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Coppell Family Medical Center - 27 Reviews - 580 S Denton Tap Rd 123, Coppell, TX - Doctors & Other Healthcare Professionals Reviews - Phone (972) 462-0762
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Coppell Family Medical Center

580 S Denton Tap Rd 123 (at In The Professional Building At Medical Center Of McKinney)
Coppell, TX 75019
(972) 462-0762
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Coppell Family Medical Center - Coppell, TX
Coppell Family Medical Center - Coppell, TX


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I get great service and medical care every time I go to Coppell Family Medical. Many years ago, when my family and I first moved to Coppell, I was very disappointed with care the...


The one good Doctor this clinic had has left to pursue another career move. Dr. Lynn Myers. Dr. Myers is a fabulous doctor and knows what she is doing. I will miss her terribly. I...


2 Words the office Sucks, mainly calling to schedule and too checking in. dark headed girl checked me in, very short gossiping about coworkers and patients. Rude young lady. more

Just say no 6/7/2012

I can't bring myself to even give this center one star. If you need to make an appointment, or touch base with your doctor, expect to spend some time on the phone holding. Normally it's at least a ten minute hold, with up to 35 minutes during their busy times. \r \r Their doctor's schedules are sporadic. I went in on a Monday to see Barbara Taylor, when I tried her treatment for a day and it did not work, they informed me she was out of the office on Wed, when I called on Thursday, she was only in for the second half of the day. This put me off of work for three days. Their only recommendation was for me to come back in. After this type of treatment as a new patient, there is not a chance I would waste my time on this understaffed, unprofessional clinic.\r \r Patients beware! more

Mrs. 10/26/2010

I get great service and medical care every time I go to Coppell Family Medical. Many years ago, when my family and I first moved to Coppell, I was very disappointed with care there - especially from the office staff, so I gave up on them. When I visited them again (for my own convenience on a Saturday), I was very impressed with the changes. Since then, I've never failed to get excellent service and especially appreciate Dr. Coxsey and Dr. Gellman - excellent doctors who listen and are careful and thoughtful in treating me, my husband, and my children. more

M 5/7/2010

I have been going to Dr. Gellman for almost 20 years. I have always found him to be personable and is extremely thorough. He found a problem that I had that three other doctors could not find. It changed my life and may have even saved it. He personally calls with lab results, and does make follow up calls. more

Notice the bad review/good review pattern.. 3/11/2010

Please notice how every time someone writes a bad (accurate) review of this place, "someone else" miraculously writes a glowing review...within 24 hours. Please! The general public isn't that stupid, office staff. These clowns are a joke. Don't be duped. The staff here treats you and your privacy like crap, and then they try to cover their tracks after you call them out, as you all can plainly see. Just one more reason to stay away and find another office that will treat you with the respect and dignity you deserve. more

Good ..professional office 3/10/2010

I have been going to Dr. Gellman for many years, he is a caring. excellent .thorough Doctor. He takes his time and really listens to his patients. Dr. Gellman has called (not his nurse) to go over my tests. The front office staff has always been kind and helpful..also when I had bloodwork was the least painful. I've experienced. more

Office Staff Rude and Inept STAY AWAY 3/8/2010

Pretty sad after 20 + years of going here, but their office staff has become so incompetent and rude that I had to find another primary care physician. Don't change your address, it takes them about 6 or 7 times to finally get it right. Don't leave without making them write "Paid in FULL" on your bill...otherwise Medical Edge will bill you for things you've already paid for. (That's happened twice.) And for heaven's sake, DO NOT go there with a full bladder before your appointment for a possible kidney infection. They will tell you that you MUST WAIT until your actual appointment to pee in a cup and they apparently also get their jollies from telling you that in front of everyone in the waiting room. These people have never heard of HIPAA. DO NOT GO HERE. STAY AWAY if you care about your privacy and about being treated like a human being. more

Coppell Family Medical Ctr is great 10/7/2009

Our family loves Coppell Family Medical Center. We have been patients for 2 years our Doctor in Gregory Colon. He is every thorough. We've also seen several other Doctors,Nurse Practitioners and P.A.'s, they have all been great and all seem to be on the same page about our health and concerns.I highly recommend the clinic to anyone in need of a health care provider more

Coppell Family Medical Ctr is horrible 9/22/2009

I can not believe that these people continue to run a medical office. What happen to the compassion and dignity that doctors used to have? I found neither at this medical center. Except for a couple members of the staff, majority there was rude and unable to help. more

Doctors are good; Billing Dept is the Worst!! 9/21/2009

I've never had a problem with any of the Doctors and CFM. My daug and I see Dr. Coxsey and my son and husband see Dr. Story though we've also seen Dr. Gellman and Dr. Arthur on occasion. However, the billing dept is a NIGHTMARE and sometimes hassling with them makes it almost not worth it. I received a bill for over $1000 for services provided 18 months ago!! I was shocked. They said they'd had problems with their system, etc., etc. I finally got it all straightened out but not with out numerous, painful, calls to the billing dept and my insurance company. more

Coppell Family Medicine, Coppell physical medicine 9/14/2009

They have a great clinic and a great new physical medicine program. They do a lot of services to help! One stop shopping! Great doctors from America that understand Healthcare more

