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Ascend Day Spa


82-62 Austin Street (at Between 82nd Drive & Lefferts Blvd)
Kew Gardens, NY 11415

(347) 741-8843
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Ascend Day Spa - Kew Gardens, NY
Ascend Day Spa - Kew Gardens, NY
Ascend Day Spa - Kew Gardens, NY
Ascend Day Spa - Kew Gardens, NY
Ascend Day Spa - Kew Gardens, NY
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I have been to many spas here in NYC as well as while on vacation. I was quite surprised when i entered Ascend . I did not feel that i was in queens,more like manhattan. The place...


Average services. Pros: Clean, ultra modern, and very relaxing. Cons: Too pricey....

Wonderful Mother's day gift 5/26/2012

The service was excellent from I walked through the door and when I left. Martha, Sweetie and Carmen performed a wonderful service. I have no regrets, I will return and I would not change or ask for anything different. Manicure, pedicure facial massage and body scrub was off the hook. This was a mothers day gift from my kids and the place was recommended to me from a friend. Overall service was great, and Tara made me feel welcome, great job. Pros: null Cons: null more

Services are performed so poorly... 5/19/2012

I really wanted to like this place because it's steps away from home, it offers services that sound great, but the actual services are performed so poorly it's just a frustrating waste of time and money. I have just moved to Kew Gardens so I am trying different places for a good mani, pedi and wax. Pros: null Cons: null more

Do Not Go Here Period! 5/4/2012

I don't know how this place is in business. Unhygenic. Will never go back! Pros: null Cons: null more

Spa surprise 12/17/2011

I have been to many spas here in NYC as well as while on vacation. I was quite surprised when i entered Ascend . I did not feel that i was in queens,more like manhattan. The place was very clean which i noticed immediately since i am a neat freak. Both my massage and my facial were excellent. The biggest surprise of all was the price 30 % less than i pay in manhattan. Better services,better prices better atmosphere i will be traveling to queens more often. Pros: null Cons: null more

They Handled My Stress 12/17/2011

With the holiday shopping and end of year work needing to get done, my stress level is out of control. I recently moved to Forest Hills and have been looking for a place to deal with the tension in my back. In my Google search Ascend Spa was one of the first to pull up, the reviews seemed good (some bad) but I gave it a chance and made an appointment. I had a massage with Martha. I explained where the pain was and prayed that she could find it. Well, find it?? Martha had surprisingly powerful fingers that worked my knotted areas without hurting me. The massage was one hour of a piece of heaven. It was one of the best massages I have ever had and I've had plenty. She offered me a scented oil stating that it would help calm me, it definitely did. I was sold when she placed the heated neck wrap and lavender eye pillow on me. Then when I went to check out, the girl at the front offered me 10% off my next visit if I booked it right then... Guess what? I did!! Wonderful massage! I strongly recommend this place. Pros: null Cons: null more

Dont waste your time or money! 10/30/2011

This is not the place to go if you're looking for good service. Long story short, I'll just report Ascend Spa to the Better Business Bureau. Pros: null Cons: null more

Facial 7/30/2011

The service was very good. I felt so comfortable there specially because people there were so kind with me. more

The Best Spa Ever!!!! 5/17/2011

It was a day of Heaven. The service was amazing, Janine at the front desk couldn't be more receptive and helpful in guiding me to my Hot rock Massage. more

Worst Spa EVER!!! 5/8/2011

Do not go to this place!!! I would like to start by saying that of all the worst experiences this was by far my worst I made an appt. with Jeanine about 5 days before mother's day for a Modern Mom package and a spa treatment for myself I gave her my credit card number and confirmed with her. I talked on the phone for about 30mins and she assured me I would love it. On mother's day I show up 30min before my appt only to find out that I had no appt she never booked it. I was told "sorry we are booked solid and can't do anything you have no appt." I was almost in tears, I had to hold back my emotions. I will never go to Ascend Spa I was embarressed and had nothing to give my mom, after I planned a day at the spa for us both. Not to mention the man at the front desk didn't even offer me anything for my inconvenience. What an experience, please don't be this place's next victim!!!! more

