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1st Visit was enough for me! - Review by Tiffany G | North Atlanta Obgyn

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1st Visit was enough for me! 3/16/2008

Where to start?!? - after searching for weeks I finally decided to try NNOG/AWHG and called to review my insurance with them. I was concerned because I still had 3 weeks before my MATERNITY would be added to my insurance, but just wanted to make sure I was pregnant and was doing everything right. I was assured that my first visit with this office would be filed as GYN services and would not be OB so it wouldn't be a problem. (8 weeks later I got a BILL for $228 stating my insurance didn't cover Maternity.... I have YET to resolve this problem with them and WILL NOT be paying this bill unless I send them $1 a month for 228 months just to get my point across!) After taking the "pee" test I was brought back to a room, sat down, told "Congratulations" and was handed a bag full of prenatal vitamins and a book on pregnancy. I was then told to undress, hop on the table and drape myself... about 5-10 minutes later the nurse returned with the Dr and my first meeting with the Dr was her walking in to my exposed butt crack as the way the room was set up and the drapes are awfully small. Without hesitation she explained she would be doing a pap smear and a ghonnorhea/syphllis test and instructed me to scoot down on the table. She literally threw the entire drape back over my belly exposing ALL my bottomside to her AND the NURSE who stood next to her WATCHING her EVERY move!! It was like I had an audience!!! I felt so violated!! The room was fully lit and here were 2 strangers looking at all I had to offer!! While she "cranked me open" (as I call it) and then proceeded to scrap the ever living crap out of me, she tried to talk to me about where I was from on the southside of Atlanta!! I just wanted her to shut up and do her job! I didn't want to talk about that!! She then had me sit up, went over my meds with me and rolled her eyes a few times about the choice of medications my doctors had given me for Thyroid problems and then told me I would be listed as a High Risk Pregnancy and would need to see a specialist. She then left. Upon getting to the check out counter, the girl informs me that I need to make an Ultrasound appt for the next week. I explained to her that I am in the healthcare industry myself and have patients booked that I cannot change (plus I live over an hour away, so it would take half a day to take off) and that my days off were Monday and Friday, to which she replied that they don't do ultrasounds on Mondays or Fridays. I told her that just like their doctors had schedules made up weeks in advance, so did I and so maybe I would need to book a couple weeks out for the ultrasound. She said "I don't know what to tell you" - I gave up right then and decided I would not be back because of her attitude and composure with me as well as they way I had just felt so violated. I told her I would call back (not intending to of course) and then proceeded to ask about the referral to the high risk specialist. She told me "didn't the doctor give you anything?" to which I told her that no I didn't get anything. Next she said "well I think they have the specialist call you - yea, thats what they do - they'll call you" - she sounded really unsure about this but was not about to get off her rear end to go find out! SO.... I left. (10 weeks later - I still haven't heard from a specialist!). This is not the kind of practice that I am accustomed to, nor will I ever return! I am used to OB/GYN practices that treat you with dignity, respect, courtesy, privacy, and they go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and welcome. After all, without your business how could they be in business? Obviously this practice doesn't care! more
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