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Alumni Review - Review by joeblow s | St. Anthony School

St. Anthony School


Alumni Review 2/29/2008

I am going to be as honest as my memory can serve me in order to give parents the opportunity to hear from a former student. I am currently a college freshman and I attended to St. Anthony's School from K-8th grade. I really hope the school has changed since then because for the most part it was one of the worst experiences of my life that really stunted my academic growth and social well being. For one, do NOT send your kid to this school unless you are prepared for them to be indoctrinated with all the most conservative sides of Catholicism. If you are not a catholic or are a moderate Christian, I would at least supplement your child with some sort of outside moral support or religious exposure if you so choose. When I was there it was basically a pre-Vatican environment and very exclusive to non-conservatives. Free thought and questioning the religion was extremely looked down upon. Questions about sexuality that are perfectly normal and typical for any Junior High student were never addressed. We were left to look to MTV for our information, because face it, your kids are not going to feel comfortable asking you those kind of questions. In retrospect, I was lucky to have parents who gave me a lot of self-confidence support because the school environment constantly made me stressed and generally irritated. I heard that there was a massive faculty reform in recent years, and hopefully they got rid of that principle Teale because that guy was the biggest moron I have ever met. The school environment was sexist (girls were always favored) and incredibly severe with punishments. I remember I had to clean the cafeteria for 3 weeks because I said the word "crap" in 5th grade. The grades I received in class were highly political, and "brown nosing" was the only real secure way to get A's. Academically, it was hit or miss from grade to grade. I generally did well but most of my peers did very poorly in classes and most couldn't read at their level. This is just one student's experience at the school, but hopefully I can give my 5 cents with the hope that parents can be warned about what they are getting their kids into. I understand that it has been years since I was there, hopefully things have changed. The school is not as amazing as they say it is. Ask any alumni who graduated between 1999-2004. Hopefully you can save some money by marking yourself as catholic on the tuition slip because you are going to need it for private tutors more
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