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Bills Appliance - 16 Reviews - 124 Bartlett St, Portsmouth, NH - Appliances Reviews - Phone (603) 319-4155

Bills Appliance

124 Bartlett St
Portsmouth, NH 03801
(603) 319-4155
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Bills Appliance - Portsmouth, NH
Bills Appliance - Portsmouth, NH


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My wife and I had a family reunion planned with 30 guests coming. Guess what broke the day before the party? Our gas stove. I called everyone around and no one had the part I need...


We have used Bills for Jenn Air, Thermador, Sub Zero, and Amana Appliances. Long waiting time for parts.The last straw was when we were not called, we found the part was never o...

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/8/2014

last Saturday my husband called to make an appointment to get his mother's dryer repaired. they came out that afternoon and solved the problem quickly and courteously. his mother was very impressed and that is saying a lot. highly recommend. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/12/2013

My husband and I were recommended to Bill's by a friend. Since there are not many appliace repair companies in Portsmouth and we try to always support local business owners, we decided to call them up for a broken washing machine instead of doing our research. They were in contact right away and sent someone as soon as possible, so I was extremely hopeful that our issue would be fixed promptly. Our front loader washing machine was shipped 2,000 miles without the shipping bolts and the tub was violently banging during the spin cycle. A 50 minute wash was taking up to two hours due to the balance being off. The repair man showed up and started off being not particularly friendly, but because of my frustration with another military move gone wrong, I went right to explaining the problem. He insisted that the banging was normal and there was nothing wrong with the machine, and the extended wash time was my fault for using too much soap. After insisting that wasn't the problem because I had the machine for four years and just recently noticed these issues and reminded him of the shipping without the bolts, he became visually annoyed and finally claimed the pump was broken. Even though all the water was completely draining out of the tub, he left my $85 dollar bill on my washer and walked out without saying a word. I called the number I used to schedule the appointment to explain my dissatisfaction with my service. I was told on the phone by who I assume was the receptionist how I was the one being rude and she extremely condescendingly said that she ""did not expect that type of behavior"" from me. Surprised, I explained that I would be writing a negative review on the company which was followed by her hanging up on me. I called back and there was no answer, so here I am. I'm sure this company is knowledgeable (she did say the repair man sent to my house had 20 years experience) and does great work when there is a very apparent, easy-fix issue with an appliance, but I believe in customer service and satisfaction, and that wasn't there in my appointment. After reading other reviews now, I can see that I should have done my research and hope others do the same when looking for appliance repair, and therefore do not recommend this company. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/28/2013

So one of the most rude humans i have ever encountered, and i have done food service and retail for over 20 years! Bill is a foul mouth,rude, sexist who if questioned about his ethics tries to bully you with his size. I have personaly witnessed him shove anouther human being to the ground when asked to move his sign, that was blocking anouther bussienss. Bill lied to the police when he relized he was video taped on my phone, he changed his story quickly. When your in the retail buisness no matter how long, there should be a profesional standard to hold too. In and out of work. For shame on this horrible human for his behavior, attitude and general disregard for other people. Ask any person who has worked with me or for me, no matter the issue, you need to be an adult and take care of others first. Bill is and will not be recomended to anyone i know and ask any who wish to use his service talk to him for more than a minute and descover for yourself his true intentions!!! Hes a loud bully who pushes his help around like cattle and treats others like dirt. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/13/2012

Thank you Bills! Your technician was top notch and fixed our appliance on the first visit. I had just spent $200 on groceries and my refrigerator died. I called Bills Appliance and the office staff was so concerned they got parts ready for me and sent the tech out that day and he was able to repair the refrigerator. Thank you! more

NO stars for shoddy 3/14/2012

We have used Bills for Jenn Air, Thermador, Sub Zero, and Amana Appliances. Long waiting time for parts.The last straw was when we were not called, we found the part was never ordered. Then the repair man broke a bulb in the oven light socket. Since he replaced the socket, it has never worked after the 1st day. We were away for a month in Winter and when we came back, they refused to correct a shorted out socket that they broke in the first place. We now use EURO Appliance. Far superior work, courtesy, fast attention, fair prices, short wait for urgent repairs. more


My wife and I had a family reunion planned with 30 guests coming. Guess what broke the day before the party? Our gas stove. I called everyone around and no one had the part I needed. Come to find out the part was on a national back order. I called Bills. They had the part in stock in the their warehouse! They came out that same day with the part, installed it and they left with my stove working! Thank you Bills because we had a great reunion and used that stove a lot! more


We just had Bills Appliance install our gas range through Sears. Not only are they gas licensed but they were friendly, professional and so easy to deal with. They had a checklist of questions to go over with me they were able to pin point any possible issues right over the phone. Then they came to my house free of charge just to check the site area. Sure enough my granite countertops would not allow the new range to fit properly so Bill's coordinate a granite company to come out the same time they did and my entire installation was done on the day I requested in less than an hour! Thank you Bills! more


