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Brothers Bar & Grill - 32 Reviews - 430 First Ave N (at Fifth Street), Minneapolis, MN - Bars, Pubs & Clubs Reviews - Phone (612) 339-4240

Brothers Bar & Grill

430 First Ave N (at Fifth Street)
Minneapolis, MN 55401
(612) 339-4240
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So Brother's is getting a bad rap and I have no freaking idea why. The person below me obviously doesn't understand that card transactions don't show up on the weekend... good luc...


Brothers is a place where you'll definitely see a line of people under 25 trying to get inside on a Friday or Saturday night. But once inside have fun trying to find a place to st...

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/29/2012

Can't beat 2 for 1 Happy Hour. Always leads us to a great time every night dancing at the lower bar. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/18/2012

Ohh i love BRO....THERS... more

This sh*thole has a dress code?! 8/27/2011

so ive come to the conclusion that brothers sucks dick, and so do all the bouncers that work there. i go there before the twins VS. tigers game 8-26-11, they card me at the door, no worries, im of drinking age. i head downstairs, grab a couple jack and cokes. time to head out to the game. after a horrible loss to the tigers (8-1, thank god i had awesome seats!) i stop back over to brothers to grab a drink so i can stand the overcrowded ride back to my car on the lightrail. i get up to the door the one guy asks for my ID, again, no worries, oh but wait, according to the dick at the door standing next to him, my pants are too baggy... to which i reply ""oh the pants that i wore in here before the game are now too baggy?"" to which he replies ""uhhhh ummmm uhhh"" with a dazed look on his face. i say ""yeah, thats what i thought, this place sucks ass anyhow"" i then turned around and left. I will never return to brothers for any reason, i will persuade anyone i know, even people i dont, to also never go here again, their bouncers think they are gods, a few of my friends beat the sh*t out of every bouncer in that place a few years back, so i know this to be untrue. My pants are Levis, they are not the least bit baggy im 6 foot tall 185 lbs and i wear 34 waist and 32 inseam, given they arent skinny jeans, but levis carpenter jeans are not baggy... Oh, and since when does this sh*thole have a dress code?! if i could give this place 0 stars, i would. hit up rosens, sneaky petes, or the drink. this place is as douchy as the cast of jersey shore... more

Pretty d*** great if you ask me. 8/20/2011

So Brother's is getting a bad rap and I have no freaking idea why. The person below me obviously doesn't understand that card transactions don't show up on the weekend... good luck fighting though! Here's the deal - if you don't like crowded ""divey"" college bars, don't go. I don't know why anybody expects more from this place when they've NEVER claimed to be. They've since expanded the bar into three levels. The food can take forever if you're flooding out of Twins game, but last time that happened, the server comped us our drinks and food. And yes, they WILL NOT let you in if you have flat brim caps, saggy-a$$ jeans, oversized shirts, haven't showered, are looking to start a fight, etc - just like EVERY OTHER BAR downtown. The dress code is more lax though, to accommodate for the females in the world that don't spend eight freaking hours sucking in their fat and hiding their face with cake, and darling, I'm sorry you got suckered by a guy getting funny - but just take the hit and pay up next time, of course they'll kick you out for trying to steal, you don't think the servers have heard e v e r y trick in the book? The bartenders, bless their hearts, try (and do a pretty good job) of being attentive to everyone and getting drinks, you have to realize this place is insane on the weekends. Me and my buddies have ALWAYS had a good time down here and recommend to anyone that doesn't feel the need to suit up and shove a stick up their a$$. more

You can't be serious 11/3/2010

Ok, so i went to brothers on holloween 10/30/10 i got two long island ice teas and two waters. i paid my bill 15 bucks ok fine and good . I havent even been close to there since then but i just looked at my bill today 11/3/10 and there was an expense of 2.99 on my Card!!! What? how does this happen this is crazy no i havent called them yet because they arent open but rest asured i will call them and tell them to explain to me why they have a 2.99 charge and i havent been there since the 10/30/10 more

