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Unsanitary, Unprofessional, Unqualified - Review by Bridgette R | Daycare Grooming

Daycare Grooming


Unsanitary, Unprofessional, Unqualified 12/29/2007

I've been a customer of Daycare Grooming's for about a year now and though I can't complain about the owners'/employees' interaction with me, I can attest to their work on my teacup yorkie becoming increasingly unacceptable. I'd grown concerned that in my absence my dog may have been treated inappropriately, and since our last visit I've seen all the proof necessary to conclude that we will no longer return to this business. I strongly suggest that you seek out a more reputable groomer for your pet...I wish I'd been given some insight into the inner workings of this business before I decided to cause my pet to endure such terrible conditions for this long. My yorkie has always been very social, but I began to take note of her drastic change of behavior anytime we'd enter daycare grooming (she's never exhibited such behavior with any other groomer), thus I began to question the quality of work and treatment of my pet by the employees. Though I'd be the first to give the benefit of the doubt, the employees are frankly very young, seem unqualified, and lack any formal training in dog grooming. My yorkie's uncontrollable shaking and noticeable discomfort in this environment further act as indication that the treatment and environment are uncomfortable to my very social and outgoing pet, as well as other dogs who've seemed equally distressed during their visits that I've observed. My requests for the classic yorkie cut have been overlooked many times as she's been totally shaved for no reason at all, even during winter months. On our last visit (November '07) when I picked up my dog she had multiple abrasions and was unable to comfortably walk during the following week as a result of severe nicks to her paws. I was forced to apply an antibacterial ointment provided by my veterinarian to scratches on her chest and stomach that occurred during her trimming. My vet mentioned that the cut and my yorkie's condition served to support the idea that she was treated inappropriately during her grooming and strongly suggested that we report the business and seek another groomer. The condition of the grooming shop is something rather questionable as I've frequently noticed soiled towels hanging near grooming stations which are dusty and covered in other dog's hair. Having always been concerned for quality of work and treatment of my pet, my last comment serves to point out that a customer should demand more than just a pleasant smell as indication of a good groomer who has their pet's best interest in mind. As a loving and concerned pet owner, I urge you to seek out the best groomer who is trustworthy with your pet which whose importance is utterly immeasurable. more
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