I have purchased all my household appliances from Bill's over the years. We bought our refrigerator there which I have had for 8 years now. I paid only $150 for it. I think I had an issue with it once and Bill came out free of charge to fix it! I have also bought my washer and dryer there about 6 years ago and the washers and dryers are still the same price! I have never had a problem with the appliances. Such a deal! I had to write a review because I saw so many negative people and I have had such a great experience.\r more

Excellent Service 10/7/2011

My refrigerator broke late Saturday evening. I called Bills Appliance and left a message. Someone got right back to me and squeezed me in ASAP because of my situation. The technician came right out on time! He had a part to repair my refrigerator in stock and now it is working! The woman in the office found out I was a veteran and gave me a discount. Really nice people, great service cant thank them enough. more

Horrible. Worst experience ever. 5/25/2011

Would never recommend to anyone! Females beware. If only zero stars were an option... I bought my dishwasher from Sears BECAUSE in the past they have always sent someone qualified and professional. We are a military family and my husband was deployed when the dishwasher broke. When Bill showed up from Bill's Appliances he was very distracted calling in the work order and didn't even make eye contact with me or greet me. He said to the other person with him that he didn't even think he was going to be able to do the job and still never even acknowledged me. I took off work for this? He talked with his voice raised and it was very unsettling, so I called my neighbor to come over because I was home alone. When my neighbor came over he spoke to her in a loud raised voice and was extremely rude. There was a general lack of civility and I can't believe, especially after reading other complaint's here that Sear's would send these people to my house. I told them to return the dishwasher to Sear's, that I didn't want it, and closed and locked the door to get them out as fast as possible. more

Use Bill's 2/2/2011

I have used Bill's several times over several years and found them nothing but prompt, courteous, effective and timely. The last go around I tried to wash a floormat and it shredded and clogged my washer, it was puzzling to the tech at first and it looked I might need a new pump. But he kept at it, found the clog and squared me away, all for a reasonable price. I would highly recommend BIll's. more

great experience 9/19/2010

I had a great experience with usins bills appliance this past week. I read the reviews before calling and decided to take a chance. the technician was prompt and polite. gave me time to explain my problem and told me what was needed for a complete repair. I was told that i needed a control board and that the part would be in in 3-5 buisness days. in 4 days I was called and told my part was in and the tech came back and fixed my problem. he even re-leveled my machine.\r very professional and courteous, and got the job done in a very short period of time. I recommend using them in the future as I will be from now on. the service was wonderful and i no longer get dish pan hands. great service!! more

Buyer Beware 7/12/2010

I went to Bill's last Wednesday to purchase a washer, urgently needed. They were very kind and arranged to rush my delivery for Friday morning. They were also to pick up my old washer, which wasn't draining. (Therefore, one would assume it had water in it.) I told them I had bailed as much as I could, but it still had some water in it. On Friday, the delivery arrived as promised, but the deliveryman said he couldn't move the old washer out with water in it. He said I could bail it or use a wet vac. I mentioned renting a wet vac and he said they had one in the store and he could come back with it as soon as Monday if the office could reschedule the delivery at that time. He said he would be alone and asked if I had anyone who could help him, and I said no. He told me to call the office. I called the office to reschedule. Dee from the office left me a voice mail on Friday afternoon, rescheduling for Monday between 9 and 11. I simply had to call and confirm, which I did. Great. Monday at 10:50 I was getting nervous and called for status, and was told that the delivery person couldn't POSSIBLY do this alone, that he was NOT bringing a wet vac, and that they could reschedule for Tuesday or Wednesday. A call letting me know this at some point would have been appreciated and saved them from getting this review. She then called her delivery person to check whether he had promised me Monday delivery, at which time I heard him over the phone charmingly yelling, ""How am I supposed to deliver a f****ng washer by myself??!?"" I then said that wanted my money back, and the manager or whoever she was said I could have a store credit, which I found ludicrous -- why would I ever want to deal with them again?? I pointed out that the washer is MY property at this point and that I have been promised to have it today and I want it today, at which point she sarcastically said ""Well come get it"". The person I spoke to, in way of explanation, mentioned a couple of times that she had just walked in the door -- this was 2 hours after opening time and she was the only one in the shop -- real professional. She also blamed the whole mess on Dee. When I said that as a manager of a business myself, I make things right for the customer if my staff messes up, she viciously retorted, ""Well, Dee is probably going to get fired -- Is that what you want to hear??"" It was not -- I just want my washer and obviously poor Dee has not been adequately trained by her rude and unprofessional manager. Needless to say, I am stuck waiting for them to deliver my washer whenever they get around to it, but also needless to say, I advise strong caution and low expectations if you ever deal with these people. more

