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Associates In Women's Healthcare

901 Ridgefield Dr
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(919) 876-9797
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I started going here for yearly exams 5 years ago and have been happy ever since. I see Dr. Moody, and actually have exams every 6 months due to Dysplasia found when she was being...


Quality of care and the doctors are great - love Dr. Mohr! Had my first child with them and everything went wonderfully. Moved out of state and requested they send my medical re...

Ridiculous 12/6/2016

Wait in the room is always 45 minutes minimum. It is freezing in the office to boot! Leaving this practice after 21 years..,,,, more

Go elsewhere 11/11/2016

Dr. Moody said the option I was interested in for birth control was too expensive for me based solely on looking at me and nothing factual. I checked with my insurance plan prior to my appointment to confirmed that an IUD would be 100% covered as preventative care. Moody continued to explain that an IUD was not considered "preventative" care, that most insurance won't cover it, and assumed it was not affordable for me. She's unprofessional, and truly should not be allowed to give advice. more

would not recommend 6/24/2014

Quality of care and the doctors are great - love Dr. Mohr! Had my first child with them and everything went wonderfully. Moved out of state and requested they send my medical records to my new ob-gyn. Received a letter 6 months later from a debt collector for $36 for transferring my records. I never received an invoice from their third party company they used (both had my new address) or a phone call. I called the office. It should be noted that the fact that they charge this fee is not on their website or their request for records form. They were very nice but said it really wasn't their problem. So now 3 weeks before I am to close on our new house I'm dealing with a debt collector for a debt from this office. It is a real shame considering the thousands of dollars they made during my pregnancy and child birth and the people I referred to this practice. I'm now fighting with their third party company to dispute this debt. Because of this I would not recommend this practice. :-\ more

Not Recommended 2/22/2012

I decided to use this practice with the pregnancy of my first child due to the fact that all the doctors are women which is hard to find in a rotating practice. I am now in my 6th month. I wish I would have chosen to look elsewhere for another obgyn practice. From the very beginning I have gotten the impression that all they care about is money. From your very first appointment they are sticking a payment agreement in your face to choose 1 of 2 options for payment for services and the letter includes that you will be denied service and booted from the practice if you cannot either pay the entire amount after insurance in full or pay within 4 payments. The earlier review about meaningless appointments is right on que. They keep you running back and forth every 4 weeks for the same routine and see 1 of 5 doctors each visit. There is nothing warm and friendly about the atmosphere...its all business. Doctors walk right past you in the hallways and look at you and don't speak or smile like they are better than you. You have to wait forever for a doctor to finally come in and when they do its business as usual, no warm conversation and just do what they need to do and get you out of there. You are truly just a number to them. I thought my first few appointments were like that just because I was a new patient but it seems that way everytime. I didn't want to go through everything all over again at another practice so I decided to stay on with them until after this child is born. After this child I can guarantee I will not be back again. Dr. Moody was indeed very rude and judgemental. She informed me I had gained too much weight during one month and needed to watch it and asked did I have a scale at home and to use it. I was very put off by her directness. Sure hope she isn't on call when I deliver. Then it seems all they want to do is run test which is sent to labcorp or send you for unnecessary (2 or 3) ultrasounds just to run up more bills when there were no problems foreseen. Stay away is my advice more

Not as an equal 12/19/2011

This practice is probably fine for anyone who just wants to mindlessly attend appointments and trust that the doctor knows best. If you hope to play an equal role in your prenatal care and especially your delivery- this might not be the practice for you. They are not very informative and I felt as though there was a definite hierarchy when dealing with the doctors at this practice. As someone with a low risk first pregnancy who was interested in a natural childbirth this practice was absolutely not for me. more

5 yrs of great care 12/10/2011

I started going here for yearly exams 5 years ago and have been happy ever since. I see Dr. Moody, and actually have exams every 6 months due to Dysplasia found when she was being very cautious and had extra tests ran just from symptoms I had. Everyone has always been very friendly. My only complaint is the wait time once back in the exam rooms. more

