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Cherin Sushi - 62 Reviews - 306 E 6th St # A # A, New York, NY - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (212) 388-1348

Cherin Sushi

306 E 6th St # A # A (at nr. Second Ave.)
New York, NY 10003
(212) 388-1348
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Cherin Sushi - New York, NY
Cherin Sushi - New York, NY
Cherin Sushi - New York, NY
Cherin Sushi - New York, NY


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This is fantastic sushi. The service is great and the food is even better AND it's BYOB.... what isn't perfect about this place....? There can be a mighty long wait if you just de...


Not worth visiting. Sushi was tiny, tough, and flavorless. Usually you can get decent salmon sashimi anywhere, this stuff was terrible, tough, too warm and the rice was wayy to ...

Horrible Service + Bland Sushi = DO NOT GO! 12/21/2010

Went here for a friend's birthday party the other weekend and cannot believe how bad this place was. We were a party of 8 and our host had agreed to some sort of pre-fixe deal. Seemed like the waiter was ready for us to go before we even left. First, one of our party no-showed and when he found out he wanted to take one of our 3 tables to give to someone else. No way were 8 people going to eat on 2 tables - ended up giving up a chair, no biggie, but it was all downhill from there. The place is byob and they are clearly not happy about it. Clearly not our problem, but there was attitude anytime we asked for a cup or extra anything. As we're ordering the waiter rudely reminds our host that we have to order at least $20 worth of food per person - ummm, ok. One of our party was new to sushi so starts asking questions about what's raw or not on the menu - more attitude, then the guy proceeds to order for her, I tell him to slow down because he doesn't know what she likes to eat (needless to say an extra roll we did not order came anyways). Onto the menu - yuck. There are WAY better sushi restaurants for same prices in the city. I could not believe how packed this place was. I ordered one of their specialty rolls that basically had more tempura flakes than fish in it. The tempura roll was ok, but how hard is it to make a tempura roll? Completely disappointed. Waiter began clearing plates before most of us were done, and I had to bark on him for reaching over my plate too many times. Oh and then we got dessert....more attitude. If it weren't for my friends bday I would have left after appetizers. I definitely will not be going back. more

worst sushi in manhattan 7/30/2009

I was shocked after waiting 45 minutes for some basic rolls and sashimi how inedible the food was. The tuna Sashimi was shredded and did not taste like food, it was like garbarge. The sushi rolls had some crazy gluey rice that you couldnt chew, and the green salad was drenched in so much dressing you could not even tell it was green. I really dont understand how this place is in business maybe because the prices are so cheap...but even it was free... do not go!! Pros: close to home? Cons: its all bad more

VERY Enjoyable Bargain Sushi Joint 7/26/2009

Cherin Sushi is a great place to start a night out. I went last night with four of my friends and we all thoroughly enjoyed our meal, particularly the John and Gillian rolls and the seaweed salad. Although the restaurant is small (be prepared to wait for a table) and the service is a bit slow, the ambiance is nice with its dim-lighting. It is filled with fellow twenty-somethings seeking an affordable dinner and drinks before going out. You also CANNOT beat the prices (most rolls are $5)! Some rolls are a bit smaller than average, but overall, I was very full with 2 1/2 rolls. Second major plus is that the restaurant is BYOB. Of course, there are equally good and better sushi joints in the city, but this is pretty delicious bargain sushi! I will definitely be back! Pros: price, delicious, atmosphere, BYOB Cons: small drawback: slow service due to restaurant's small size more

BEYOND LIVID!!!!!! 5/28/2009

after reading the ""amazing"" reviews on this site, i was excited to find a CHEAP and GREAT sushi place in the obviously i ran over with my friends expecting a good outcome. as we walked in we noticed that there was only one other table taken and the waiter was walking around aimlessly. we ordered the $3 dollar california just to try and were told that we had to pay at least $5 each. when the food arrived my california roll was MUSHY, the rice had almost a sorbet like texture and the avocado was also very mushy, but here's the best part THE CRAB MEAT WAS ROCK SOLID. IT WAS BY FAR THE WORST SUSHI I HAVE EVER HAD. when i refused to continue eating and pay the waiter had a very nasty attitude and accused me of never having sushi before. in the end i did not PAY and refused to tip the a******. (i would honestly rate this place -3 stars) OH AND BTW, my friend who did eat (& paid) ended up having stomach pains and issues. SAVE YOUR $3.00!!! Pros: there are none. Cons: mushy sushi, NO ICE, TAP water more