Customer Service at it's Worst. 6/23/2010

Unfortunately, Sears now contracts their installs of appliances to places like these. I'll try not to flame too much. The bottom line is the installers and the woman who speaks to the customers come off as so uncaring and so rude that it's almost laughable. I am astounded that anyone could care so little about customer service. There's a reason for all the negative comments you are reading below. I would say choose your installer carefully, but Sears doesn't give you a choice anymore. Pros: Close by. Cons: Not courteous, rude, unprofessional. more

Belive me its true 2/20/2010

I bought a new house in the area and within 1 month had mutiple appliance problems. Found Bill's thru a neighbor who raved about them. I have to say when i came on this site to rave myself, i was suprised to see negitave comments. These guys went above and beyond anything i have experianced in the past with service companies. They were able to repair 2 of the 3 appliances on the first visit. The 3rd appliance needed parts that were on back order, they explained this to me the next day and even told me how i could speed up the process with the manufacturer. The parts took a while, but they came the day after they recived them. Kudos Bills Appliance! Pros: Customer service, speed, technical knowladge and profesional Cons: cant think of one more

Rude, Rude Rude! 12/2/2009

Technician came to our house to fix our refrigerator. He was nice, helpful. Located the problem in our freezer with a heating element. He defrosted the part of the freezer that had built up, but did not collect any of the water. It leaked through our ceiling and into our basement, covering furniture and carpet, and leaking over electrical outlets. I called to make note of the incident, and Dawn got on the line, and abruptly said well it's not our problem, you wanted us to fix the issue. We did - and I am sure you wanted the freezer defrosted. Yes, problem is fixed, but the technician should have realized water would be collecting somewhere! I asked about a comp on the next visit, and she rudely said she would have to see. Then told me to calm down, take a deep breath, that she was with a customer and they didn't think she was being rude. Cons: Dawn is not helpful and unprofessional more


Bill's Appliance apparently is the service provider in the Greater Portsmouth area for a major, if not the largest, appliance warranty insurance company. Bill's Appliance was contacted after we called the warranty company requesting service for our new washing machine. A ""technician"" showed up who had never seen the flashing error code, nor was he interested in the symptoms or what I had discovered the error code to mean. Within 4 minutes of stepping through the door, and not removing a single screw, he abruptly concluded that we needed a new main circuit board and that it would take a couple of days to come in. Six weeks went by and no service. We called ""Dee"" several times during that six weeks and were told that she expected the part in on Wednesday. No follow-up or no updates from them. We honestly doubt that the part was ordered or that they ever had any intention of helping us. We finally had enough and called the warranty company and complained. They called Bill's Appliance directly and got the same poor customer service. We strongly urged the warranty company to not use Bill's Appliance to service any appliances under their contracts. They did agree to send a different repair company to service our washer. With our economy the way it is, it is most surprising that a company so poorly skilled at providing a service can stay in business. Beware!! Cons: All more

The worst service i have ever had 8/12/2009

Bill's appliance was hired by my warranty company to fix a problem with my range, after 4 months they have been to my home on two occasions and have had the wrong part. I have placed numerous calls to find out why it takes 2 months to receive a part and never received a return call from them. The receptionist always had an excuse for why i couldn't speak to Dawn the lady that handles the parts and scheduling. i have not been able to use my oven for 4 months now because they are so incompetent. I have made a request to have the warranty company to blacklist this horrible excuse for a company so no one else has to deal with these people again. I wish there was an option to give this company a zero star. Cons: Customer service more

Terrible Customer Service 6/9/2009

I had Bill's Appliance come out and fix my oven. After around $350 of labor and parts, I found that the oven had the same problem. I called Bill's Appliance for another appointment and left upwards of 4 messages. I never received a return call. Finally, I got through, but by then my 30 day warranty had expired. Had my calls been returned, I would not have missed the 30 day limit. The woman was rude, refused to listen to my story or bend the rules, so I had to spend another $350 with a better company to get the job done. Pros: friendly service men Cons: terrible customer service more

Be Warned about Bob's Appliance 4/29/2008

I would not recommend Bob's Appliance. They could not fix my appliance after 8 months of coming out to for appointments, misdiagnosing the problem and eventually breaking parts that were not originally broken. There is constant turn over for techs so I didn't have the same tech come out each month and I had to re-explain the issue each time. Usually the tech would say the last tech that came out didn't know what he was doing and he'd have to start from square one - although that would be a wrong diagnosis too. The receptionist was very unproffesional and comabtive and actually called me a liar at one point. I eventually couldn't take the annoyance of working with these people and had to eat the money I had paid Bill's for nothing.\r Euro Appliance came out and diagnosed and fixed my appliance in one appointment. Matt from Euro is great. Call him, not Bill's ( unless you are a glutton for punishment and have time and money to waste - if so then Bill's is your place to call ). Cons: everything more
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