The Worst Spa in Queens 1/4/2011

I try to visit all the spas in New York City especially if the ratings are high. So I then decided to pay a visit to Ascend in November 2010 since it had great reviews. First things I want to mention is that I always look for in a spas is the License of New York City stating what the workers are allow to do. It should always be in a building period, since it is the code of law. So when I visited Ascend Spa none of the licenses were in the room where the estheticians, the therapist or even the nail technicians perform. Trust me it wasn’t even in the front of the reception area. Then I asked one of the lady that was doing my nails if she had her license with her and she replied no she doesn’t have one. Second I had a massage with a lady name Sharon, she was overall nice but hey common, I came here to relax, not to hear this woman chatter throughout the whole massage. I also notice that on the massage tables they have 3 towels which is very confusing to the eye on how to drape yourself. The therapist do not know how to drape you in the professional way, instead I felt exposed. Besides that she was using a lotion that comes out from a plastic container that has a screw on lid. In my head I’m thinking how gross can that be, I wonder how many times she dipped her fingers into the container, and how many people’s residue I have on me. You should always you a pump for safety issues to help from spreading viruses or any other harmful diseases. After the massage I was getting dressed in the room where they had these white sliding doors with no locks and you can actually hear and see the other person in the other room in between the cracks of the doors and from the glimpse of my eye I saw another therapist just flipped the towels on the table after being used from a client before. I really think that this Spa does not know how important it is that people are coming to your center to feel clean and rejuvenated. Instead you are using leftover cream, dirty towels, the nail sanitizer box with the lamp is either out or broken where you keep all the tools( meaning it is not killing any bacteria.) I also have to state that when I was also drying my nails I saw Carmen the esthetician who did my facial after my massage, I saw her use a towel and to clean something off the sink and rinse the towel off without any soap then placing into the bowl that she uses for her facial. How did I know, lets just say I completed the spa package so I gotten a facial before my partner was in the room getting a facial by Carmen at the time I saw the towel incident. Then at the end of the services I had to pay up front with a lady name Tara, she was overall rude not client center and she charged me more than my service was. I don’t even think it was a mistake since the money was never refund. Overall this spa is a discrimination, it shouldn’t even be open due to lack of professionalism, cleanliness, and client center. more

Great massage 9/9/2010

After a mediocre massage at an expensive Manhattan spa last spa week, I decided to try a Queens spa. Tiffany gave me the best massage I have ever had. She discusses what you want and need and really reads bodies well. She makes you comfortable and cares about what she is doing. For the first time ever, I bought a series and am very happy I did. I have had many massages and hers is easily the best. The spa is clean and welcoming and everyone is very nice and accomodating. I bought my mother, a facial junky, a facial for Mother's Day and she loved it. I got a rose facial recently and two weeks later went back to work. Although I had gotten sick, people kept telling me how refreshed I looked after summer vaca. It's great to find a spa in Queens that rivals Man. at much more affordable prices. more

Wonderous and Relaxing Experience 8/25/2010

I was told about this Spa (Ascend Spa) by a friend and decided to give it a whirl. I couldnt believe how amazing this place was. The moment I walked in I was relaxed by the music, the amosphere, the whole way the Spa is set up. I was greeted right away by the receptionist and brought into their "Relaxtion Room" while I awaited my massage therapist. My massage was awesome and I nearly fell asleep. Wait it got better I went to for my mani and pedi...UNBELIEVABLE, my feet and hands felt so soft and they looked so nice. In a whole I loved this place I recommend this place to anyone and everyone! I will definitely be going back. more

pedicure///??/ 6/16/2010

hi i went to have a pedicure at this horrible place called ascend..... first the pedicure was horrible ..... charge 29.00 for washing my feet with water and color.... second the lady did the worst pedicure ever....third i was wiped and scrubbed with the same cheap paper towel she put under my feet to cut and file.....fourth she rushed thru it like she had to go.... fifth i have fungus on my toes... after she was done she put the instruments back in the cube with out sanitizing the...??? then i complained to the so called owner and she was so unprofessional in dealing with the customer it was so shocking... also they have weird stuff going on in the place .... and its a crazy place (said by one of the employees).... so never again will i go there again and the credit i had left i will donate it to her tuition towards some college education on how to run a business with profession..... more

had a great experience 5/14/2010

Carmen was great for the waxing. I was nervous but she reassured me and was able to inform me as to many different kinds of waxings that were available. I also got a pedicure. I have already put this day spa on my monthly calendar and will be going back! Would highly recommend. more

Finally a nice affordable day spa!! 4/26/2010

On the recommendation of a friend I booked a spa package as a "new mom" treat; boy was it ever a treat! I have been back every month since, and the fact that I can afford to do that is a testament to how affordable their prices are. The service is amazing and Carmen is a waxing genious!! Can't wait for my next appointment!! more

