The best Obstetricians in Durham are:

      Rating: 3.8
Category: Doctors
2609 N Duke St Ste 204
Durham, North Carolina 27704
(919) 220-5435
They delivered my first child and I have found all of the doctors at this practice to be smart, compassionate and thorough. I highly recommend this... More
      Rating: 5.0
Category: Doctors & Other Healthcare Professionals
4116 Capitol St
Durham, North Carolina 27704
(919) 471-1573
I transferred to this practice from a practice where I was treated extremely poorly (I guess because I wasn't a pregnant woman, I wasn't their bread... More
      Rating: 4.0
Category: Specialty Animal Services
3102 Sandy Creek Dr
Durham, North Carolina 27705
(919) 489-9156
I love their location, away from crowds and cars, best for pets that already sense they're ""not in Kansas"" anymore when they go to the vet. My... More
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