I love SUSHI!! 9/19/2008

Mmmm sushi. This is the restaurant where I learned to like sushi. I went through the many stages of sushi liking here. On my first visit, I had delicious tempura and little sushi. On that first visit, I attempted my first piece of real sushi. It was delicious and much yummier than any sushi that I had ever had before. In my subsquent visits, I've become more of a sushi eater experimenting with jim roll rolls and pieces of sashimi. Last night, I went to Cherin?s after a movie and was super hungry. We got a jim roll, a salmon roll, a tuna roll, and some pieces. The sushi is good that we cleaned the plate up fast between two people. We also tried the miso soup. The service here is always great and the servers are extremely nice and attentive. I can't say enough good things about Cherin's because it's such an awesome sushi restaurant. I'll be back when my sushi cravings start to kick up and I want some delicious rolls. Pros: servers,rolls Cons: -- more

AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!! 9/4/2008

When i ordered from Cherin Sushi i was expecting delicious sushi, what i got was something so distasteful. And i know sushi, it's practically all I ever eat. The rolls were so small and it did not taste fresh. Other than that the delivery was quick. more

Best Kept Secret in NY 8/12/2008

This is fantastic sushi. The service is great and the food is even better AND it's BYOB.... what isn't perfect about this place....? There can be a mighty long wait if you just decide to pop in on a random night. Be prepared.... Pros: food, prices Cons: waiting times more

Not worth the trip 7/29/2008

I read some reviews of Cherin sushi and decided to try it out with some friends to judge for myself... bad idea. Just like some other reviews said- it was very very loud.. especially for such a small space. We could barely hear each other speak. When we asked for an ice bucket to cool our wine, the waiter brought a cup full of ice.. I'm not quite sure what he wanted us to do with the cup but when I asked again about the ice bucket he pointed to the cup. The sushi took about 45 minutes to arrive and the rolls were very small, which is why they are so cheap. Almost everything tasted ok. Not completely disgusting, but far from good. One roll that we ordered tasted like soap and I was pretty sure that I would spend the rest of the evening in the bathroom from the not-so-fresh fish. I will definitely not be coming back. You pretty much get what you pay for here. Pros: hmm.. can't think of any Cons: loud, long wait time, not fresh more

Cheap, but not worth the savings 7/18/2008

Not worth visiting. Sushi was tiny, tough, and flavorless. Usually you can get decent salmon sashimi anywhere, this stuff was terrible, tough, too warm and the rice was wayy to heavy and sticky. White tuna was mushy (possibly frozen at some point) Rolls were just as bad, wrapped way to tight. Not a single japanese person in the place which is usually a bad sign. Pretty much what i expected for $12.95 but I thought i'd give it a shot. All these 5 star reviews are definitly bogus. Only bonus was we sat next to james cromwell. (he was smart and ordered the vegetarian). more

The best sushi in NY 6/7/2008

Cherin Sushi is so good I almost hate to review it, in fear that diners will come in droves, and make getting a table difficult. Still, it's so good -- quality, variety, price -- that it deserves to have its praises sung. The fish is the freshest you'll find in NY, of extremely high quality, and at prices you'll be amazed by. The owners insist on the best quality, and would rather run out of a particular fish on a given night than buy lesser quality just to have lots on hand. The Cherin salad (seaweed, mushrooms, and cucumber) begins the meal with a refreshing combination of flavors and textures that primes the palate for the fish to come. Regardless of the rolls and individual sushi choices one makes, you can be sure you'll get your money's worth. The fresh (NOT imitation) chopped crab that is the base for many of the rolls adds a unique signature to the rolls. The Olivia roll is a ""must have"" (shredded shrimp on top of sliced basic rice rolls, and then toasted). It's one of their more innovative rolls. I have too many ""favorites"" to name them all, but try the Cherin roll (eel & avocado on top of the crabmeat mix), the Joe roll, and -- well, just about any one that grabs your fancy. You won't be sorry. Pros: Quality, taste, price, service Cons: Sometimes the groups that ""Bring their own"" linger too long, and too loudly. more

My Favorite BYOB Secret! 4/11/2008

My friends and I LOVE to go to BYOB restaurants in the city but can't stand the fact they don't take reservations or the lines and waits are too long. We also like to get away from the scene so we can laugh and enjoy our meal without saying hello to every person we've ever met. hooked up with or worked with at some point or other. Cherin is a cute dimly-lit cosy lil Sushi restaurant where you can enjoy your meal without spending an arm and a leg. The most I've ever waited for a table was 5-10 minutes and I was with a party of 5 and then a party of 4 on a Saturday night at 9pm. I'm telling you, get th Meredith roll mmm, the food is so inexpensive tat you don't feel guilty ordering 3+ rolls but it also isn't gross. Highly recommend it and what could be better than good food, great aura AND BYOB?! ... ENJOY! Pros: Great value for your buck! never a long wait, not as sceney as Poke on the UES etc. Cons: they only serve sushi so don't bring your non-sushi eating I only order teriyaki friends here more

