The best Bars in Philadelphia are:

      Rating: 4.1
Category: Bars
901 N Second St
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19123
(215) 238-0630
As a passionate lover of beer and burgers, the Standard Tap is absolutely one of my favorite spots in Philly. Always a fantastic selection of... More
      Rating: 4.9
Category: Bars, Pubs & Clubs
726 N 24th St
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19130
(215) 232-3232
The food is great here! I've been there a dozen times and was never disapointed. I love their duck breat with mango chutney, it's to die... More
      Rating: 4.5
Category: Bars
1214 Sansom Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107
(215) 928-8118
We loved the selection of beers. On tap and in bottles, by far, more selection than most other bars. The Bartender was friendly and prompt. The... More
      Rating: 3.7
Category: Restaurants
1516 Sansom St
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19102
(215) 569-9525
I love beer. I love different beers. I love beers with a dark color,,, nutty flavor,, malts,, ambers,, etc. The GROG was fantastic. smooth,, ... More
      Rating: 3.6
Category: Bars
123 S 18th St
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103
(215) 972-8742
I found Tria to be a very comfortable spot in which to enjoy cheese and ale- two of my favorites for a light meal. One of the best things about Tria... More
      Rating: 3.6
Category: Restaurants
1310 Drury St
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107
(215) 735-5562
Really good food at good prices and a great selection of local microbrews. More
      Rating: 3.6
Category: Irish Pubs & Restaurants
526 S Front St (at Front St and South St)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19147
(215) 625-9500
just the best place for seafood , you can`t get this deal any place in the intire state of pa 2lb for 16.95 are you kidding ? i bring my own fork... More
      Rating: 3.4
Category: Food & Dining
138 S 2nd St
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106
(215) 413-1443
I must admit that I am from the Philadelphia area, and have not visited City Tavern before. I always knew it existed, but never really had the... More
      Rating: 3.7
Category: Restaurants
202 S 13th St
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107
(215) 545-1893
I got Wood at Woody's!!!!!!!!! I got Wood! I got Wood, I got Wood, I got Wood, I got Wood, I got Wood, I got Wood, I got Wood, I got Wood, I got... More
      Rating: 3.7
Category: Bars
56 S 2nd St
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106
(215) 238-5888
The Khyber is easily the best rock bar in Philadelphia, and one of my personal favorites in the entire country. Laid back, unassumingly hip and... More
Philadelphia's Top Places
The best places are:
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