Very impressed! Dr. Gellman is a very thorough Doctor 8/26/2009

Dr. Gellman is a wonderful doctor. He is very thorough and makes sure he covers all possibilities before seeking a diagnosis I really appreciate the time he takes in being so prepared. more

Coppell Family Medical Ctr is not worth the headache. 8/5/2009

Great female docs but not worth having to deal with the billing department. After fighting with them for over a year, I finally sent a letter to Gellman explaining the trouble I was having. Never heard from him...just more of the same from billing. I never got credit for's just a big nightmare and I think it cost me over $700 but who can tell. I loved seeing Lynn and we miss her, but it's just not worth the trouble. more

Dr. Coxsey 4/23/2009

Dr. Coxsey is by far the best doctor that I have ever had. I've seen many in the military!! I have been going to Dr. Coxsey for 10 years and she is great! She takes the time to listen to you and she is the ONE doctor that will actually return your phone call and talk to you personally about your problem or your medication and she does not hesitate to call in medications if you need them without making you feel like a drug addict trying to get drugs!! I would highly recommend her to anyone.\r \r Thanks! more

In Defense 2/2/2009

I have been going to this practice for some time thru thick and thin and several primary physicians. Mr current Dr. is Dr Coxsey and she is absolutely the best. She explains your symptoms and diagnosis thoroughly and answers all your questions. Dr. Story and Dr. Gelman are also very good and you can count on them to give you the straight scoop. They do have a tendancy to refer to specialists a bit more than I would prefer but considering the amount of traffic in and out of there I can see their point of view. \r The billing and accounting system on the other hand leaves a lot to be desired. The statements are completely unintelligible with so many columns of information with no real description of what the charges were for and who paid when I just send them money until they quit sending me bills and hope it all works out in the end.\r \r LHD more

Great Place Once You Get To Know Them 1/23/2009

My family and I have been patients of this practice for approximately 20 years. I have seen several doctors there but my primary physician is Jay Story. Great guy and down to earth. Has referred me to several specialists over the years who have literally saved my life. If not for Jay Story I would not be here today. It is a busy place because they have such a huge practice. There is a reason for that, they're great. I have visited with Dr. Gellman and yeah he is a little quirky but he is more than competent. Over time I get a kick out of seeing him and laugh at the people who complain about him. He is a good guy who has been involved in the community and is know as a great dad. He takes some getting used to because he's kind of a classic nerd. I have never had a bad physician at this place. The busyness of the place can be a little overwhelming but most of the staff there are Coppell people and you see them around a lot in the community. They know and come in contact with more

Totally unprofessional. 1/16/2009

After 10 months they still haven?t sent the refund they promised. Last year I paid a bill to their old billing company by mistake, notified their office, repaid the bill to the new billing company and waited for the refund their office manager promised. I contacted the doctor for help and got no response. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau; the clinic said they paid, I said no they didn't. I encourage posting negative comments to also file a BBB complaint so other people don't get taken advantage of. more

Coppell family practice 1/6/2009

This place is really terrible, especially after they have new office manager and new rules. They didn't reply the request for my diagnostic mammogram from the women image center, and insist I have to go see their doctor first before I can take the diagnostic mammogram. They also insist me to take my son in for a office visit even if he only need to get his school athletic form signed by his doctor , even if my son is done with the physical exam already.They also performed an expensive lab test for my husband without asking him and sent us an expensive bill.I am leaving this office and I am not going back, good luck to you if you still choose this office. more

Good Practice 10/1/2008

I was bitten by a dog while heading out of town one Sat a couple years back and discovered Coppell Family Medicine. I was in need of urgent care and also treatment since the bite was through the skin on my hand and you could see my bone. I went to this clinic and saw Dr Story without a long wait. I was attended to quickly and asked to follow up which later I got serious infection from the bite and prescribed antibiotics for a sinus and bacterial infection. The clinic was pleasant and responded to my demand as I was in a hurry to leave. Since then I have been back to Dr Gellman since he accepts new patients and I could get me in immediately. He is now my primary doctor and after visiting other well known practices in Las Colinas and Irving, I have to recommend this practice. Dr Gellman may have a unique approach to his practice in which many are not used to. His militaristic style seems to diagnose issues that I know many doctors have overlooked and missed in my test results in more

Coppell Family Medical Clinic 9/27/2008

The one good Doctor this clinic had has left to pursue another career move. Dr. Lynn Myers. Dr. Myers is a fabulous doctor and knows what she is doing. I will miss her terribly. I went to Dr. Gellman after her departure. That man is weird. Even though all my medical records were in front of him on the computer, he would ask me the same questions over and over. If you like going to your doctor and then be referred to a specialist he would be the one to go to. Myself I would prefer my doctor to treat me unless it was something that just had to be referred out to a specialist. Needless to say, I no longer go to this clinic. I have changed to a doctor that will bond with me like Dr. Myers did and know me and my health issues and will not refer me to a specialist unless it was necessary. Dr. Myers knew what to do and only referred me to a specialist when absolutely necessary. \r Thank you Dr. Myers ... Goodbye to Dr. Gellman more
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