Dr Moody - my favorite doctor 7/12/2011

I've read some negative reviews about this practice and after my annual exam today I just had to chime in. I've never been pregnant but I have had other minor issues. Dr Moody is my doctor there, and every time I've seen her, I've found her to be friendly, compassionate, patient, responsive, honest, confident, and she has a great sense of humor. I truly can't say a bad thing about her. In fact, every time I leave her office, I feel happy. She puts me in a good mood, and in fact I wish she were an internist so I could see her for everything. As for the office staff and nurses, I've always found them to be friendly and accomodating. My phone calls have always been returned quickly, appointments are easy to get, and the office is generally on time, no longer than a 10 minute wait to be taken back. I would recommend Dr Moody to anyone looking for a great gyn experience. I love love love her! more

Good and bad 6/15/2011

I have seen 2 of the doctor's in this practice, and had two vastly different experiences. I usually see Dr. Chawla and I love her, she's been able to help with a problem I'd been having for years. One time, the office called me to move up my appointment and I saw Dr. Mohr and that was awful! She kept making comments on why I was in there early and was not gentle at all with her exam. If you do choose to come here, ask for Dr. Chawla! more

Awesome Doctors who can handle stress 4/6/2011

I saw all five doctors throughout my pregnancy and found them all very capable. When Dr. Mohr found on a weekly ultrasound that I had no fluid left, I was sent to the hospital to be induced. After receiving the epidural which caused my heartrate and the baby's to drop an emergency C-section was the only option. Dr. Jacokes was getting ready to end her shift and Dr. Gizzie was getting ready to come on board, but they both stayed and delivered my baby. They were professional, but serious (in a very stressful time) and handled the situation beautifully. My daughter was born healthy and is a thriving 2 year old. I plan to have another baby this year and will continue with this practice. Their knowledge, commitment and support have been wonderful. I would encourage anyone to go to any one of these doctors. They tell you the facts, provide you with options, and have always answered my questions. For those with bad experiences, I say, these doctors are humans, we all have bad days, but I truly feel they try their best! Karen is a blessing and the nurses really sweet! I felt completely safe when I had that emergency C-section because of the Doctors wisdom and knowing that they are so qualified....getting ready to try again! more

Stay Away 3/3/2011

I went here for the first several weeks of my first pregnancy. It was a demeaning experience. I absolutely agree with everyone who says that they felt like just a number (or a paycheck) to this practice. After gaining an average of one pound a week during my pregnancy, I was confronted by one of the doctors asking me what I was going to about my weight gain. I weighed 128 pounds (at almost 6 months along) when we had this conversation. She proceeded to tell me that my baby was going to be too big and I would need a C-section if I "keep this up." By the way, I went to another practice, one that had absolutely no problem with a pregnant woman gaining weight, and delivered a perfectly healthy baby vaginally with no complications. more

Just a number 9/27/2010

I will tell you that all they care about is $$$. You are just a number to them. The nurses are great. The doctors act like they have a contest going to see who can get their patient out the quickest.The nurses come and get 2-3 people from the waiting room. They take you back and have 2 people make their urine deposit and take the weight of the other person. Then they line you up going down a crowded hall way to check blood pressure and/or iron. Just a note if you have questions for the doctor now is the time to tell the nurses. They send you to sit in a cold exam room while the doctor takes about 60 seconds to review your chart. They check the baby's heartbeat measure your stomach, give you your bill and send you on your way. Dr. Chawla is the only doctor willing to take a minute to anser any questions you may have. more

Would not recommend this office 9/13/2010

I would not recommend this office to anyone. I went there my whole entire pregnancy to put up with sarcasm from Dr.Moody, and Dr. Mohr. I didn't particuliar care for the unfriendliness from Dr.Gizzie as well. I'm very seriously looking for a new office, since I found out that I have to be seen by all of them again during my next pregnancy journey. The receptionist in the back are very rude and act like snobs. more