Horrible experiance!!!!! 2/28/2010

Last night saturday the 27th me, my boyfriend and my girlfriend met a group of people at brothers. As soon as we arrived there me and my girlfriend got through the packed downstairs to get a drink at the bar. We were surrounded by guys. One guy in particular asked my girlfriend if she would like him to buy us a drink she said sure. Who would turn that down? The guy ordered from a young male bartender. When the drinks arrived there were 7 drinks including shots. The guy who had ordered them was hiding behind his friend like a child. The bartender started to get upset at me and my girlfriend because the guy who ordered the drinks had no intentions of paying for them. We were trying to explain this to the bartender and my friend said she would pay for the two drinks that were ours. He started to count down from 5 like we were children and said someone has to pay for all these drinks. So my girlfriend went into her purse and pulled out her card, while she was doing this she said she would just pay for them all thats fine, even though we were not happy about it. But I work in the service industry and I know what its like having people dip out on there tabs. As soon as my girlfriend pulled out her card the bartender dumped all the drinks and waved the bouncer over to kick us out.!!! We were totally sober and calm. We explained to the bouncer what had happened and then one of the friends of the guy who ordered the drinks told the bouncer that this was a mistake we shouldn't get kicked out, it was his friend who ordered all the drinks. My friend requested to speak with the manager and even after doing so, 3 large bouncers muscled us out of the bar. We were not even putting up a fight my girlfriend wanted to grab her coat they would'nt let her. We were shoved outside in the cold like a couple of brawlers or criminals. This resulted us in getting seperated from our group. We had to take a cab, my girlfriends house keys were in our friends (that were still in brothers) car. She had to break into her house with a neighbors crowbar!!! Brothers will be compensating her, im not going away quietly. Downtown bars think they can just treat people how ever they want and get away with it. Its like they have their own set of insane laws. Im really upset at the manager who did nothing but add to the problem. We were more than willing to pay for the drinks even after they had dumped them out. Now brothers better be more than willing to pay for my friends broken screen and window!! I can make this legal and if they want to go to court even if they win they will still end up spending more money than if they just compensate us for our troubles. I dont want a complementary drink it doesn't matter what they say I will never go there again. more

Trashiest Bar I've ever been to 10/11/2009

I've been to Brother's a few times. It's generally filled with lots of college age types. It's a strange mix of your typical college kids (frat types) and gangsta wanna-be's. Don't bump into anyone or you may be punched... I've seen it happen nearly every time I've been there... ridiculous, especially considering how packed that place gets. what prompted me to leave this review was my experience last night. I was sober cab for the night. My wife and our friends were out celebrating a friend's birthday. We ended the night at Brothers. The place was an absolute pit... there was broken glass all over the floors, nearly every corner. We were there for well over an hour and no staff even attempted to clean it up even after I informed them that my wife cut her toe on a piece of broken glass. The bouncer's response was and I quote, ""That's not my problem!!!"" Well it will be your problem when you get sued by someone who gets an infection... Ridiculous. I will never be back to this place. I'm all for a good time and I know that when you have that many people drunk in the same place some stuff is going to get broken, but it's also their job to at least try to clean it up. Pros: cheap drinks Cons: DIRTY, Broken glass all over, crappy staff more

Lame central! 6/17/2009

Well every time I have been in there it has been quite different. First time, nobody even carded me, cool. Second time I was already drunk, third and last time I went, they would not let me in because I had a book bag. When I politely asked why they admitted ladies with their huge purses, all I got in response was and I quote this from his obviously uneducated mouth ""They are ladies"" real sophisticated answer to justify a oxymoron of a rule. So remember guys, don't bring any work bags or school sh*t to brothers, put all of your guns, knives, and dr*gs in your ladies purse and it's all good. So really the staff is to blame because they really can't explain their own rules justly, screw you brothers, way to ruin my night and be sexist. Pros: 8 dollars all you can drink! Cons: Staff is a bunch of dimwits. more

AWESOME employees, GREAT drink specials- My favorite bar out there! 1/2/2009

Once you get to know the staff, they really are the nicest downtown. The bouncers look out for their regulars, and the bartenders hook up the drinks. I often am there until about 2:30 am hanging out before going outside. Thursdays $5 bottomless tap is a great deal. Never had the food, never gone there to eat though either. Very relaxed atmosphere. You can wear a dress, or jeans and a hoodie. You get better service when you go places regularly so I made it a point to get to know the staff. It is generally packed Thurs-Saturday.\r \r And YES- the bouncers will kick you out if you try to come in too drunk, too sloppy, clothes to baggy, clipped ID, you're being an a**hole, you look creepy, you start a fight, your id is faake- THEY DON'T MESS AROUND!\r \r I HIGHLY recommend Brothers not only for its drink specials, but the exceptional service from the staff. Pros: Drink specials, bartenders/bouncers Cons: Needs a better smoking patio more

Broad Ripple, Indiana, Biggest waste of space in our town 12/7/2008

This restaurant is a huge let down for our neighborhood. We have very little opportunity for family restaurants and this place is awful and way over priced. The kids burger for $4.75 is the same one I got for $8.99. There was a huge hair all wrapped up in my cheese on the burger, very dry and way over cooked, seemed all the food was pre-cooked. The waitress barley acted like they cared and still charged me full price. The waitress we had was watching TV the whole time, I waited on my family myself. She was rude and needs another ocupation. We were charged for the fries on the three kids plates, but it says on the menu the fries are included. The manager did not care at all what was going on at our table, never came by. The chicken tenders looked like they had been cooked three or four times, they should call them chicken rocks. I would tell anyone who is planning to go there not to. more

