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I think these posts were done by their employees! My car was towed there Sat. for a battery replacement. On Monday morning, I was informed that my 4 1/2 year old car needed a new battery, alternator and belt and that it would be $1300.00! Knowing the alternator was in good shape, I questioned how they arrived at their diagnosis and the tech assured me all had been tested and he was sure both were bad. Not being a complete idiot, I called the dealer who confirmed my suspicion that the alternator would not be bad after 41/2 years and less than 40K miles. In the meantime, the manager called me back and told me I must have misunderstood and that the alternator was fine. I asked why they quoted $1300.00 and insisted it was bad and he continued to say I misunderstood. When someone calls you and says that they know, for sure, that these things need to be repaired, there is NO MISUNDERSTANDING! They also claimed I had an air conditioning pump issue which was untrue. They were correct about a steering fluid leak, but I already knew about that and it was only there for a battery replacement! This company intentionally misled me thinking that I would be easily conned, but they were wrong! Beware! By the way, the local dealer did the battery, steering leak and new wipers for a mere $330.00 and this is a very expensive import vehicle out of warranty! more
Owner response
Owner response 7/30/2009
* None of the reviews are from current or former employee's. These post(reviews) are all from customer's s who have done repair work or service with our company. *The person who gave this review was never in our shop or in contact with us, I believe they live in Florida. The person who had vehicle brought in was the daughter and she was recommended to us by AAA. * Our manager never was in contact with this person who made this review and was only in contact with the daughter who brought the car in. We contacted the daughter and told her that we would like to start with a battery and that possibly an alternator may be faulty as well, which would cost approx. $1300.00 total of all repairs if needed. We also requested we start with the battery and re-check after that. If it only needed a battery it would cost about $200.00. We also noted and verified that there is a power steering leak ($65.00 repair) and leaking air conditioning compressor. Both repairs with new windshield wiper would have amounted to about $285.00 with lifetime warranty included. Dealer was $330.00! If we were able to talk with the person who left this review, I am positive there would have been a much better conclusion. One where we would have talked to this person one-to-one instead of having a third party explain. I wish this customer the best and am glad his daughter was able to get the car fixed.
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