Love these Doctors 6/20/2010

I have been going here for 10 years, I have seen all the doctors and they delivered my first child 1 1/2 years ago. I like them all. For people who have not had a child, please keep in mind that all obgyns deal with alot of pregnant women who sometimes have emergencies that make their appointments run a little long. I have been on both sides and I know they prioritize a pregnant woman with an emergency over a standard pap smear which is fine with me. That is what I expect from a good OBGYN. more

i will not advice you to go to this practice 6/11/2010

I was refered here by my doctor. But to my greatest surprise this is an unprofessional, RUDE, MONEY CONSCIOUS practice. After 4 visits and finding out there was no heartbeat, DR MOODY had the effontery to ask me who told me I was pregnant. I guess they do not do a pregnancy test before they accept you as an "OB PATIENT". Please for your safety go elsewhere. more

Wonderful care 1/13/2010

I'm so surprised to see the negative reviews - they certainly don't align w/the excellent care I have received here since 2004! This was my practice of choice for delivery of my first baby, when we lived close to Raleigh. We've since moved to N Durham (~45 mins away), and I gladly make the drive, as the quality of care is worth the gas money! The compassion shown when I suffered a devastating miscarriage during my second pregnancy, and the subsequent care during infertility treatments were second to none. When I finally became pregnant again last year, knowing my history, Dr. Moody ensured I had a confirmatory ultrasound at my first appt, which is typically only a blood draw, to allay any worries. All of the staff, nurses, and doctor's have always been extremely pleasant to me, whether in the office, or on the phone after hours. more

Dr. Moody... so rude 8/19/2009

Your facial expressions and rude comments made me write this review. Just because a person is black and on Medicaid does not give you the right to make prejudice comments and tell me that I should have my child at a clinic or go to another hospital. To say that to someone who is clearly in labor and refuse to give them service is down right rude and disgraceful to your practice. I hope you do not treat all women who are with child like this. I do understand that your practice does not take Medicaid and that was clearly the nurse's fault for calling you but let's be honest just because you have MD behind your name does not give you the right to talk down to anybody because of insurance and race. more

Worst (and most painful) Exam EVER 6/30/2009

So after being rescheduled 2 times b/c the friendly yet inept staff couldn't figure out when the doctor I wanted to see acutally worked I was finally able to make an appt with a another doctor. This is the second doctor I have seen here. Having a 10:30 appt, I was finally seen by the doctor at almost 11:30. I would like to say I really enjoyed being naked for more than 30 mins while I waited!!! When the doctor finally arrived, she was courtesy and then proceeded to give me a painful breast exam and the MOST PAINFUL PAP I've ever had. OMG!!! It is almost 8 hours later and I am still in pain. What a freaking joke! I will NOT go back to this practice nor will I recommend anyone else either. more

Happy Customer 1/7/2009

I've been with Mary Moody for over 10 years and although her practice has grown she knows my name, remembers my history and always gives me plenty of time at appointments. Linda Mohr delivered my baby and although labor was too long and very complicated, I would give her a great review because she avoided the c-section. Most doctors would have gone in, but she stuck it out with us for the whole night (longer shift than she had planned) and delivered my daugther. more

Best Dr's in Raleigh 11/3/2008

I have read some of the negative posts and I can't believe what people are saying. My sister, sister-in-law, several of my friends, and I all sing the praises of all of the doctors in the practice. These doctors have delivered my nephews and my doctors and I never felt like a number. I don't know of many doctors that would hug your neck before you leave the office. This office is absolutely recommended. more

look elsewhere... 10/5/2007

Although the staff seem to be highly qualified, I agree with the other reviewers, you end up feeling processed and unheard! I spent way too much time and money to be made to feel like I was making mountains out of molehills. I finally had to ask Dr. Gizzie for further testing and what do you know..I was right, there was something wrong!!!What if I had accepted her clinical opinion that there was no reason to get an ultrasound, then I may have never found the growth in time to treat it!!! She seems cold and uncaring..the poorest bedside manner I have ever had, and I always have to call for results. Unorganized office staff!!! more
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