Some people don't know what they're talking about 11/28/2008

no this isn't a ritz ville bar, its a funky basement bar with darts and pool. the crowd is definitely college, which i admit i am. if you're into stuffy cocktails and not having a good time this place isn't for you. and if you ever see how crowded this place gets, you'll know why some of the more ""picky"" members on here chose to rate it poorly. the place is packed and they've only got what 3 or 4 bartenders? they do a d*** good job if you ask me, i've never had a problem with politeness! the food is amazing and goes perfectly with a pitcher. wednesday nights are 8 dollar all you can drink mugs on pretty much everything. if you're into the college scene and don't feel like going to a place where suits feel like a requirement this is definitely your place to kick back and have a blast. free darts and pool are a plus too :) Pros: ridiculously fun, great people more

Not So Happy ""Happy Hour""!!! 10/6/2008

My husband and I went to brother's on 10/6/08 and we instantly felt uncomfortable as if we had just walked into a time warp and landed in the jim crow south circa 1962! we proceed to find a clean seat to sit in and we even told the bartender that most of the seats were dirty which she brushed off and claimed it was water. any ways she barked at us to see our identification which we showed her then she asked for our order but when two patrons returned from smoking she quickly ignored placing our order to fill their new order! she also made our drinks wrong after we explained how we wanted them! she was rude and nasty (blonde short and petite) we will never return. Pros: cheap drinks Cons: bartenders with nasty attitudes!!! more

Can't beat the Lunch prices! 10/1/2008

I went to brothers for lunch yesterday with a coworker. We went about 11:15, the place was EMPTY!! But, we still tried it. Small menu, with cheap prices - $2.95 for a burger and chips. I thought maybe the burger was an extra small one, but it wasn't! It was very good - cheaper than eating at the cafeteria at my work! We only drank water, but between the two of us our bill came to a whopping $8 - can beat it! I'll be back - often!!! more

A good time & great Happy Hour 3/11/2008

Last weekend I went with some friends to Brothers. The bar was full, but not too crowded. The Happy Hour specials were great, 2 for drinks (except Martinis) and ladies' Martinis were $1. The appetizers were all on special, too. The crowd seemed a bit on the young side. The service was great. I definitely recommend this place! Pros: Great specials, tons of people Cons: Crowd a bit baby-faced more

College Crowd 11/22/2006

Well, if you're in the 21-25 year old range, this is the bar for you. College kids and alumni hang out, play pool and drink, drink, drink! Very crowded on the weekends. Pros: Great happy hour Cons: very young scene more

Cheap drinks, fun crowd, good times 10/29/2006

Brothers is traditionally for the freshly 21 crowd, but no matter your age you can still have a good time there. The drinks are cheap, the crowd is generally relaxed, the music is good too. Friday and Saturday late evenings can get pretty crowded, but if you take advantage of their drink specials, you wont care much! Pros: cheap drinks, music, crowd Cons: can get too crowded and hot more

If you leave here sober, you shouldn't have come 10/4/2006

Granted, I do fit the stereotype of 20-something guys who overwhelmingly frequent Brothers, yet my endorsement of this bar transcends the clientele. Let's be honest: most of us want to pick up a female when we go out, and most of us go home alone 90% of the time. Given that reality, why waste your time at an overpriced, ritzy bar with greasy late 20-somethings who came straight from work? If you want to get drunk, wasted, or sh*tfaced beyond belief, especially on a weeknight, come to Brothers. The music is great, the crowds are energetic and carefree, and the service is usually pleasant. And, hey, the girls who show up are usually pretty attractive, and more arrive towards the end of the night. Give it a shot. It took me a few times (and a few nasty hangovers) before I realized how much of a treat this place really is. more

Very Rude, Never going back 8/25/2006

WE went here with a party bus of people. We went in and everyone was having a nice time, one group memeber stepped out to have a smoke and then the doorman wouldn't let him back in because his shorts looked too much like sweatpants, they were leopard print high quality. They had already let him in once and said nothing and were very rude about the situation. We tried to talk to the manager who was also very rude and said he couldn't over rule the doorman,without even looking into it, and apparently thought it was better to lose 40 people and our business than just let him back in. I will never go back to this establishment and would recommend you stay away because if you have any problems there,no one will be the least bit concerned to help you. Cons: service more

Thursday Drink Night 8/4/2006

Thursday night $5.00 drink all the beer you can drink. Awesome! The Chicks are hotttt! The atmosphere was peaceful and electric. more

gotta go 6/1/2005

it's simple- go to brothers. it's always the most crowded bar downtown and i mean bar- not club (thank god). Pros: music , hot girls, drinks more
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  • In Short
    The sign says Brothers was established in 1967. That's not the year the restaurant opened--that's the year the youngest of the founding Fortney brothers was born. The bar...

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