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Glorified Motel 6 and Bad Hotel Service - Review by Bill B | Poco Diablo Resort

Poco Diablo Resort

Glorified Motel 6 and Bad Hotel Service 3/20/2008

I would not recommend this "resort" to anyone unless they like staying at Motel 6. Here is my horror story..... I made reservations through the Radisson website two weeks in advance of our stay. The reservations were for 1 room with 2 double Sleep Number beds. Upon arriving at the "hotel" we noticed that it looked more like a motel than a resort. The rooms have exterior doors that you drive up and park in front of, ala Motel 6. It was about 7:45 p.m. so it was already dark. We circled the parking lot to make sure that we were at the right place. Unfortunately, we were. We drove up to the lobby and exited our vehicle, expecting a bellhop to meet us and help with our baggage. However, we didn't see a soul until we had been standing at the registration desk for at least 2 minutes. After typing on his computer for a few seconds, the clerk said, "Oh, my. We don't have any double rooms left." Turning to another clerk who had arrived at the desk he then said, "What should I do?" The second clerk said, "Put them in a king room with a roll away bed." Since I already knew that practically every room in the town would be booked, I agreed to the king room. We were given a map to our room and told where to park. We drove to the building and parked in front of our room's door. Upon entering the room it was obvious that it was older and in need of renovation. Except for the huge jetted bathtub in the middle of the bedroom that is! That might have been nice if we didn't have the kiddo with us. The bathroom had painted plywood cabinets, woo hoo. A few minutes later there was a knock at the door. It was housekeeping with the roll away bed. I opened the door and the guy, without stepping one foot into the room, shoved the bed through the doorway saying, "here's your bed, goodnight." I closed the door, unfolded the bed and just stood there thinking "how in the world did I go from two double sized sleep number beds to a king sleep number bed and a little twin sized roll away?" Just then, our kid, who was laying on the king bed said, "Hey, this isn't a sleep number bed." He was right. Now we had no sleep number beds. To make matters worse the roll away bed looked as if a 500 pound man had been sleeping on it for about three years, and housekeeping had not brought any pillows with the bed. I was beginning to think I was either in the Twilight Zone or in a bad Saturday Night Live sketch. I immediately called the front desk to complain. However, they once again said that they were full and had no rooms with two beds. I then asked them for Radisson's national customer service phone number. I was put on hold for a few minutes then given a phone number. I dialed the number and it was for a Radissson hotel in another state. I called the front desk again and asked for the correct customer service phone number. This time, when I dialed the number it was for a casino. I then called the national Radisson reservations phone number to complain. They said to call back the next morning after 8:00 central time. I set my alarm for 6:00 a.m. (8:00 central) so I could call and complain. The good news is that they did not charge us for the room. The bad news is that none of us got a good night's rest. I couldn't make the kid sleep on such a piece of crap roll away bed so we all ended up sleeping on the king size bed. So just remember, just because a place calls itself a resort doesn't make it a nice place. more