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Are you kidding me - Review by Ericy S | Drake Diner

Drake Diner


Are you kidding me 3/6/2008

I remember going to this place about 10 years ago, and the food was great, and the service was pretty decent. Now, both the food and service are terrible. First of all, whomever the two non-waiter/waitresses who run the front are completely unfriendly. The tall woman with the short hair, and black bakelite glasses is detached and barely makes eye contact with customers. She seems almost angry that you're ASKING her to ring you up, so you can PAY HER money. Bleh. And the middle-aged guy (who I think is the owner) is gregarious, loud, and inappropriate. The other day he was talking about which Drake Volleyballers were "hot". Disgusting. They strike you as tweedle detached and tweedle a-hole. The wait staff is terrible too. They seem like they're depressed or something. They never smile, they hardly bring water, and they take forever to get to you after you sit down. And then, they don't know anything about the menu. I asked one of them at lunch today what was on the roast beef melt, and she said "uhhh, roast beef, and cheese". I said, "what kind of cheese", she said "I don't know". The sandwich came not only with roast beef and cheese (crappy american cheese), but came with ONIONS! I hate onions, and was told nothing about them. Idiots. The food is also terrible, too. The owners seem to have figured out that people (dumb people) will eat whatever crap is put in front of them, as long as they're sitting in a crappy 50s ripoff diner. Oreida crinkle fries, iceberg lettuce, american cheese, watered-down coke, and pre-formed hamburgers are all common fare at the illustrious Drake Diner. Honestly. The only decent thing is a malt, as it's pretty hard to mess something like that up. Terrible, awful, not worth it. If you have standards higher than a country kitchen salad bar, this place will not work out for you. p.s. the chairs are tiny, and the booths are even tiny-er. more
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