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KeyBank SUCKS!!! - Review by Julie D | Keybank



KeyBank SUCKS!!! 8/17/2007

Hi, I don't even know where to start... Ok, how about this... they let some guy pass checks on my business account - the checks don't even look like our checks. I had to be the one to jump through hoops (police report, meeting at the bank, affidavit, etc.) EVEN THOUGH it is clear that this con-artist is not a signer on my account. The people at the bank said, basically, tough shit, we don't have time to check signatures or do anything to ensure that any Tom, Dick or Harry can't just print up checks and go shopping with your money. They could not care less. What else... oh, my friend's family business (a restaurant) used to bank there and she went in to get change for the cash register and they wouldn't give her any change even though they know who she is. They said it had to be her husband since he was the signer on the account. So, let's see, guess he has to drop the running of the business (don't burn that pizza) to drive to the bank for change rather than sending his wife or an employee, even though the bank employees know the wife and most of the employees. Does this make sense? Oh, then there's the payroll fiasco. Let me just summarize that there is no one at KeyBank who knows how to process payroll. There have been some very nice people who have actually returened my calls so they could pass my information on to someone who won't return calls. Oh, and I've been asking for 3 years how to get my statements and checks by mail. I've never been able to get an answer on this one. I guess they just have online statements with the information expiring within 60 days. I can't say since no one is interested in answering the question. Oh, oh! This one is priceless! They are now promoting investment services but when you call, the sales staff has no idea what percentages the investments yield. Ha! These people are idiots and no one should trust them with money. Thanks. I feel better now. Julie more
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