Attempted petty larceny 4/5/2010

I would like to start by saying that my first experience at ascend day spa was actually a nice a experience........but the second time around was another story....So i planned to have a day at the spa with a friend for my birhtday. The original appt was set for the afternoon which was fine. Unfortunately i had to reschedule due to a family emergency i was informed by the owner who is also the receptionist that i will not be able to reschedule a second time ok no prob right???...well the week of the spa day comes my sister had to have a surgery and I needed to be home with her and had to take her to a doctor's appt the same day of the spa appt which was a saturday Thinking im being courteous i called the thursday 48hrs in advance to inform them that i will be unable to attend saturday and since the owner/receptionist told me i couldnt reschedule again i figure to just cancel the appt. She proceeds to tell me that there is a alert on her computer by my appt saying that i will be charge so im confused i asked your bylaws state that you must call 24hrs in advance so you will not be charged, im calling you 48hrs so why are you charging me......she goes into the issue that i rescheduled from before and they called and moved my appt up and they actually did me a favor so now she is making me feel guilty about canceling and then tells me i don't understand how this business works (so now im ignorant??) and she is going to charge my acct when you give them your card number its security to hold the appt and if you proceed with the appt the day of you then have the option to pay CREDIT OR CASH and also in case you back out less than 24 hrs its a security for them. she threatens and says to me that i am still charging your account we are going back and forth i am still asking her why she is charging me i explain i have a family emergency and she has the nerve to ask what is the emergency??? i guess she thought i was giving her the run around. she tells me to hold on and then says she will call me back i wait 2 to 3minutes call her back and than all of sudden she is not charging me anymore.........SO I DECIDED TO CALL MY BANK TO WARN THEM THAT A TRANSACTION WILL BE ATTEMPTED ON MY ACCOUNT THAT I DID NOT AUTHORIZE......AND TO MY SURPRISE ASCEND DAY SPA ALREADY TRIED TO TAKE THE MONEY FROM MY ACCOUNT SO DURING THE TIME I WAS ON HOLD THAT IS WHAT THE OWNER/RECPTIONIST ATTEMPTED TO DO HOW INSANE IS of course i called back and told her nice and politely what i knew and that being the fact she was the owner i would expect better customer service and that i was disgusted by her. Im just disgusted by the whole situation. Ive never experienced anything like this in my life and have never been so disgusted....i know this is a lot said but please be careful if after reading this you decide to go to this place the staff is very nice but the owner is a money hungry heartless person. We cannot control what happens to the people around us and my priority is my family not getting a damn facial and the fact that she is that money hungry to fill in for her now 4hr slot that is open is just ridiculous.....just disgusting more

Love this spa! 3/25/2010

The staff is extremely friendly, approachable and accomodating. All the services I have received at this spa were always above and beyond my expectations. I love this spa and go there for all of my beauty needs! more

Awesome Intimate Spa in Kew Gardens 3/23/2010

Absolutely loved the spa and the massage therapist was amazing. Definitely going back for a nice relaxing evening after work. more

WOW! 3/20/2010

I had the best spa experience ever!!! (and trust me, i've been to my fair share) I went in for a full package and was pleased from the moment I got there all the way through check out. The service was friendly and professional, the ambience was relaxing, and the prices were reasonable.(I really thought it was going to be more expensive, since the asian inspired decor looked like the spa belonged in the village, but I was pleasantly surprised) I highly recommend this place for all of your beauty/relaxation needs. You definitely need to check it out, especially if you are into quality service without having to break the bank. more

A great place n Kew Gardens 3/17/2010

I usually go to Ascend for my manicures and pedicures instead of the inexpensive, assembly line places. It is worth the extra money. The staff are accommodating and take their time with their clients. The products used are high quality and fresh. The place has a tranquil atmosphere. I have had occasional massages and facials and they were as good as those at the higher priced Manhattan spas and department store spas. I highly recommend the place. Pros: It's quiet and the staff is accommodating more
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Owner Message
  • Ascend Day Spa offers men and women a tranquil, serene environment encouraging a time to unwind, to remove themselves from the stresses of daily life, and to allow for soul rejuvenation.

    Through body and skin services such as deep pore cleansing facials, aromatherapy massage, and sea salt body scrubs each client can choose their path to total relaxation. We offer full day services as well as the "last minute" manicure, the "just before the beach" pedicure, and the essential wax.

  • Queens spa offers a wide menu of services, including European facials, massages, scrubs and paraffin wraps for nails and body.

  • 10/26/2005 Provided by Citysearch
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  • Hours: Mon - Closed Tue - Fri 10am-8pm Saturday 9am-7pm Sunday 9am-4pm
  • Payments: Master Card, Visa, Discover, American Express
  • Neighborhoods: Kew Gardens