start wearing. What I got was an unexpected life changing experience. Diana gives you the tough love kick in the pants that you will need to wake up & get out of the cave. You can feel that she truly cares about helping her clients. I can truly say I am now a life long customer. more
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