Best sushi value in the city 3/4/2008

This little sushi gem has made a regular out of me. I have been going there for almost 5 months & i have never been disapponted at all. Their tuna-tataki salad , spicy miso- soup & gillian roll to name a few keep me comming back. I remember having a similar tuna-tataki salad in Nobu but i believe the price at Nobu was atleast five times more than Cherin! I am not sure how true it is but the manager told me that Cherin shared the same fish supplier as Nobu & most other high end sushi place in the city. Their fish quality does seem to prove the point. more

If you want Nasty Sushi and bad service this is your place 2/21/2008

The sushi at Cherin sushi is small and disgusting. The rolls were not original at all. They didn't have any flavor at all. The place did not even have sweetener for their bland green tea. DO NOT GO HERE. Down the street here are plenty of other nice places. STAY AWAY FROM CHERIN SUSHI!!!! Pros: I didn't up chuck from their food Cons: EVERYTHING more

Creative Menu, Great Sushi, Be sure to sit in front 9/29/2007

Went to this place with a friend for the first time on a saturday night. I thought we didn't need reservations but apparently you do if you want a decent table. All the good tables are at the front of the restaurant, the rest are in the back near the sushi bar. We ended up starting at the sushi bar which barely accomodates two people and then upgraded to a table directly NEXT to the sushi bar. As for the food-amazing! Best sushi and the low prices are a plus. I highly recommend the Gillian, William (spicy crunchy tuna), and the Trisha roll. Food presentation is great-depending on what you order they wrap thin slivers of fish on the outside-never seen this before but very tasty. BYOB is no fee everynight but friday and saturday in which case they charge you 5 bucks after your first bottle. Service is slow, so if you want to chill its great for you-they won't kick you out. Overall, if you're looking for great sushi for a low price this is quite a find, go on a weekday and reserve a table at the front and you're golden Pros: Creative Menu, Tasty sushi, Low prices Cons: Small, Dark, Slow service, dingy in the back. more

BYOB!Can't go wrong with that! 8/7/2007

The sushi here is the best around and the prices are the best around too! Why pay so much for the same quality, the sushi and sashimi are always fresh here and they taste really good. The service is efficient and very attentive, my date and I very much enjoyed the fact that it was BYOB, we sure took advantage of that one. more

Fish quality was subpar but range of dishes very impressive 7/20/2007

Perhaps I went on an off night but last night I had a salmon sashimi and a few rolls with tuna and the fish tasted... tough. Normally, I can take my chopsticks and easily press down and slice the salmon sashimi but here it felt as if I needed a knife. The salmon was a bit leathery. Further, the special rolls on the back side of the menu advertise wrapping avocado and salmon or some other variation around the role. When it arrived, I found to my dismay that one section would have only avocado or only salmon, rarely both. Perhaps this is just a matter of personal taste but I found this to be annoying and not appetizing. The rolls were a bit small. Nevertheless, the range of rolls was fantastic and the seaweed/cucumber salad with spicy sauce is not to be missed. I'll try again because of all the positive reviews, but I have to say, last night, I was not impressed. Pros: Great menu Cons: questionable quality more

Best sushi around, amazing prices 6/10/2007

After going to Sushi Samba, I realized that I needed to eat sushi more often. I looked up some places on CitySearch and tried to find something reasonable. This place was exactly what I was looking for. After finding it in the East Village, me and my girlfriend were skeptical as its a tiny little place and not many people go before 7 or so, but this place proved us wrong. The fish is fresh, the prices are by far the best around, there are only around 8 tables, and it's BYOB. I've been back 5 times to Cherin and each time I am always impressed. Pros: Fresh fish, great prices, nice area more

Most unique sushi with the best rice to fish ratio 3/8/2007

The place is very clean.The service is top notch & the sushi is exactly the way i like it to be served in small humane portions with very little rice & lots of fish that i actually came to eat. Its a great spot for students or artists like me with good taste but wanna go easy on the dough.I have to say this place is definitely not for people who are into ""ALL U CAN EAT"" sushi joints..Looking at the negative reviews it seems like its been written up by the same person over & over again(probably a fired employee or a competitor) abusing the liberal standard of ""city search"". If all the good reviews were posted by the owner/staff which i highly doubt -then i'd give a.. ""THUMPS UP"" to them as they r not only great in the art of sushi but they seem to be great writers as well. Cheers Cherin.. Pros: Thumbs up Cons: none more

OK at best, not worth going to 3/3/2007

Obvious case of staff posting fake reviews. Just click on any of those positive reviewers, and you'll see that Cherin the only place they've reviewed. It's a shame somebody at Citysearch can't just delete these obvious fakes. Cherin Sushi receives no positive attention elsewhere, which I suppose is why they have the time and need to resort to this level of tackiness. Pros: Seated quickly Cons: Small portion size not justified by the price or quality, general tackiness more
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  • East Village Japanese restaurant offers specialty rolls, sashimi, and combo platters. Delivery and carry out is also available.

  • 8/8/2007 Provided by Citysearch

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