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Recently took in a vehicle for a pre-sale inspection. I was told by Ken Stoner that he estimated this service to take 2 to 2-1/2 hours. My first impression was that that seemed pretty high, but never having owned a BMW before I decided to trust his estimate. The cars owner followed me to Eastside Bavarian (dropped off at 3pm) and stayed near the vehicle while I went back to work. At 5pm I receieved a call that the car was done and went to pick it up. The owner of the car stoped me before entering and informed me that the car hadn't moved at 3:30pm when she drove by and that when she returned to the parking lot at 4:40pm it was already sitting back in the parking lot. So best case it was in their shop for 1hr 10min (most likely less than that). When I went in I was charged for OVER TWO HOURS of shop time!!! So my conclusion is either: A) they knew it would only take an hour and wanted to overcharge and profit off of my naivete. B) the job normally takes 2 hours and they did a half-a## job! The kicker is that they put 2.04 hours on the service sheet...what better way to make their charge look real than to put a non rounded number on the invoice. Also I have phone call logs from 3:05pm when I called for a ride after walking out the door and 4:58pm when they called me to tell me the car was done...that's less than 2 hours. I realize that is nit picky but it just further emphasizes the fact that their charges are BS. I have no comment on their workmanship as I have not and will NEVER have any work done here (not a whole lot can be gained from an inspection).
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