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Weak Attorney, Strong Business Man 3/10/2008

I have 2 experiences with Attorney Michael S. Yu. First time was when I was 16, and the second time was when I am 26. Talk about "10 years with no change." When I was 16, I got hit by a car walking my bike. My family went to him with nothing in return but discouragement, blame, and a lecture about how people get killed by cars and its just too bad. This was after he read the police report when I was a teenager and was injured with blood all over the floor, barely able to give a decent statement while the driver that hit me was without a scratch. Guess if it was based on the police report to judge, I wouldn't need a lawyer now would I? The second time was when I was 26 "trying" to present him a case and his associate has to do the "I'll call you back in 2 mins deal 2-3 times getting the message to him. My answer was, the lawyer charge "X" amount of dollars for 1 hour for you to present him the case so that he can "choose" to take it or not. Even if I was just to ask him, what are his payment structure, I would still be charged. So I asked the associate, "Are you telling me that I have to 'PAY' him to give him business just so that he can then decide whether or not he wants it?" So the 'professional' associate responded, "Well... you can ask him anything too you know?" What kind of a ridiculous team is this? If its a sure win case, like those rear ended auto accidents, anyone can win them. The reviewer before me is basically saying, oh I got hit, now its obvious that its the other party's fault, so I will give this ULTRA Hard to Win Case (sarcasm) to a good lawyer, so he can have his team file a few papers for me to collect the reimbursement. Word of Advice: If you have a sure win case and feel like you wanna toss it to a reliable team of gold digging experts, toss it to them. If you have a 50/50 case, you need a lawyer that knows how to win a case thats currently not in the "sure-win" status. This lawyer and his team is a LOL. Seriously, why even find a lawyer if you have a sure win case. Get a translator. Thats basically all they do for the Asian Community. But hey, I guess its all about money. No hard feelings for whoever is associated with Michael S. Yu and all of the above are my own personal opinions and experiences with this lawyer. If he is such a good lawyer, go win a "real" case with more challenges than basic translation of the Chinese Language to English instead of always looking out for opportunities to make more money. i have never seen such an irresponsible lawyer who was not willing to review a case without charging money for it. Thats like saying, You call me, I charge you. You come in, I charge you. You bring me the goods, I charge you. You say You No Pay, I charge you too. You sue me, I charge you. I charge charge charge all of you for everything you do. You Do Nothing, I Charge You too! If anyone feel that I am just a sour and upset client, feel free to justify me correcting my point towards a lawyer who was unwilling to take on a case just because the police report was leaning slightly towards the other party. So far, I don't think I have any reasons to support a weak, low quality lawyer. It would just embarrass the Asian community if he looses a "not-sure-win-status" case. Oh yeah. I forgot, he gets a star for running a successful, lucrative business. more
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